Hurricane Isaac

For those who may not know, we have links to a ton of weather resources here: Hurricane Links, or you can always click on Hurricane Links below the name of this blog at the top of the home page.

The links aren’t storm-specific, so they won’t get outdated. They’re to official and unofficial information sources where you can easily locate the information you need about whatever storm may be of interest. That may be information overload, so try these specific links: our favorite source, and also National Weather Service. You’ll have to click on Isaac to see the track.

If you’re in the path, you should already know what to do, but don’t overlook some necessary things before you lose electric power: charge your cell phone, get cash from the bank while their ATM machines are still working, and gas up your car while the gas pumps are still functioning.

If the storm stays on track, late in the week we’ll probably make this a “sticky” post to keep it on top for a day or two. If we do that, our posts after this one will appear just below it.

Your Curmudgeon’s secret underground headquarters are in Florida, so it’s possible that we may lose power for a few days. But we’ll be back.

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12 responses to “Hurricane Isaac

  1. Charles Deetz ;)

    Perhaps God has figured out your secret headquarters and is sending His wrath to punishing you for doubting his six-day creation?

  2. No problem. I’m building an Ark.

  3. Pete Moulton

    Good plan, SC. I’m not sure underground headquarters will be the place to be should you take a hit from Isaac.

  4. retiredsciguy

    Secret underground headquarters in Florida? Well, that sure narrows it down! Not many places in the state where you can have anything more than a fire ant colony underground.

  5. No, God sends it to Florida to tell the Republican convention that they’re about to be flooded in the upcoming election.

  6. Charley Horse

    Kennedy had an underground bunker on Peanut Island.
    Later used by the CG as a smoking hideout. 🙂 Recently
    developed into park etc. Yuck
    Underground is not where I would want to be in Florida.
    Mixed emotions here as my grand kids all live in South Florida.
    Then there is Tampa……

  7. I can’t believe no one has mentioned that Ronda Storms, who is wrapping up her final term in the Florida Senate, represents the Tampa area. This would be an appropriate climax to her brilliant legislative career.

  8. Perhaps a Hurricane-O-Tron (TM) would be a good investment?

  9. Ironically, Isaac was the first name of the U.S. Weather Bureau forecaster who sounded the alarm as the Great Hurricane of 1900 approached Galveston, Texas in early September of that year. His full name was Isaac Cline.
    A great book about Isaac Cline and the Great Hurricane is Erik Larson’s
    “Isaac’s Storm”.

  10. Take care Curmie. I hope you have a good sump pump.

  11. retiredsciguy

    @waldteufel: Isaac Cline. Didn’t he have a sister, Iso? Her curves were all similar…

  12. Stay strong Curmudgeon. I can only assume this is God’s attempt to destroy the Republicans when they’re all in one place! Seriously, hoping it’s nothing more than a rainy day for you.