Rev. David Rives — Beware the Big Bang

It’s once again time for another video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries. The last time we brought you a David Rives video was Geology is Bunk.

Today, in only 1.5 minutes, you can watch the rev’s entire video titled Science in Schools?, in which the rev explains that in most schools, the big bang theory is being taught as — gasp! — fact. This is a dangerous concept!

Not only that, they also teach that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. This is not unbiased science. The schools are using brainwashing techniques to undermine faith in the bible!

You don’t want to miss this one, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead, click on the video.

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23 responses to “Rev. David Rives — Beware the Big Bang

  1. NeonNoodle

    “…The mysteries of the universe unfold in a manner that is easily understood…”
    Translation: You don’t have to be scientifically literate or especially bright. At least he knows his audience.

  2. craigshearer

    I wonder how recent the textbooks he’s quoting were that trot out 18-20 billion, and 16.5 billion years as the age of the universe? They must be pretty old.

    The thing that’s most fascinating to teach is how we know these things, not just the facts.

    Creationists conveniently never mention that though!

  3. On his website, David says, “Despite man’s attempts to reduce us to prehistoric primates, you and I are not animals. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.” “Fearfully” is no fun.

  4. retiredsciguy

    craigshearer says, “The thing that’s most fascinating to teach is how we know these things, not just the facts.”

    As a retired jr. high Science teacher, I couldn’t agree more. But you’re right, Craig — creationists will never mention that. It spoils their narrative.

    To me, the methods used to arrive at our knowledge have always been so much more fascinating than the knowledge itself, and so much more fun to teach.

  5. Dave de Vries

    Actually, I feel extremely sorry for him. If he genuinely believes what he is saying, he must see wickedness and evil in every aspect of the world, and live his life in perpetual fear. Poor kid, someone really did a job on him.

  6. It’s weird seeing creationists that young, because it reminds me that they must have been brought up to believe this stuff, and they never had a chance.

    I love that he says a teacher stressing a point is a brainwashing technique. Ironic coming from a member of a church. Those institutions know something about brainwashing.

  7. waldteufel

    Moron, thy name is Rev. David Rives. . . . . . . . . . . .

  8. aturingtest

    craigshearer and retiredsciguy: agree and agree. The more important question than “what do you know?” is “how do you know that?”
    As for Rives- he’s worse than stupid- he’s boring. “We are fearfully and wonderfully made” sounds more like “I don’t know and I don’t wanna know.” How “wonderful” can deliberately persistent ignorance be?

  9. Tomato Addict

    David Rives is further proof that the most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.

  10. docbill1351

    What we’ve got here is the next William Lane Craig, Ken Ham, Kent Hovind, ad nauseum, ad nauseum, ad nauseum. In it for the $$$$$$!!! Rives isn’t interested in science or religion, only marketing. Slick video, punish science, praise the lord and pass the plate. Simple.

  11. The Cantankerous Curmudgeon is a more appropriate name for you. You are clearly very insecure in your beliefs as you need to censor differing opinions. Pathetic.

  12. This makes me sick. Did you see the article about the re-tooled voucher system being abused by schools teaching creationism?

    Check out the last subheading. Tax money is being taken from public schools and funnelled through private Christian schools. Elitist Swine!

  13. retiredsciguy

    @Jason Lane: Thanks for the link, Jason.

  14. NDaBoonies

    Fearfully? If god loves us so much and any Xtian will tell you he does what is there to fear?

  15. Goodbye again, synapticcohesion.

  16. The bible only mentions the universe visible to the naked eye, with the description that they are lights in the sky to differentiate day and night and for signs and seasons. From that point of view, teaching anything at all about the rest of the universe is a challenge to a literal Genesis.

    If one takes the biblical literalist position that everything in the universe was created by God solely for us, then one should seek to discover the purpose for each type of astronomical object, lest one miss out on something important. So, for example, what purpose do gamma ray bursters serve? What was God’s intent for mankind when he created them? These are important theological questions that apologists such as Rives should try and deduce.

    It’s striking that none of them seek such answers.

  17. retiredsciguy

    @synapticcohesion: This is a blog about science, which has nothing to do with “beliefs” or “opinion.” Do you have something worthwhile to add to the current discussion of science?

    Having been a regular reader of SC’s blog for nearly four years, I am of the “belief” and “opinion” that he is well-grounded in his knowledge of science, as are the great majority of regular commenters on this blog. I also agree with his opinion that creation “science” is religion, not science, and has no place in the science classroom — especially not a science classroom supported by public funds.

    I also agree with his decision to block your comments. So far, they have been a waste of my reading time.

  18. Tomato Addict

    Poor synaptic. Are you feeling repressed? If you are looking to get banned, you may as well lay out some really juicy Creationist Mind Rot (hence, CMR). That would at least entertain us for a few minutes. Mere ad hominem gains you nothing.

    For that matter, CMR won’t get you anything either. The fine folks here will simply roast you for lunch. Go ahead though, make our day.

  19. Tomato Addict

    If I’m going to taunt trolls, I really need to do it faster, before Curmie cans them. 😉
    Oh well, I’m sure the opportunity will come again.

  20. A thought occurs (doesn’t happen very frequently however).
    Since the Christian Right (like Rives here), are leading an assault on science education in their respective states by targeting the young and uneducated, why not just go to the Federal courts to block Federal education funding for any state whose legislature passes an anti evolution type bill.
    Hot fast and cheap! Like inteligunt dezine.
    Will the geo 🙂

  21. retiredsciguy

    @will: Great idea!!

  22. @will
    Unfortunately, the Christian Right are ahead of you and scheming to get public monies to fund private religious schools; the ultimate plan appearing to involve an “us” and “them” system of schools until which time the devastated “them” public schools can be phased out by the self-fulfilling prophesy that they didn’t work. Of course, that “prophesy” will have been manipulated – much like creationist science. If this seems far fetched, see the link to the NY Times article that Jason Lane provides above. I found reading the comments for context and specifics very instructive, as well.

    @Jason Lane
    I appreciate the article and link. Thanks!

  23. @Jason Lane
    I thanked you for the link to that very informative article in another post, but thanks, again.
    Did you read any of the comments, specifically the one that mentions the organization which deals with private school funding and is directed by wealthy ex-senator Betsy Devo, and that her husband is the son of the founder of Amway? The poster (sorry, can’t remember his ID) urges us to follow both the financial and ideaolgoical leads in order to uncover the terrible abuses going on between government and special interests which impact our educational system; it goes beyond lobbying to teach pseudo science. It seems that the collapse of our educational system is a bigger fish than science alone.

    p.s. Amway in bold is to catch Curmie’s attention. I don’t think he’ll like knowing that private schools are the being co-opted by religious and politcal sleazebags and that the superior education that he now attributes to many of them will eventually be hijacked by fanatics who will have the means to keep them operating, conditionally.

    Also, we’ll see if my first attempt writing code is successful. If it isn’t, my apologies to everyone in advance.