Alliance Defense Fund Changes Its Name

Almost every time we have some creationist litigation to write about, we encounter the Alliance Defense Fund (the ADF) on the side of the creationist. As we noted more than a year ago, the ADF is involved in the David Coppedge case. ADF doesn’t appear as counsel to Coppedge on his court pleadings (that’s always William J. Becker, Jr.), but they issued this press release describing their participation, which describes Becker as “one of more than 1,600 attorneys in the ADF alliance.”

We have no idea what ADF is doing for Becker. Are they paying him? Supplying him with legal research? Who knows — but we assume their support means that they’re doing something more than cheering in the background.

We also ran across ADF in the case of John Oller against the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. And in this post we mentioned that they’re also involved with Ray Comfort.

The ADF was described by Barbara Forrest in this article: The Gutting of BESE’s LSEA Implementation Policy: The Untold Story of Alliance Defense Fund Involvement.

With all of that, when we see their name we take notice. Which brings us to today’s news. In the Florida Baptist Witness we read Alliance Defense Fund changes its name. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (BP) — The Alliance Defense Fund, one of the nation’s leading Christian legal groups, has a new name — the Alliance Defending Freedom.

They’re changing “Defense Fund” to “Defending Freedom”? What’s that all about?

The organization switched to its new name Monday (July 9) in a change that accompanied a new logo and a tagline: “For Faith, For Justice.” The new name will allow it to keep its often-used acronym, ADF. The new name, ADF says, better communicates its purpose.

The name change happened a month ago, but the Witness is reporting it only now. Let’s read on:

In a list of questions and answers on the ADF website, the legal group said the old name “confused people more than it clarified what the ministry is and what it accomplishes.”

Yeah, that word “fund” suggests that they’re interested in money. But of course that’s never a consideration. One more excerpt:

“This new name helps communicate who we are, our priorities and how we go about achieving those priorities,” the website said.

Okay, let’s visit the re-designed ADF website. There, the opening paragraph says:

We’re pleased to announce that we’re changing our ministry name from Alliance Defense Fund to Alliance Defending Freedom. Our new name will better communicate what you already know we do . . . build alliances between Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations to accomplish what none of us can do alone: protect and defend YOUR religious freedom.

They straightforwardly state that they’re a ministry. Coppedge has the right allies. Below that they have “A message from Alan Sears,” the ADF president, who tells us:

By God’s amazing grace, an exciting new chapter in the 18-year history of this alliance-building legal ministry has begun! After prayerful deliberations and much research, we now have a new name …

They’re not just a ministry; they’re a legal ministry. We didn’t know there were such things.

Well, that’s all we’ve got here, dear reader. There’s still no decision in the Coppedge case. It’s gotta happen eventually.

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5 responses to “Alliance Defense Fund Changes Its Name

  1. Charley Horse

    Cochran managed to run ads successfully from the grave.

    These people seem to rely a lot on dead people for their
    inspiration, too. Praise Jesus!

    Speaking of Coppedge…think maybe somebody should
    drive past that judge’s home…just to see if any lights are on….
    pile of papers in the drive?

  2. I wonder if they’ll defend me if my freedom from religion is ever threatened?

  3. retiredsciguy

    From Alliance Defense Fund to Alliance Defending Freedom? How perfectly Orwellian!

    If they really wanted to be accurate, they should have changed the name to Alliance Defending Faith.

  4. Grand-standing (literally) on their bible, wrapped in the flag, why who could find fault with these folks? They drool with buzz words, freedom, flag, defense, faith, values…, theocracy is their goal. They need to start handing out barf bags.

  5. Does being a ministry provide some advantages in taxes compared to being a fund?