Coppedge Crusade Coming to Canada

Our creationist neighbors to the north will be thrilled to learn about this news from the Creation Science Association of Alberta: Creation Weekend to feature David Coppedge!

That’s not a website we’d usually visit, but one of our most vigilant clandestine operatives brought it to our attention. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

David Coppedge is one man standing up against NASA, the American governments’ space exploration agency. Now that takes courage! Why would anyone undertake such a difficult task? Basically it is a fight for freedom of religion and for freedom to discuss intelligent design during social settings in the workplace.

It takes a real man to stand up against NASA while suing someone else. But that’s how true courage is displayed. The notice continues:

CSAA [Creation Science Association of Alberta] brings many interesting and qualified speakers to Alberta. Few however have been involved with NASA in space exploration! This makes David Coppedge particularly remarkable

To see just how remarkable he is, read this:

David Coppedge is also a prominent apologist for young earth creation and intelligent design. He is a member of the board of Illustra Media, which has produced excellent videos such as Unlocking the Mystery of Life, Privileged Planed [sic], Darwin’s Dilemma and Metamorphosis. He also provides daily commentary on scientific articles which have just appeared. CSAA’s website provides a link to the insightful and upbeat Creation-Evolution Headlines (which has been operative since 2001). In a more popular vein, David Coppedge has published articles in Institute for Creation Research’s Acts and Facts Magazine.

It truly is remarkable that a man like that would be involved in a NASA-sponsored program. We continue:

During his career at JPL, Mr. Coppedge occasionally shared copies of Illustra Media videos with colleagues. Having complained that he was “pushing religion”, JPL fired David Coppedge in January 2011. He brought suit against JPL (funded by American taxpayers) and the institution’s private administrator California Institute of Technology.

Yes, we know all that. We’ll skip their understandably one-sided discussion of the case, after which they say:

CSAA therefore looks forward to a most interesting and famous speaker! His lecture titles include: Cassini discovers Saturn; Evidences for youth in the Solar System; the Art and Science of Baloney Detecting!; and Why the Church must emphasize Creation.

Great selection of topics! Here’s more:

Mark your calendars now for Friday evening and Saturday all day and evening, October 26 and 27, 2012 in Edmonton! And plan to bring your friends.

There’s plenty of time for you to make your plans, dear reader, so you don’t have any excuses for missing this once-in-a-lifetime event. Here’s how the notice ends:

Expect to be impressed!

Oh yeah!

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22 responses to “Coppedge Crusade Coming to Canada

  1. NeonNoodle

    Does it really say “the Art and Science of Baloney Detecting” as a lecture title? Hopefully the judge in his frivolous lawsuit has already taken that course. Coppedge should try the science of typo detecting instead, unless “Privileged Planed” is an actual video title.

  2. NeonNoodle says: “Coppedge should try the science of typo detecting”

    Good catch. I had missed that. Just added “sic” to the post.

  3. Oh my, let’s hope he doesn’t get one of those convenient
    inconvenient migranes.

  4. Does being a paid lecturer count as having found a job? If it does, he could have been working since the day he was laid off.

  5. Jack Hogan

    Coppedge launches his new career. This was always the plan. It began the day his lawsuit was filed.

    The Dishonesty Institute apparently had no problem keeping the donations flowing in after the disaster in Dover, and Coppedge is jumping on that gravy train.

    Whatever the judge’s decision, and he will likely tell Coppedge to take a hike, Coppedge will head out on a fleece the rubes tour telling his tale of woe, mistreatment, and persecution as an ID crusader.

  6. There’s a new file on the NCSE website, “6/8/12: Plaintiff’s Post-Trial Reply Brief.” You’ll need some cheese with this particular whine.

  7. rubble says: “There’s a new file on the NCSE website”

    Right. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth a post.

  8. Aren’t they getting their message a little confused … “Basically it is a fight for freedom of religion and for freedom to discuss intelligent design during social settings in the workplace.”? Freedom of religion? Really? You mean the Intelligent designer isn’t an alien?

    I thought the whole idea behind ID was, you know, the “intelligent designer” wasn’t “you know who.”

  9. stephenpruis says: “Aren’t they getting their message a little confused”

    They’re not confused. All creationists know what intelligent design really is, and they’re talking to their own followers at that website. We’re not supposed to be looking.

  10. “Evidences for youth in the Solar System”

    Damn Titanian youth. Get offa my lawn.

  11. I was thinking they’d probably try and return their baloney detector…that can’t figure out why it won’t stop beeping.

  12. Spector567

    As a Canadian I insist that you keep him. He’s all yours.

    As a Candian we’ve worked very hard telling many americans that we live in igloos as a deterrent against those who don’t know enough geography to get the joke.

    Someone in Alberta slipped up and I want there head. =)

    In all seriousness I’m not to surprised Alberta is Canada’s version of Texas.

  13. Spector567, we Yanks would be happy if we could get Australia to take Ken Ham back.

  14. Spector567

    Excellent point.

    I suggest that we enact an embargo of Australia for there terrorist actions against our nations.

  15. Hmm. I wonder why copp has to go all the way to Canada?

    I also wonder if any part of his presentation could be considered slander.

  16. I don’t know if anybody’s noticed, but Coppedge’s ‘Reply Brief’ is now up at the NCSE site:

    Seems largely irrelevant, badly-written badly-argued huffing & puffing. But then again IANAL, so what do I know?

  17. And I hear that Canada has all those evil penguins, too.

  18. Canada has no penguins, evil or otherwise. The evil penguins all belong to us evil Southern Hemispherites.

  19. “One of the most popular sights at the Montreal Biodrome is the penguin enclosure”

    Penguin sale to Calgary zoo: a wise move?

  20. [Egotistical evil genius]

    So they have “all those” a few penguins in captivity, no doubt bred from those originally stolen from us evil Southern Hemispherites. Proves nothing! We have all the wild penguins, only wild penguins are the real evil™.

    [/Egotistical evil genius]

  21. Hrafn says: “Canada has no penguins, evil or otherwise.”

    Think you can fool us? We know what’s going on up there. We know all about the Canadian wombat and the Abominable Snowman.

  22. Coppedge crusades the UD too:

    [Excerpt deleted, as no quotes are allowed from that newspaper]