Rev. David Rives: Don’t Think. Believe!

Once again, dear reader, we present another video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries. The last time we brought you a David Rives video was Chemistry Is a Miracle.

This one is titled A Leap of Faith. It’s truly life-altering. Best of all, it requires less than 90 seconds to watch the whole thing — including a brief ad at the end. There’s no excuse to miss this one!

Click on the video. Do it now! You have nothing to lose but your mind.

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8 responses to “Rev. David Rives: Don’t Think. Believe!

  1. What an arse! The stuck-up, arrogant, phoney fool. We do have the curiosity to ‘ponder our complexity’ but it is only through evolution that it makes sense. “Others conclude they have a special purpose and marvel at the artistry of their design.” This type of medieval vanity pisses me off. “Everything is the end result of nothing.” What does that mean? When was there nothing? Typical religionist has moderated the comments, it’ll be interesting if this gets through.

  2. Okay, I want that 90 seconds, and my brain cells, back!

  3. Twiggy , don’t hold back. Let it all out.
    As for me, I am taking the dog for a walk so
    I can ponder the mysteries of the universe while
    he creates a few complexities of his own in the park. It’s the molecules to Alpo and back to molecules hypothesis. And conclusive proof of design. I’m bringing a bag so these magical dog designs can be forever preserved in the municipal dump. Or, I could have them Fedexed to the Dishonesty Institute as further proof of their “pet” theory. It’s kind of a “tornado in a junkyard dog” kind of thing you see.

  4. Gary says: “Okay, I want that 90 seconds, and my brain cells, back!”

    Sorry, the brain cells are forever gone, but your lost time now belongs to the rev. Well, minus the modest commission he sends my way. I’ve got ten percent of your 90 seconds.

  5. Ceteris Paribus

    Will the time lost watching David’s videos count against the time previously allocated for swimming lengths in The Eternal Lake of Fire?

  6. If these beautiful things were created by an all powerful being capable of making anything from nothing, it sounds very common and trivial. A snap of the invisible fingers! If the universe and all the varied life in it started with a big bang and evolved by selection over billions of eons, THAT is the true miracle.

  7. NeonNoodle

    The funny thing about Rev. Rives is how harmless he seems. So well-scrubbed, articulate, soft-spoken and polite. Then those pesky medieval views of his raise their collective head, and the facade crumbles. Let’s just say that historically, people like him have proven to be less than harmless…

  8. retiredsciguy

    Yea, verily, the Heavens declare the Glory of God! And you can declare your unwavering faith by clicking over to David’s website and buying a few DVDs. Go ahead! You want to prove to God how deeply you believe, don’t you???

    You will be eternally sorry if you don’t.

    I wonder how many takes David shoots to be sure he gets his little Falwellian smirk just right. Oh! He is SO hard to watch!