Barbara Forrest Interview Today — Live

The broadcast is here (Addendum: It’s over now)

We have been informed by our friends at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) that there will be an interview today of Barbara Forrest, philosophy professor at Southeastern Louisiana University, co-author of Creationism’s Trojan Horse, a founder of the Louisiana Coalition for Science, and a star witness for the winning side in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

The interview will be on Freethought Radio. The topic will be: “Evolution v. creationism, the rise of science denial.” If your computer is equipped to receive such stuff, we’re told you can listen here: Freethought Radio. But we went there and we don’t see the interview scheduled.

If you can find it, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll just wish Barbara well. We know she’ll do a great job.

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19 responses to “Barbara Forrest Interview Today — Live

  1. Charley Horse

    I could find no reference to the interview as you did
    on the NCSE site..I really looked…carefully

  2. Charley Horse

    Okay…I’m listening to The Mic 92.1 which that site you
    posted says the Forrest interview can be heard. The interview
    is now on…
    She is being introduced NOW

  3. Thanks, Charley Horse. I put the link in the original post.

  4. Charley Horse

    End of interview. Your readers and others who have
    followed closely the La. and Tenn. legislation on allowing
    evolution opposing views (creationism) being mentioned in
    public school science classes will not learn anything new.

    That radio station does seem to be geared toward reality as
    opposed to say Limpbaugh and Faux. 🙂

  5. It was good, but I wish it had been longer.

  6. Charley Horse

    Barbara Forrest–proof that gems can be found in La.
    Forrest allows you to see the trees….

  7. NeonNoodle

    [That radio station does seem to be geared toward reality as
    opposed to say Limpbaugh and Faux.]

    “Reality” defined, I presume, as distortions of the Left being “more equal” (in the ANIMAL FARM sense) than distortions of the Right? No thanks, I’ll take the straight news please, without the prevailing attitude.

  8. waldteufel

    Two good interviews with Dr. Forrest can be found at a couple of podcasts: The Infidel Guy of 1/21/2006 and Point of Inquiry of 2/16/2007.

  9. Slightly off topic, but from the “BWAHAHAHAHA” section of Louisiana, we have this:

  10. Ceteris Paribus


    One of the responsibilities of rational discourse in a free society is the ability to judge the quality and/or credibility of evidence presented. Charley Horse did not use the terms “Left” or “Right” in his post – you inserted that yourself.

    If you cannot discern that any creationism vs evolution evidence presented by Barbara Forrest should rightly be accredited as vastly superior to that of anecdotal characterizations put forth by Limpaugh or Faux, even if all three devotedly subscribed to exactly the same “Left” or “Right” flavor of politics, then you are operating in an intellectual environment that gladly equates rational thought with ignorance.

  11. Retired Prof

    NeonNoodle, can you recommend a straight news site that is completely free of bias? It would save me a lot of work, because as things stand now, I am constantly having to adjust for the biases in what I read and hear.

  12. NeonNoodle

    […can you recommend a straight news site that is completely free of bias?]

    @Retired Prof:
    I’m not convinced there IS one. And the stations that pay obligatory lip service to objectivity are even worse than the ones that wear their biases on their sleeves. (If I had to make the devil’s choice, I’d take “overt” over “insidious.” At least you know where you stand.)
    The closest you can get to neutrality in our polarized media environment is a site that at least presents both sides. I go to regularly. It presents a wide canvass, although admittedly it’s mostly editorials. I try to read everything, everyday. Eventually you’ll be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. It just gets obvious after a while which columnists have an axe to grind, and how much professional integrity they’re willing to sacrifice to grind it.

    @Ceteris Paribus:
    The dig wasn’t aimed at Barbara Forrest, whom I revere, or at Charley Horse, but rather at the station itself, The Mic 92.1 FM. My apologies if that wasn’t obvious; I meant it to be. It may be difficult to find balanced news sources these days, but at least you can do your best to avoid ones that aren’t so egregiously slanted. In my listening experience, which doesn’t begin and end with Barbara Forrest’s interview this morning, The Mic is a repeat offender.

    Frankly, your characterization is not a reasonable reading of what I wrote, but you already knew that. So here it is in plainer English: I see no moral difference between FOX, MSNBC, Limbaugh’s talk radio network (whatever it is), or the late and unlamented AirAmerica. I have little tolerance for party hacks and spin, from whichever direction it rears its u.h., especially if they come disingenuously masked as honest and impartial news reporters.

  13. Retired Prof asks: “can you recommend a straight news site that is completely free of bias?”

    There’s no such thing, except maybe your local station’s weather and traffic reports. Everything government does has political consequences, and it’s virtually impossible to describe their activities without mentioning that. Oh wait — there’s a network that just broadcasts Congressional committee meetings, without commentary. But even there, selecting what meeting to broadcast involves political bias. Personally, I think the weather channel is more stimulating than Congress.

  14. docbill1351

    I rely on three news sources: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report and BBC World service.

    For “fair and balanced” I watch Rachel Maddow takedowns of Fox’s quote mining and selective editing.

    Oh, and Raw Dog Comedy on XM Radio.

  15. You’re scaring me, Doc Bill. Those are precisely the same ones I use, including Raw Dog. Oh, and I also throw in the Borowitz Report.

  16. Gary says: “Those are precisely the same ones I use”

    Bah! I watch only Megyn Kelly. I donno if it’s fair and balanced, and I don’t care.

  17. BBC World Service. You see that, guys? We can get objective, useful news about America…. from the UK.

  18. docbill1351

    I’ll see your Megyn Kelly and raise you Cara Santa Maria.