Revealed At Last: Sexually Depraved Penguins

This one may shock you, dear reader, so proceed at your own risk. The website PhysOrg reports: Explorer’s study of ‘sexually depraved’ penguins unearthed. Okay, you’ve been warned. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

He risked freezing or starving to death on a doomed expedition to the South Pole 100 years ago — but for George Murray Levick, the real horror lay in the twisted sexual mores of the Adelie penguin.

Are you sure you want to keep reading? Okay, let’s keep going:

London’s Natural History Museum has unearthed a landmark study by Levick, a scientist with the ill-fated 1910-13 Scott Antarctic Expedition, detailing the birds’ sexual shenanigans, the Guardian newspaper reported on Saturday.

Homosexual acts, sexual abuse of chicks and even attempts by male penguins to mate with dead females are recorded in Levick’s paper “Sexual Habits of the Adelie Penguin”, which had been lost for decades.

Egad! How disgusting! So let’s read on:

Edwardian Englishman Levick was so horrified by his own findings that he initially recorded them in Greek to make them inaccessible to the average reader.

Good idea. Greek seems appropriate for that sort of thing. We continue:

Captain Robert Scott and four others perished after reaching the South Pole on January 17, 1912 — only to find Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen had beaten them to it more than a month earlier.

But Levick survived, despite having been forced with five others to spend an entire Antarctic winter in an ice cave with few supplies after the expedition ship, Terra Nova, was blocked by ice on its way to rescue them.

All that, and perverted penguins too. Here’s more:

Back in Britain, he published a paper called “Natural History of the Adelie Penguin”, but his findings about the species’ astonishing sexual behaviour were considered so shocking that they were omitted.

Rightly so! One last excerpt:

[Douglas Russell, curator of birds at the Natural History Museum] told the Guardian’s sister Sunday newspaper, The Observer, that the penguins’ sexual inexperience is to blame for the antics that so disgusted Levick.

“Adelies gather at their colonies in October to start to breed. They have only a few weeks to do that and young adults simply have no experience of how to behave,” he explained. “Hence the seeming depravity of their behaviour.”

That’s no excuse. In our humble opinion, the intelligent designer has a lot of explaining to do.

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16 responses to “Revealed At Last: Sexually Depraved Penguins

  1. Sadly, Creationists will just say that this is merely the product of a fallen world. Once upon a time penguins ate plants and were sexually moral.

  2. NeonNoodle

    Somehow it’ll be Darwin’s fault.

  3. waldteufel

    “Greek seems appropriate for that sort of thing.”

    Curmy, you have an incredible sense of whimsy . . . . .(and insight).

  4. There was a documentary on penguins a decade or so ago that lauds lifelong mating habits of penguins, and the sacrifices the couples make in child-rearing. Fundavangelists went gaga for months. A McLaughlin Group regular at the time, Tony Blankley, (a Brit who was Gingrich’s press secretary before Newt got the boot from Congress, and who then went on to a career as columnist for the Washington Times rag) reverently compared the commonalities between penguin family life and Christian evangelical ideals during one show segment. He became so emotional he choked up and tears came to his eyes. Too bad this diary information wasn’t available then, or better yet a video of penguin necrophilia and homosexuality.

  5. NeonNoodle says: “Somehow it’ll be Darwin’s fault.”

    Well, yes. You don’t think they were behaving like that on the Ark, do you?

  6. retiredsciguy

    Penguins can swim, Curmy. You sure they were on the Ark? And if they were, there would have been no chance for any homosexual hanky-panky. Ken Ham would remind you that there was just one male and one female Adelie penguin aboard, and there would have been no Adelie penguin necrophilia either — if the female were dead, there would be no Adelies around today, now would there?

    BTW, how could Levick determine that the penguins were engaging in homosexual acts? Don’t the sexes look the same?

    And about your Greek comment — ditto waldteufel.

  7. I wonder when we will see the X-Rated “March of the Penguins II – Pongo does the Colony”. Imagine Morgan Freeman’s commentary on the necrophilia scenes.

  8. Pete Moulton

    I want to read Klinghoffer’s explanation over at ENV. What about this, David? What kind of ‘intelligent’ designer are you trying to foist on us?

  9. Pete Moulton: “What about this, David? What kind of ‘intelligent’ designer are you trying to foist on us?”

    What you know, and what David will spin his way out of, is that ID, and the “scientific” creationism that begat it, are “heads I win, tails you lose” word games. Some of his target audience won’t care, of course, and like those people who “religiously” read their horoscopes, will hear what they want and tune out the rest. But many of them will see it ID/creationism a less flattering light when we point out the games that these people play.

  10. Pete Moulton

    Well, Frank, if those penguins are depraved, ’twas the designer (blessed be he!) who made them so. The logic’s inescapable. Perhaps we should substitute ‘Depraved Designer’ for ‘Intelligent Designer’.

  11. @retiredscienceguy: The Bible specifically states about the passengers on the Ark that all birds were represented. So the question is whether penguins, like whales, were fish; or whether, like bats, they were birds. Oh, by the way, in one version of the Bible story, the birds were taken by sevens.

  12. Pete Moulton says: “if those penguins are depraved, ’twas the designer (blessed be he!) who made them so.”

    Do not attempt to judge the designer’s creation. However, it’s very logical to assume that global warming is designed as retribution for their sinful ways.

  13. Pete Moulton

    Mea culpa, SC. I forgot that in the world as DI sees it, even ‘bad’ design is still design. It all makes sense, if you only consider the designer to be Rube Goldberg to the nth power.

  14. retiredsciguy

    @TomS: Guess the question is, where was the Ark when the animals were loaded on? Since no penguins are found north of the equator, they probably weren’t on the Ark anyway, and had to survive on their own by swimming. Therefore, the literalists would consider them to be fish, like whales.

    This brings up a question — how do the biblical literalists explain the survival of land plants?

  15. Anon writes: “Imagine Morgan Freeman’s commentary on the necrophilia scenes.”

    And now I can spend the rest of my day trying to UN-imagine that.

  16. I can’t believe no one has mentioned it, but I guess this means that penguins aren’t the best birds.