Kansas Creationism: Meet Jack Wu

The state of Kansas is always in the forefront of creationist controversy. Our last post about the Kansas State Board of Education was Kansas Creationism: “We’re Not Crackpots”.

In the years between 1999 and 2007, that state had five different sets of science standards, some wildly opposed to evolution, and some — like those at the moment — tolerant of the science. This is an election year, and 5 of the 10 board seats are on the ballot this fall. In Kansas, that means evolution will be on the ballot.

At the website of The Christian Post, which says it’s “the nation’s most comprehensive Christian news website,” we read Kansas School Board Candidate Wants to Ban Evolution From Schools. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Jack Wu, a native of California who moved to Topeka after joining the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, is running against 4th District incumbent Carolyn Wims-Campbell, who was elected in 2008.

The Westboro Baptist Church? Even in Kansas, that should raise some eyebrows. We want to know more:

“The current public educational system in Kansas and the United States is preparing its students to be liars, crooks, thieves, murderers, and perverts,” said Wu in an entry on his campaign site.

We love this guy! Here’s his website: Jack Wu for Kansas State Board of Education. It boldly declares:

Let’s be specific. Evolution should never be taught in public schools as science. Evolution is false science! God made the heaven and the earth and created humans from the dust of the earth! The very bad teachers that teach that men descended from apes via evolution need to have their teaching licenses revoked. Yes, students should be taught that God created everything.

Our eyes turn upwards. For a blog like ours, Wu is a gift from heaven. Let’s read on in The Christian Post:

“My mission, in running for the Kansas State Board of Education, is to throw out the crap that teachers are feeding their students and replace it with healthy good for the soul knowledge from the holy scriptures.”

Our understanding is that this is Kathy Martin’s last term on the school board, and we were wondering who could possibly replace her as the inspiration for this humble blog. Now we have the answer. Come on, Kansas! Elect Jack Wu!

The news story continues:

While Wu hopes to have the Theory of Evolution completely removed from the public curriculum, many major creationist organizations do not share that position.

That’s interesting. Wu is so far out there that even the usual creationist organizations are running away from him. First they quote Mark Looy, co-founder and chief communications officer for Answers in Genesis:

Answers in Genesis opposes efforts to remove evolution teaching from schools. It is a major worldview that affects so much of society, and thus it needs to be studied,” said Looy. “However, students, using their critical thinking skills, should be able to study evolution warts and all. AiG welcomes challenges to ‘molecules-to-man’ evolution, which sadly is a belief system that is taught as fact in most public school science classrooms.”

If AIG thinks Wu is too extreme, that’s your clue that Wu is someone to watch. Then The Christian Post quotes another creationist spokesman:

Lawrence Ford, director of communications for the Institute for Creation Research, told CP that his organization does not support efforts like Wu’s to ban the teaching of evolution or mandate the teaching of creation science.

We don’t believe those guys, by the way. Deep down we think they’re just like Wu, or maybe even more extreme, but they’ve been through a lot and they know how the courts are likely to rule. They’ve learned to play it safe, preach to the faithful, and the money keeps rolling in. A hotshot like Wu could ruin a good thing, so they tactfully keep their distance. But they probably admire him.

We can’t resist giving you another quote from Wu’s campaign website:

The lies of men and of the devil need to be expelled from the classrooms of Kansas, and of the United States, and of the world. Make room for the truth of God!

Your Curmudgeon’s prayer is that the good folks of Kansas will demonstrate their usual wisdom in such things and elect Jack Wu to the Kansas State Board of Education. That will provide us with a never-ending abundance of blogging material. Let it be so!

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15 responses to “Kansas Creationism: Meet Jack Wu

  1. Jack Wu is the guy tearing the fig leaf of “reasonability” away from the Wedge Doctrine and openly proclaiming that high-school science classes need to start preaching the gospel.

  2. Wow! Jack Wu is a wonderful guy. Maybe he can take the heat off Louisiana and make Kansas more of a nutcase than LA LA Land. Wu! Wu! Wu! Go Wu!

  3. Well you can’t say it’s a bunch of “redneck hicks” that only oppose evolution anymore, that’s for sure.

  4. Cheryl Shepherd-Adams

    If Wu wasn’t associated with the Phelps family, he might actually have a chance of getting elected since he has an (R) after his name. The good news is that being affiliated with the Phelps family is toxic, as far as Topeka voters are concerned.

  5. He moved to Topeka to join the Westboro crew? How could he think he has a chance at being elected to for anything?

  6. retiredsciguy

    I think my comment on the later post above (Dead Sea Scrolls) is germane here as well, so I’ll copy:

    “By insisting that we all must believe every word of the Bible as literal truth, the fundamentalists undermine belief in the eternal truths that are, in my opinion, far more important to society’s well-being. Namely, treat your fellow humans with respect, dignity, and honesty.

    Perhaps there are some people who will only follow those simple guidelines of decency if they fear eternal damnation. But for the rest of us, the religionists’ insistence of total belief is an insult to our intelligence, which at the heart of it is a lack of respect. They are violating the Golden Rule.”

  7. Poor Kansas. Life isn’t fair.

  8. I don’t know if you get Louis Theroux documentaries in America but he’s amazing and worth watching. This is certainly one you should see, about the Westborough Baptist church. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogJSRs_OE0I In this episode I think we actually meet someone who could be Jack Wu, skip to 23:30. He is a very close fit to the descriptions of him.

  9. For a blog like ours, Wu is a gift from heaven.

    I’m sure the ACLU is pretty amused too. Sure, its better for everyone if he doesn’t get elected. But IF a creationist is going to get elected, a creationist like this makes getting a pro-science legal ruling like shooting fish in a barrel.

  10. retiredsciguy

    @Twiggy120: “In this episode I think we actually meet someone who could be Jack Wu…”

    Yep, sure seems to be the case. When Googled, his image pops up on other articles referencing his running for Kans. Sch. Brd.

    If the guy in the Louis Theroux documentary is the same Jack Wu running for the school board, well, sorry, Curmy, but this guy ain’t gonna get elected. Not even in Kansas.

  11. It may be time to write the ultimate Hollywood takedown of these Kansas City education-stifling Creationists. Anyone for mapping Jack Wu on the hero’s journey? Let’s use kickstarter.com, raise $2500, throw ourselves a pizza party on Friday, and type FADE TO BLACK on Sunday. The time is now!

  12. retiredsciguy

    @MFV: WTF?

  13. @retiredsciguy I gotta be me.

  14. retiredsciguy

    MFV, ok. I just didn’t understand your post.

  15. @retiredsciguy I sent Jack Wu an email through his website asking him if that us him. Here’s his response:

    “Hi Alex [Twiggy120]

    Yes, that’s me. Thanks for writing.

    Jack Wu”

    I can’t see this guy getting elected. It’s strange how someone so camp and sweet (in the documentary) could be straight, so straight that they want to join the WBC. He just looks terrified, of his god, of the WBC and maybe his sexy thoughts. I almost feel bad for him, he needs help.