Discovery Institute: Casey’s New Book!

No one else has mentioned what we’re about to tell you, and that alone is worthy of mention. Future historians will classify this as “News No One Cared About at the Time, but Which Ultimately Shook the World.”

That got your attention, didn’t it? You’re sitting at the edge of your seat wondering: “What’s the news?” Calm down; hold on a minute. We can’t just tell you all at once. First we need to titillate you. Consider this:

The news is about a new book from the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

All right, now you’re really getting frustrated. We can hear you screaming: “Come on, Curmudgeon! Tell us the news!”

Not yet. It’s better if we give it to you slowly. Here’s one more preliminary fact. This new book comes from a most prestigious publisher — the Discovery Institute Press. How prestigious are they? Judge for yourself! Their website has a list of their published authors, and it reads like a veritable roll call on Mt. Olympus — David Berlinski, David DeWolf, Michael A. Flannery, David Klinghoffer, Casey Luskin, Jay Richards, … John G. West. Truly it’s a constellation of giants.

Okay, dear reader, we’ve kept you waiting long enough. Now you’re ready, so here it comes:

Casey Luskin and two other Discoveroids have written a book! It was announced at the Discoveroid blog in a post by Klinghoffer: Science and Human Origins: An Important New Book by Ann Gauger, Douglas Axe and Casey Luskin.

And that’s not all. This book is so important that the Discoveroids not only announced it at their blog, but they’ve posted about it several times since then. Let’s see, after the original announcement they posted this one, and after that they posted about it another time, and then they also mentioned it here.

But wait — there’s more. Yesterday they posted Good News! Science and Human Origins Is Shipping Now. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that every one of those Discoveroid posts appeared within the last two days. It’s been a veritable tsunami of news! The internet should be all abuzz about it, as soon as everyone has recovered from the shock.

Your humble Curmudgeon doesn’t have an opinion about the book — at least not yet. But with a respected scholar like Casey among its illustrious authors, this new volume is sure to find its rightful place in the history of science.

So that’s the news. There’s no need to thank us. You can always count on the Curmudgeon for this kind of thing.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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29 responses to “Discovery Institute: Casey’s New Book!

  1. I just read Kadinkleberger’s description of the book. The hole he digs for himself is monumentally enlarged as he cites science achievements while failing to provide a single line of contradictory evidence. There is a lot of verbiage about “the controversy” etc. Kadooklehoffman stays right on script.
    And the weekend has arrived so he has plenty of time to visit his therapist, go to church to affirm that he’s “special”(which he is), and bake more ID brownies. The CPU is running at 100% in a non productive “do loop”. A deep doo loop.
    Somebody call Cal Tech and tell them their world has been turned upside down.

  2. docbill1351

    At Amazon dot Com, Teh Buk has two 5-star ratings from creationists, of course. Probably Klunkerklipper in drag. Casey is presented in the bio as a “research coordinator” having conducted “geological research.” Hey, he can have any title he wants at the Disco Tute including Senior Sparkle Ball Polisher but geological research? Nope. He didn’t do that at all. All Luskin did based on the minor, single 5-author article that was published was take data on a field trip. It wasn’t research, it was a survey. But enough about Casey, we know he’s a liar. Moving along …

    Here is the description of Teh Buk from Amazon:

    Evidence for a purely Darwinian account of human origins is supposed to be overwhelming. But is it? In this provocative book, three scientists challenge the claim that undirected natural selection is capable of building a human being, critically assess fossil and genetic evidence that human beings share a common ancestor with apes, and debunk recent claims that the human race could not have started from an original couple.

    Yes, the 120-page “book” is about Adam and Eve.

    What evidence do they provide to support their claims? None! It’s simply a Mini-Me version of Wells’ Icons of Evolution bashing a few icons.

    Chromosome fusion event? Didn’t happen.
    Lucy? No relation.
    Junk DNA? Not junk.
    6,000 hominid fossils? Not mentioned.
    Peppered moths eating holes in Adam’s loincloth? Not mentioned.
    Nothing new, everything borrowed and Casey feels blue! Boo hoo!

  3. I did my part and warned potential book buyers of the history of the Discovery Institute.

  4. I didn’t know that Casey is a scientist, thought he was just a lawyer.

    And, who knew that he could write a complete sentence?

    Well, you live and learn……

  5. Garnetstar says: “I didn’t know that Casey is a scientist”

    His credentials may be dubious, but you should judge him by his work.

  6. Pete Moulton

    SC says: “[Casey’s] credentials may be dubious, but you should judge him by his work.”

    You think he really wants us to judge him by his ‘work’, SC? It won’t be pretty…

  7. “It’s simply a Mini-Me version of Wells’ Icons of Evolution bashing a few icons.”

    An exquisite description. One can almost see Wells smiling and stroking his cat.

  8. Jason: Good work. Thumbed up and down where appropriate.

  9. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that every one of those Discoveroid posts appeared within the last two days. It’s been a veritable tsunami of news!

