Creationist Wisdom #258: The Educator

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in The Advocate of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the title is It’s evolution that’s based on faith. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and some bold font for emphasis. As we usually do we’ll omit the writer’s name and city; but we’ll tell you this much — after his name it says: “educator.” Okay, here we go:

Many local papers carried an AP story decrying the fact that some charter schools would teach creationism and challenge evolution. God forbid! I mean Big Bang forbid!

Creationist sarcasm is always so clever. But that was just the start. The letter continues:

The critics always point to evolution as a “scientific fact” and argue that creationism is a religious theory. I beg to differ. You don’t have to be an MIT graduate to understand that the belief that nothing blew up and created a single-cell amoeba that over billions of years became a monkey then a man is not a scientific fact. It is not provable nor does it even follow the basic laws of science.

The educator then educates us about those basic laws of science:

The laws of physics teach us that the Earth and every thing in it are in a state of entropy (decline), not evolving upward.

Ah yes — the classic creationist mangling of the Second Law. He continues:

Secondly, the fossil record which would have millions of transitional fossils (half bird, half fish) as Darwin purported is completely bankrupt of any, much less a “missing link.”

Hey, he’s right — no one has ever found a fish-bird fossil! Here’s more:

I often ask people to look at anything in a room (table, clock, TV, stove) and tell me if there is any chance that thing just “happened.” The answer is always, “No, somebody made that.” Yet the professors of wisdom want us to believe that a tree or a human body that is a trillion times more complex just happened!

That’s a rather primitive presentation of William Paley’s pre-Darwin watchmaker analogy. Then he wraps it all up with a powerful bit of scripture:

The Bible sums it up in the book of Romans, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

Although the letter-writer is a self-described educator who says you’re a fool, don’t be insulted, dear reader. He lives in Louisiana.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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12 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #258: The Educator

  1. Hey, I live in Louisiana . . . and I would like to apologize. We thought we had boiled enough crawfish and rice, and turned on LSU sports, to keep the crazies occupied. But some do sneak away and get to the computer room.

  2. Is there something in those mud-bugs that is possibly targeting neurotransmitters?

  3. Lost cause. Next.

  4. What is this genius’ profession? Educator. Of course.

    Where do you find these gems, Curmudgeon?

  5. Diogenes asks: “Where do you find these gems, Curmudgeon?”

    I have a vast network of clandestine operatives who keep me informed.

  6. Well considering what Gov. Jindal has in store for education in Louisiana, all of us educators, good and bad are probably going to become an endangered species. Between continued cuts to higher education and trying to shift students from public schools to private (mostly church-affiliated) schools, the dumbing down of Louisiana is getting worse. Orwell (Ha Ha!)that’s what we get for living in LA LA Land (it’s not just California any more).

    P.S. Don’t think that there are teachers in church schools. You don’t have to be a certified teacher to “teach” in church schools. You don’t have to meet the same standards set by the state for public schools. Great isn’t it.

  7. I must also point out that this genius is dead wrong about how evolutionary theory says there should be a half bird, half fish.

    Evolutionary theory actually says a snake turned into a bird, according to the creationist Gabriel Rooster (in an Amazon hidden comment):

    The genius husband of Hallee the Homemaker has a lovely graphic, showing how a lizard turned into a bird.

    You see, evolutionary theory sez: the lizard’s front left and back left legs turned into the left AND RIGHT legs of the bird. And the lizard’s front right and back right legs turned into… a wing or something, not clear on that.

    Now that’s real evolution.

  8. Suppose someone were to rather forcibly point out that a Grand Master had made an error in a game and that, had they been playing instead, they would have won by by making a certain move, namely castling, Suppose also that this person boasted about their chess-playing credentials but was quite unaware that a player could not castle after having moved his king.

    Now suppose the person wants to ‘debate’ his ‘better’ move with someone else.

    Someone with little knowledge of chess may want the debate to take place with the grand master himself. Someone with ordinary knowledge of the rules would want to point out that the wannabe player is wrong. The grand master would probably just move on as if if he had not even heard the challenge.

    “The laws of physics teach us that the Earth and every thing in it are in a state of entropy (decline), not evolving upward.”

    Some would want a debate to settle the issue. Others would point out that the conclusion is erroneous. Someone who actually understands the subject would know instantly that the creationist has absolutely no understanding of the subject and any comment would be pointless.

    There are actually so many things wrong with the simple statement quoted that ‘not even wrong’ would be an appropriate way to describe it. Let us try anyway.

    ‘Laws of Physics’ – the writer is trying to intimidate us with Authority.

    ‘Teaches us’ – now he is really putting us in our place.

    ‘State of Entropy’ – entropy describes a state it is not ‘a state’.

    ‘(decline)’ – wrong!

    ‘evolving’ – an example of Morris etymology, entropy is supposed to mean in-turning and evolving is supposed to be the opposite, out-rolling.

    Taken all together it just shows that the writer is clueless.

  9. Diogenes, I hate you for sending me to that horrible site. Minutes of my life wasted.

  10. Eryops: You should suffer as I have suffered.

  11. …it just shows that the writer is clueless

    Perfect summation, but as the Wolf said to Red Riding Hood, “You could’ve just taken the shortcut.” 😉

    Is “Educator” raving about evolution or the Big Bang? Is he aware they are utterly different? Is he angry at physicists, biologists, paleontologists or watchmakers? He seems to be mad at the world in general. Perhaps he just needs a hug(e smack to the head).

  12. Evolution does take more faith. The question is more faith than what? 😉