AIG: Our Geocentric Universe

We delight in bringing you the latest scientific information from creationist websites. This comes from Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of young-earth creationist wisdom. AIG is the online creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia.

AIG’s post is The Center of the Universe. They begin with a few quotes, which we’ll skip. Then they say, with bold font added by us and scripture references omitted:

Present astronomical knowledge recognizes no singular geometrical point in our universe—in accordance with evolutionary ideas. Consequently, there is no geometrical center and also no defined edge. No place in the universe has a special position.

Right (except for that zinger about “evolutionary ideas”) They’re talking about the cosmological principle, which Wikipedia describes as:

… the working assumption that observers on Earth do not occupy an unusual or privileged location within the universe as a whole, judged as observers of the physical phenomena produced by uniform and universal laws of physics.


The cosmological principle is consistent with the observed isotropy of: (i) the celestial distribution of radio galaxies, which are randomly distributed across the entire sky, (ii) the large scale spatial distribution of galaxies, which form a randomly tangled web of clusters and voids up to around 400 megaparsecs in width, (iii) the isotropic distribution of observed red shift in the spectra of distant galaxies, which implies a uniform expansion of space or Hubble flow in all directions, and (iv) the cosmic microwave background radiation, the relic radiation released by the expansion and cooling of the early universe, which is constant in all directions to within 1 part in 100,000.

But AIG doesn’t like that. Instead of the best thinking of today’s scientists, they offer us their timeless wisdom from 3,000 years ago:

However, the earth occupies the central position in the entire universe because of its God-given role, even though it may not be in the geometrical center.

Huh? What? Let’s read on:

The first astronomical object that God created was the earth; this clearly indicates its importance amongst all of the other stars and planets. The creation account gives a day by day report on the preparation of the earth as man’s dwelling place.

Not convinced yet? You will be. AIG continues:

God’s attention focuses on this planet: “”To the Lord your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it”” [scripture reference]. On this planet, He implemented most of His creative ideas, as the Psalmist cries out: “”. . . the earth is full of your creatures”” [scripture reference]. No other astronomical body is called God’s footstool [scripture references].

Persuasive, huh? Here’s more:

The clearest indication of the earth’s central position is that God’s own Son was sent here. Jesus Christ became a human being for our sake. He destroyed man’s sin exactly in that place where it had been introduced into the universe, namely the earth! The cross of salvation stood on Calvary and no other place in the cosmos.

Here’s the end of AIG’s essay:

These few cosmological considerations from the Bible clearly indicate that evolutionist ideas are completely foreign to Scripture.

So, dear reader, it all comes down to this: Who ya’ gonna believe — those fancy-pants cosmologists or ol’ Hambo’s website? Think carefully, because the decision you make will seal your fate for eternity.

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14 responses to “AIG: Our Geocentric Universe

  1. Charles Deetz ;)

    Are they taking essay submissions from home-schooled third graders again?

  2. well, I’m convinced!

    Seriously though, is there anyone out there that finds this stuff compelling?

  3. Oh, sure never mind that this planet revolves around the sun like every other planet in the solar system. This has got to be the most stupidest tripe AiG has ever gave out!

  4. AiG seems to have descended from stupidity to full frontal insanity.

  5. “God’s footstool” should be a thing.

  6. With all of the religious crap on this planet I would think that toilet might be a more accurate statement.

  7. Lewis Thomasonn

    I am crushed, my wife told me that I thought I was the center of the universe and I believe her over any old hambone.

  8. Seriously though, is there anyone out there that finds this stuff compelling?

    T2, you are joking, are you not? Something like 46% of Americans believe that man (and everything else) was created in his present condition, less than 10,000 years ago. It’s widespread lunacy like that keeps SC and legions of other sane and rational people in blog posts.

    I personally know hundreds of YECs (I’ve left a fundamentalist church) and maybe a small handful of people who know and accept the scientific facts about the earth and its history. That’s in person; my reading of books and blogs keeps me in touch with a large number of scientifically-oriented people.

  9. Doctor Stochastic

    A day by day account sans sol? Of course, Kepler’s laws do not hold in a geocentric system. Perhaps AIG is reading Genesis figuratively rather than in plain English.

  10. pastasauceror

    “God’s footstool”? I always wondered what that horrible smell was! 😀

  11. The whole truth

    “Jesus Christ became a human being for our sake. He destroyed man’s sin exactly in that place where it had been introduced into the universe, namely the earth!”

    If man’s sin was “destroyed” 2000 years ago then why do religious zombies constantly say that sin is still rampant and that everyone is a sinner that needs to be ‘saved’ by “Jesus”?

    And what’s that crap about “Jesus” becoming a human being? What was he before becoming a human being? A worm? Since he was allegedly birthed by a female human being, what else would he be but a human being? Hey, wait a minute, yhwh allegedly got the married virgin mary pregnant, and yhwh is allegedly not human (even though he allegedly made humans in his own image) so yhwh raped a married virgin female of a different species, got her pregnant, and the baby became a human (sort of) for a few decades so that he could destroy man’s sin, until he was killed, and then he became a walking dead zombie and after awhile he flew up into the sky to become reabsorbed into the sinful god that raped his human married virgin mother. Yep, it makes perfect sense, and it’s just gushing with morality too!

  12. Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute!!!

    I’M the center if the Universe!!!

    Old Hambo gots some splainin’ to do!!

  13. According to Dante, the center of the Earth is Hell.

  14. Jim Thomerson

    Some years ago, I read of an effort by astronomers to spur knowledge of astronomy. I was amused that they were presenting geocentirc astronomy. In a sense, observational astronomy has been geocentric because we could only make observations from earth. I’ve never been to a planetarium. Is geocentric astronomy presented in planetariums?