Money Problems for the Creation Museum?

You know about Ark Encounter, the latest project proposed by Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of young-earth creationist wisdom. AIG is the online creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia.

The centerpiece of Ark Encounter is going to be a replica of Noah’s Ark, but a month ago we wrote More Money Problems for Ken Ham’s Ark, about the fundraising difficulties that have delayed the start of construction. The Ark is on hold until more money is raised — a lot more money.

But it may not be only the Ark that’s experiencing financial difficulties. If we’re reading between the lines correctly, Hambo’s infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum — the North American Mecca for the mindless — is also in trouble. At least that’s what we glean from this item at the AIG website: All Tickets Now Good for Two Days.

Although we just noticed it, that’s not a new article. It’s dated 25 May, a week before the announcement of Ken Ham’s Dinosaur Billboards. See what you make of it. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

In an effort to provide enhanced value to the families we serve at the Creation Museum, beginning Friday, May 25, we are happy to announce that any ticket purchased for admittance to the Creation Museum is good for two consecutive days!

Why would they do that? We checked to see what other amusement parks do, and found that Disney World sells multi-day tickets priced so the second day costs less than the first, but the customer still has to pay; admission is never free. For some reason, Hambo is giving second-day tickets away. AIG attempts to explain it in their next paragraph:

Over the past five years we have added a number of meaningful exhibits and venues at the Creation Museum, and we have heard from many of our loyal friends that there is just too much to do and experience in just one day. We are pleased to respond to this feedback!

Oh. There’s such a big demand to re-visit the museum’s many wonders for a second day that they’ve decided not to charge for admission. Yeah, that makes sense. Let’s read on:

Many other cost-reducing incentives can be found at the Creation Museum. In particular, if you have a large family, be sure to talk to a Guest Services representative about affordable and attractive membership options that can actually reduce the cost of your initial visit.

Wow — they’re cutting prices for the first day’s visit too. This looks serious. Here’s how the article ends:

We look forward to your arrival at the one-and-only, continually expanding Creation Museum! Travel safely, and yes, prepare to believe!

So there you are. What does it mean? To us, it means that although there are numerous creationists, and many have visited ol’ Hambo’s museum, the market for his brand of foolishness is limited — and he’s reaching that limit. From now on, it’s going to be a tough grind.

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21 responses to “Money Problems for the Creation Museum?

  1. Gabriel Hanna

    Maybe he’s figured if he’s losing a nickel on every ticket he can make it up in volume?

  2. Charley Horse

    There’s a reason why side shows and circuses are mobile…

  3. Too bad he’s in Kentucky. He could have put in a few slot machines to draw in the crowds.

    Or, since he’s just off the highway, he could expand his business to include a truck stop and a Chick-fil-A franchise.

  4. If they stopped labelling it as a museum and instead gave it the more accurate title of theme-park more of their audience would attend.

  5. Charley Horse

    Reality TV seems to be a big hit. Even a Palin has a show.
    AIG might make it big as the FIRST unreal reality show.

    Interviews with the Possum Man and Gator Hunters would take
    a back seat to those interviews with the visitors and employees.
    …..Flintstone theme playing in the back ground….

  6. Charley Horse says: “Reality TV seems to be a big hit.”

    I’d like to see an Adam & Eve sitcom: Eve studies Adam’s body. “Hey, Adam — what’s that?” Adam looks down. “I donno.” A laugh track would be out of place, but they should have one anyway.

  7. The museum averages around 800 people a day. Not many more than a busy McDonalds. If it wasn’t for what the museum teaches and its larger cultural footprint, it would be viewed as nothing more than the curious roadside attractions of my youth in the 50’s and 60’s.

  8. @Bruce: Are we then inadvertently helping it by making it out to be of more significance than what it really is? Something that “strikes dread” into the heart of Evolutionists?

  9. Justin,
    Hambo and Company are an easy target. 🙂 Yes, I think Ken Ham spins our attention into we “fear” them and uses it to advance his agenda. That said, the Creation Museum is a mecca for Christian fundamentalists and they should at least know that others dispute the worldview put forth by the Creation Museum. Even at this point though, I wonder if we really reach any of them. I suspect we just reinforce their persecution complex.

    Hambo and Company are an easy target and they make it very easy to write about them so we do.

  10. Personally, I could spend days & days & days at The Museum f Natural History/Hayden Planetariam, Metropolital Museum of Art, Moma & The Cloisters in NYC. Probably a few hours would suffice for the Creation Museum. By the way, there’s a Holy Land in Waterbury, Ct that’s pretty interesting. A local businessman put it together many years ago from recycled products. I haven’t been there in about 30 years, so I don’t know what its like now — might have been spiffed up a bit with all the evangelical stuff that’s going on now.

