Self-Published Genius #16: Conscious Evolution

This series has, so far, been devoted to authors with a vanity press book. We’re not sure about the publisher this time. It’s Inner Traditions • Bear & Company, and they may be a real publisher. However, as with other authors with paradigm-shattering discoveries, the work of today’s proud author is being announced by hiring a press release service.

This one is issued by an outfit we’ve encountered before. It’s called PRWeb, which “gets your news straight to the search engines that everyone uses, like Google, Yahoo and Bing.” Their Pricing page reveals that their “Basic Package” costs $80. We assume that’s what we’re dealing with now. They got their money’s worth, because we found this “news” at the website of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The press release is titled Calleman’s Paradigm Busting Evidence Marrying Science & Religion Ignites Peacemaker Rally for Venus Transition in Bridge to Peace Project. Quite a title! Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Since Darwin declared “survival of the fittest” Science & Religion parted company and a seemingly insurmountable gulf was formed: insurmountable that is until now, because Mayan expert and evolutionary biologist Dr. Carl Calleman has found evidence of an organized force driving Evolution connected to us at the cellular level through what he calls the Cosmic Tree of Life.

Of course we had to Google the guy’s name. The first thing that pops up is his website, at least we think that’s what it is. It’s all about the Mayan calendar and it says: “The Mayan Time Science describes energy changes in Cosmic history and is our most valuable tool for charting the future. This site outlines the underlying basis for this calendar, the very foundation of prophecy.” We think this Wikipedia entry is about him: Carl Johan Calleman. There can’t be two people with that name who are both involved with the Mayan calendar. Okay, let’s get back to the press release:

His assertion that finding resonance with this “Tree” results in aligning with the Divine Plan inspired the Bridge to Peace Project [their website] sponsored by the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity, consequently World Peacemakers are using this “resonance” and generating Peace on every level from getting Dr. Carol Sue Rosin’s Peace in Space Treaty signed, to creating the transformative Peace that Passeth all Understanding in the consciousness shift.

Forgive us, dear reader. This one seems to go beyond the usual creationist book promotion. We can’t take much more, but let’s read on a little longer:

As the anticipation for the Venus Transition builds, using Quantum Theory and the principle of Noetics, the Bridge to Peace Project is applying Dr. Carl Calleman’s discovery for generating Peace. As Peace is multi-leveled, their primary focus is creating an atmosphere where the leaders of the world recognize …

We’ll skip that. Ah, here’s something:

Dr. Calleman’s paradigm busting evidence presented in his book “The Purposeful Universe” [their l ink] demonstrates through valid scientific enquiry the Cosmic or Divine Tree of Life is reflected in every cell of the higher mammals and is connected to consciousness. Calleman observes, “Consciousness is a necessary part of every interpretation of quantum theory. The reason for this is that quantum theory really is an aspect of the Tree of Life theory and that the Tree of Life exists in quantum states, which…correspond to states of consciousness.”

Not bad! Here’s more:

Amazingly, this inspired book has been largely disregarded by the main-stream media which Suzzan and Craig Babcock and the Directors of the I.D.E.A Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity [link omitted] find distressing. Suzzan states, “Here we have valid scientific evidence of a definite conscious link between Creation and Evolution that we think should be shouted from the rooftops. Dr. Calleman challenges the conventional thinking of the random nature of evolution, where the ‘survival of the fittest’ principle states only the strongest specimens pass on their genes. Instead, uniting Science and Religion for the first time in over a century, he produces evidence of an ‘intelligent, organized’ force driving the development of consciousness.”

Yes, it must be distressing. But we’re finding this whole press release distressing, so that’s where we’re going to quit. There’s much more to it, so if you like what you’ve seen so far, click over there and read it all. Then explain it to us.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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11 responses to “Self-Published Genius #16: Conscious Evolution

  1. Behe must love this guy. Since Behe said on the witness stand in Kitzmiller v Dover that astrology would qualify as science, and seeing as Calleman is way into astrology, it’s a match made in heaven.

  2. retiredsciguy

    Is there anyone in the world who actually thinks that there is any real meaning in these words? The Chronicle must have pasted the press release onto their website verbatim without reading it. If they had read it, they would be too convulsed to perform any more work on their computer.

  3. retiredsciguy

    The press release mentions the “transition of Venus”. It’s actually the transit of Venus, and it’s happening Tuesday, June 5 starting at about 6:04 EDT (give or take a few minutes depending on your location). Here’s more info at Sky & Telescope’s website.

    It’s a rare event. It also provided the method astronomers used to accurately determine the distance to the sun by timing the start and finish of a transit from different locations, and then using triangulation.

    I have my doubts as to whether it will promote world peace, but you might gain inner peace by observing it (with proper eye protection, of course). Good luck! I hope your skies are clear tomorrow evening.

  4. retiredsciguy

    Aaargh! First time I’ve attempted to imbed a link, and it doesn’t seem to work. Here’s the site the old-fashioned way:

  5. aturingtest

    RSG: No, he meant the “transition” of Venus. You see, at the moment that Venus is “Above the Earth,” having reached its point of “Essential Dignity,” and “Abscission of Light” is fully culminated in the adverse aspect of the proper house, then will be found the “Change,” or “Transition” by Venus necessary to effect the Peace that Passeth All Understanding, and we will see the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Then Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.
    (That was amazingly easy. One part lifting terms found in a 10-second google search for “Astrology Terms,” one part lifting lyrics from a 40-some-year old song, and voila! Instant woo!)

  6. Pete Moulton

    I think you have a long and lucrative career ahead of you, aturingtest.

  7. aturingtest

    Pete: alas, my Chinese fortune cookie last night said, “No. Don’t even think about it.” The Universe is against me (sigh).

  8. Pete Moulton

    Well, if that’s what the fortune cookie said, I guess you’re stuck. Too bad: you coulda been a contender. Inner Traditions – Bear & Co are always looking for new authors.

  9. aturingtest

    Pete: I actually have thought about a career as a Chinese fortune-cookie fortune writer. It seems like less work, and… can you imagine the fun of watching a diner open his cookie and reading something like, “There’s a man behind you with a knife,” or “That was not fish in the sushi you just ate”?

  10. I always wanted one to say “your lucky numbers for the day are i, pi, 1/3, and 3,427,832,981.”

  11. retiredsciguy

    Thanks, guys, for making my day! att, you do have a gift — Pete’s right.

    eric, your lucky number for today is the inverse of zero. Sorry. (Actually, I like yours better, but now they’re already in use.)