    Maybe they are expecting bad news soon on the Coppedge front and needed to start promoting something else — a new and improved snake oil meme.

  10. “Tiny Tim” Casey Luskin’s a geological researcher? Thats hilarious.

    Hey Casey, define a parasequence please. I’ll wait.

    Actually, one of the characteristics of the self aggrandizing, is they assume they have super abilities, often without any actual capability.
    Add to that the con men in religion concept, and I end up needing to take a shower and wash off the slime after reading that. Excuse me. ickk.

  11. aturingtest

    120 pages? That’s it? I mean, on the one hand, i’m amazed that they’re able to spin their idiocy out to that length, but, OTOH…120 pages? That’s it? For such a vast subject, all they could do was 120 pages worth? C’mon, that’s barely an introduction length- I’ve seen longer comic books. It’s not even an hour’s worth of reading (and certainly not worth $14.95).

  12. Some very well written comments in rebuttal to the two favorable reviews on Amazon.

    The book hasn’t been out long enough for anyone outside of the DI to have reasonably purchased it, read it, and reviewed it. In my opinion the reviews are from DI staff, or friends with advanced copies. Also, the articles released on the DI site were probably written in advance, to be posted when the book came out. Kling even noted that more articles will be posted in the future, so the DI definitely has a promotional campaign mapped out. Reminds me of the Well’s “Junk DNA” roll-out. In a few weeks they’ll be whining that no one takes them seriously, and no scientists are seriously addressing the issues they’ve raised in their books (regardless of how many critiques appear on scientists’ blogs).

  13. NeonNoodle

    Did my bit by leaving a “helpful” vote for Uberjam’s (Jason’s?) Amazon review. But if history is any judge, it’ll be inundated with kneejerk negatives by the legions of Stepford ID-iots anyway. (That’s what happened to my own reviews of both of Weikart’s “Darwin=Hitler” rags.) They’re like those weird kids in Village of the Damned; all exactly alike. They haunt the Internet to pounce on and squelch dissent. Perhaps they have no other function? I wish they’d stop breeding so damn much, though.

  14. Examining the 5-star reviews, it seems like the book is full of 20-year-old creationist arguments. Lucy is a “knuckle-walker.”!? Lucy’s “inner ear canals”!? Again with this nonsense!?

    Sound like they copied and pasted stuff from CMI, Wieland, Sarfati et al. Creationist books are like cookbooks: no originality required.

  15. Diogenes, that’s an insult to cookbook authors.

  16. docbill1351

    Boo hoo! Soon, poor little Gerb will call a whaaaaaambulance complaining his widdle heart has been broken by big, bad, unfair reviewers who haven’t even read his widdle bookie-wookie. Pass the Puffs!

    It’s a good question, though. Should we slam Gerb’s self-published summer vacation essay without even reading it? Is that fair? Well, consider the source – Teh Gerb. Has widdle Gerb ever written anything, and I mean EVER, that wasn’t a blatant lie or grotesque misrepresentation? Resoundingly, no! Never. Not once. Therefore, is there any evidence that his recent piece of self-gratification will be any different? Of course not!

    Well, what about Axe? OK, well this is the guy who thinks proteins are “designed” because the shadows they make look like Chinese characters … if you squint. No, make that falling down drunk and squinting. Right, Axe, Chinese. Uh, huh. We’re going to back out the door, now, slowly …

    And Gauger? Gauger doesn’t even know what day it is. At an ID conference (think Dr. Evil staff meeting) she was clueless enough to present actual results from her experiments that demonstrated natural selection and the spontaneous generation of new information. Oopsie! She was thrown off the stage faster than a pole dancer with a poor grip and bundled to an undisclosed location near the DI hive in Seattle. She probably doesn’t even know her name’s on the cover.

    All I gotta say is this: Gerb, Axe, Gauger … GAG!

  17. Rubble says: “The whaaaaaambulance has arrived”

    Yes it has. But they can’t complain about me. I didn’t criticize the book or the authors. There’s no need to do that.

  18. docbill1351

    Wow, Klingleberrywipenpaper reads SC! Cool beans!

    Sad little Klinkletinkle wet his pants over the treatment of his Gerbil Overloard, Luskin.

    Note how we always refer to Luskin by his full gerbil name but Klankleklopper is always Klenkenburgerkinkenkobben. Awwww, he loves it I’m sure!

  19. Re: the link title whaaaaaambulance, Klinkerhopper complains about a single negative post on Amazon, and concludes: “So it goes with the community of Darwin boosters. Their ranks are heavy with bullies and their leaders are almost all cowards, who flee from a fair fight…”

    Yes! I predicted that would be the response…but I was off by a month or two. They’re starting the whine about not being taken seriously already, and the book is barely released.

    It’s actually rather gratifying that there is a community of folks who keep tabs on the DI. They can’t release a book, a press release, conduct a campus lecture, show a film, or whatever without being instantly exposed for what they are.

  20. Well, the embedded link certainly came out weird… but it works

  21. docbill1351

    Oh, my, Klipperklapper can haz a koniption fit!