  11. retiredsciguy

    You might be making too much of it, Curmy. Remember — Ham has a mission of indoctrination. He probably figures that except for the locals, people are just going to visit once anyway, so by getting them to stick around longer he has a better chance of turning their brains into cheese.

    Also, people who arrive late in the afternoon will be more likely to pony up the dough knowing they get in free the next day. He’s also more like to draw people from greater distances this way.

  12. retiredsciguy says:

    You might be making too much of it, Curmy. Remember — Ham has a mission of indoctrination.

    Yes, but I don’t think he’s the type to give it away.

    Also, people who arrive late in the afternoon will be more likely to pony up the dough knowing they get in free the next day.

    Disney World has the same problem, but they don’t let anyone in for free the second day.

  13. … we have heard from many of our loyal friends that there is just too much to do and experience in just one day.

    I feel Hambo is being disingenuous here. From all the reports I have read online the way the museum is set up you are fed through in a straight path and that it doesn’t take much more than about 3 hours to see everything. There is no excuse to come back a second day unless they are just trying to trick more people into visiting the gift shop.

  14. Ceteris Paribus

    Hambo doing tricks for revenue you say? Here’s a real bat-crazy idea: Hambo is offering two-fer tickets to entice his patronage to stay overnite at nearby religious owned motels that get a significant cut of the pay-per-view porn channels offered by the motels.

    Hey, that blue revenue stream was worth about a hundred million greenbacks a year for Marriott. Until they cut it out when former Marriott board member Willard “Mitt” Romney (named for J. Willard Marriott, the chain’s devout Mormon founder) started having aspirations of a national political campaign.

  15. Gabriel Hanna

    @Ceteris Parabus:Until they cut it out when former Marriott board member Willard “Mitt” Romney…

    So you would have approved of Romney and Mariott if they’d kept the porn in? No, then I guess it’d be hypocrisy.

    So you would have approved, then, if they’d never allowed porn in their hotels? No, then I guess it’d be imposing their values on the rest of us.

    So you would have approved any of these courses of action if Romney, like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, had a (D) after his name? Oh, I’m sure you’ve subjected his investments and history to the same scrutiny and held it to the same standard as you do for Mormons with (R) after their name.

  16. Gabriel Hanna

    Willard “Mitt” Romney…

    Didn’t we all decide back in 2008 that it was racist or something to emphasize a Presidential candidate’s given name?

    Ah, no matter, after all it’s no more shameful to have been named Willard, than to be beaten by a guy named Willard.

  17. Ceteris Paribus

    Feeling just a wee bit insecure over your party’s choice to head the ticket are you? The Marriott-Romney porn for profit relationship was given the light of day by numerous fundy Christian posts which still aren’t quite sure if Latter Day Saints is a legitimate religion for a president.

    As to the name game, sticks and stones – uh … sorry, have to stop now – got to catch the dressage competition at the Olympics.

  18. “there is just too much to do and experience in just one day”

    As previously posted, this is just a gimmick to get more people into the gift shop or other concessions they may have.

    As for me, I’m bored to tears 2 hours into the Virginia state fair, and it’s a lot larger (and more rational) than this outfit.

  19. retiredsciguy

    The Curmudgeon says, “Disney World has the same problem, but they don’t let anyone in for free the second day.”

    Yeah, well, let’s not go comparing the Creation Museum with Disney World, for Pete’s sake. I mean, it’s a museum, after all. How exciting is that? Ham probably figures no one’s going to come back for a second helping anyway, so he’s not out anything by enticing them to buy a ticket with this gimmick. Most of the local yokels that would go to the CM have probably already been there, and this would be a way to get people in from farther away. Wouldn’t be surprised if he has a tie-in with a local motel or two. Maybe he owns one.

    Okay. That dead horse is now thoroughly beaten.

  20. I’m impressed he can keep it afloat at all. It makes me think of the defunct experiment in Flint, Michigan called “Autoworld” which was supposed to be a fun filled museum experience and ended up getting demolished a decade later. I’m sure there is a strong push by all the fundy pastors over the country to promote it helping to keep it afloat. I’d say if you’ve got $30 burning a hole in your pocket and are in the Cincinnati area go to King’s island (actually $37 online). At least you’d have some fun.

  21. retiredsciguy

    Or if you’re in the mood for a museum after all, go to the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History at the Museum Center in the old Union Terminal. They have a great simulated cave, and a fantastic glacial environment walk-through. And your mind won’t be turned into cheese.