Rev. David Rives: Extra-Terrestrial Life

Once again, dear reader, we present another video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries. The last time we brought you a David Rives video was Don’t Think. Believe!

This one is titled Extra-Terrestrial Life. Hey — there isn’t any! SETI has been a total failure. There’s nothing out there — nothing at all. Earth is unique. You would know this if you read your bible.

It requires less than two minutes to watch the whole thing, and it answers all your questions. You don’t want to miss this one!

Click on the video. Do it now!

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15 responses to “Rev. David Rives: Extra-Terrestrial Life

  1. Ceteris Paribus

    Plus, if you act now, he will throw in absolutely free of charge, or eternal theological obligation, this sneak preview bonus tract track from David Rive’s latest CD “Forever”!

    “The Evolution Song”

  2. I respectfully request the return of my two and a half minutes. And a replacement for the brain cells that I just lost watching that video.

  3. I wonder how much money he makes doing this sort of thing. It looks like it might be an easy way for a smart young man to generate a comfortable income without putting out too much effort.

  4. I figured out from last time that he puts the script in the description, takes about 30 seconds to read and you don’t have to take a hammer to the fingers after to calm yourself down….

    We’ve looked at the surface, we have taken a sprinkling of water in our hands, from this we can see that there is no life in the ocean.

  5. Yes SETI has failed to find life on other planets, therefore, it should be abandoned. And by that reasoning, the search for a cure for cancer should also be abandoned. Edison should have quit looking for a suitable filament material for an incadescent electric light after 100 tries or so, and neither Salk nor Sabin should have sought a way to prevent polio. Sound reasoning indeed.

    Just for grins I watched Rives’ video on the Geoligic Column. It’s a totally baseless attack on a fundamental idea of geology, which Rives waves away as being confusing circular reasoning. I think the applicable biblical quote for Rives is, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

  6. Rives claims that the “Heavens Declare The Glory of God”, yet he considers the heavens to be an infinite vastness hostile to humans and devoid of life. What glory is that? Seems rather wasteful and pointless to me.

  7. Realist1948: “Just for grins I watched Rives’ video on the Geologic Column. It’s a totally baseless attack on a fundamental idea of geology..”

    One in which many (most?) self-described creationists and nearly all self-described “design proponents” have no problem. Rives does make sure to acknowledge that too, right?

  8. Actually, I don’t think he ever said there was NO ET life, just that we haven’t found any and that the possibility for “human” life elsewhere was unlikely. He seemed to think that God sending his “only son” to our Earth was significant. It seems to me a rather poor God that would limit him/her/itself to only creating human life. Not to mention, why create such a large universe and only use one insignificant speck of it?

  9. Craig Shearer

    @Roger – yes, that’s always been a favourite objection of mine to creationism. Why did God create such a large universe when just our solar system would have done? Hell, why not just have Earth, the Moon and the Sun – what’s the purpose of any other stuff?

  10. Am I the only one who thinks Rives himself may be extraterrestrial life?

    I think Curm’s title for this post was a Freudian slip. Curm has intuited the truth about… the Rives.

    It would explain why the Rives doesn’t want us to know the truth about… his kind.

    And what were the space zombies called in “Firefly”? Think about it.

  11. Beyond the obvious I’d like to comment on his implicit jab that SETI has been a waste. SETI has had a shoe string budget and has had some notable spinoffs not the least of which is using idle computer time for internet connected computers as a sort of super computer. While I’m not a big fan of SETI (unless it were to reel in the big one) the technology to scan nearly a billion channels simultaneously could have some side benefits as well. As for finding life Kepler might be the better bet. Direct detection of planets (by the subtle effects on a star’s brightness) could eventually lead to direct inspection as well as detection of oxygen atmosphere which is only possible if life (or some equally exotic chemistry) creates it.

  12. Troy says: ” While I’m not a big fan of SETI (unless it were to reel in the big one) the technology to scan nearly a billion channels simultaneously could have some side benefits as well.”

    It would be surprising if there weren’t some rather obvious national security applications. It must be useful, at times, to be able to scan global communications.

  13. Craig Shearer: “Why did God create such a large universe when just our solar system would have done?”

    Simple. What looks like the hard way to us is not necessarily so to an almighty. I’m saying that not to defend anything anti-evolution activists do, but only to point out that that’s an easy question, for which they have well-rehearsed answers, thoroughly misleading, but good enough to keep fence-sitters on the fence, if not win them over.

    Remember that anti-evolution activists are a tag team. If they don’t agree with an answer that other activist gives, they rarely challenge it, but just remain silent. What the “creationists” – all “kinds” but especially the ID peddlers – really hate are the hard questions, not why God (or the unnamed designer) did X, but what He did, where, when and how. In fact there’s no need to even mention a Creator/designer, let alone the identity. Rather just ask how many years life has existed on Earth, and whether humans share common ancestors with other species. In the rare case you get a straight answer, just mention another “creationist” who disagrees and ask whether he/she challenged him directly.

    Make sure fence-sitters are present to observe the pathetic evasive games, otherwise those questions too will be a waste of time.

  14. Just realized that today is the 35th anniversary of SETI’s “Wow Signal.” Elvis left the building the next day. I’m still waiting to hear how Dembski’s filter explains that.

  15. techreseller

    When I am sitting in my chair, drool running down my lips as I stare uncomprehendingly at the screen, it will be from all the brain cells I have lost watching these Rives videos. But they are like watching a car wreck. You cringe yet cannot turn away.