    Clutching his well-worn stuffed Gerbil, Klappertrapper channels Mrs. Doubtfire as he frets in a warbling tone about his besmirched fellow creationist Doogie Axeyard, “My, oh, my do the Darwinidiots not know that Axey Waxey has published in the peer-peer-peer, yes, that’s triple-peer, reviewed – (cue Eecchhoo Cchhaammbbeerr) B-I-O C-O-M-P-L-E-X-I-T-Y !! Oh, ah do think ah haz teh vapours!”

    Yes, boys and girls, Doogie Axebard has, indeed, published in the – hang on, this just in! – peer-peer-peer-peer, yes QUADRUPLE peer-reviewed BIO-COMPLEXITY, a journal published and staffed by the Discovery Institute, whose three-year article archive has swollen to a massive ten, (yes, folks, you don’t even have to take off your shoes) articles and whose Managing Editor is none other than Doogie Axetard his own self.

    Now, to be fair, Axemeagaini’lltellyouthesame hasn’t published all the articles, no, sir, he hasn’t. The other articles have been published by creationist luminaries like Dumbski, Gaga and Marx who, of course, are also on the editorial board. It doesn’t get any more Whirled Class than this!

    I tell you, boys and girls, you can’t get any more peer-reviewed than reviewing your own articles for your own on-line journal. Why, it’s almost like having your own page on Facebook!

  22. I like it that Kinklehitlerostenkaboodle
    published some comments about his
    “”tract er ….. book” review. Some of his fans,
    stupid as they might be, should know how their
    work is viewed. The less infected ones might
    be able to evaluate that as a suggestion that,
    gee maybe attacking science and logic has
    negative consequences. For them. We won’t
    mention the ignorance they spread when they
    make believe fundamentalism has a place in
    a public school classroom.

  23. In my part of the world – that is Southern Africa – archeologists working at a site near Mossel Bay (a small coastal town between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth) called “Pinnacle Point” are discovering evidence of human habitation in caves dating back between 165,000 and 50,000 years ago. This makes it one of the oldest sites of it’s kind in Africa…..fascinating!
    Thought your readers might be interested in knowing,

  24. Why doesn’t Klinghoffer go and post at the Amazon discussion thread which he disses in his post at ENV? The Amazon discussion thread is very important, according to Klinghoffer, when he blogs on it at ENV, a website that forbids comments of any kind. Real brave there.

    So Klinghoffer tells his readers that that Amazon discussion thread is really important, so important that he draws from it the following conclusion:

    Klinghoffer: “So it goes with the community of Darwin boosters. Their ranks are heavy with bullies and their leaders are almost all cowards, who flee from a fair fight on the merit of the ideas that are up for debate.”

    So if this Amazon discussion thread is so important, why doesn’t Klinghoffer or Casey Luskin or any other Instatooter post there?

    What are you afraid of, Klinghoffer and Luskin? What are you afraid of?

    They know ENV tolerates no dissent and bans all comments. Uncommon Dissent has a draconian censorship policy that bans substantive criticisms of ID; any intelligent critic gets banned from UD.

    They’re terrified of debate– scared stiff. If Klinghoffer thinks he’s so courageous, then why not debate one of us at any neutral place on the internet — not the UD gulag. Why not debate me? Send Luskin or Klinghoffer to debate me, at any place on the internet not controlled by the DI.

    Come on, Klinhoffer, what are you afraid of? Come get us, you gutless wonder.

  25. docbill1351

    The one negative review of Luskin’s “book” disappeared from Amazon this morning. Gone. Comments, too. Only glowing reviews remain. Well, except for one minor grouse that the book was more like a bunch of articles slapped together, which is what the book is: recycled ENV blog posts.

  26. The negative review was written by someone who admitted he hadn’t read the book.

    It’s possible someone reported the review as inappropriate, and maybe Amazon deleted it. When Amazon deletes things, they ought to tell us why.

    Of course, all evolutionist books are infested by negative reviews written by creationists who haven’t read the book, and those never get deleted.

  27. Hey Guys,

    It looks like David Klinghoffer posted a 4-star review for Luskin’s book on Amazon, using a sock puppet identity. It’s almost an exact copy of Klinghoffer’s post at ENV, accusing Darwinists of being bullies who run from a fight.

    The review is posted under the pseudonym “BchlrScMsBmd” and “Vince M.” I don’t know why, but the review is strangely flipping between two ID’s.

    If that’s Klinghoffer, he’s a fraud.

  28. docbill1351

    I reported “Vince M’s” review to Amazon as a fraud. If it’s Klingpathetic then the review is dishonestly represented. If it really is another person then it’s plagiarism and also dishonestly represented. Either way.

    Ignorant creationist reviewer Lutz has taken a hike after getting pummeled in the comments but a few new flies have been attracted to the dungheap. Poster “A. Gross” is a known creationist know-nothing who flits around claiming that “Darwinism is dead in 3 – 2 – 1 – – – ” and other hoary old chestnuts right out of the Index of Creationist Claims.