Hurricane Isaac #2

This is an update to our post from a couple of days ago. The tracking map above is the latest as of now — Sunday morning (11:00 AM, EST).

Use these specific links to stay updated: our favorite source, and also National Weather Service. You’ll have to click on Isaac to see the track.

At the moment it’s not even a Category One hurricane but it’s nasty anyway, and it’s expected to be Category One by the time it’s off the Tampa coast it gets to the Florida Keys. After it passes through the Keys on Monday morning Sunday — the worst of it will be along the Florida Gulf Coast, with relatively minimal problems for the Republican convention in Tampa.

We may stick this post on top for the weekend. If you like, use it as a Free Fire Zone.

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7 responses to “Hurricane Isaac #2

  1. retiredsciguy

    We lost a great man today. Neil Armstrong was 82.

  2. retiredsciguy says: “We lost a great man today.”

    The worst of it is that we’re not going back.

  3. Holding the line in FL

    Batten down the hatches! It could get ugly. Still, with enough “hurricanes” anything can be endured. I plan on whipping up a batch for a last day of clear weather party before we hunker down and wait.

    Yes, we did lose a great man today. We drank a toast to him and the moon. It is indeed sad that we will not go back. It takes a vision that we sadly lack today.

  4. retiredsciguy

    It’s true we are not going back to the moon, at least not the U.S., in the foreseeable future.

    Realistically, though, what would be gained? I would rather see our efforts directed more toward gaining as much knowledge as possible about the compositional and structural nature of comets and asteroids, as well as identifying all asteroids that pose a hazard to earth. We also need to establish a systematic method of detecting all comets as they approach the inner solar system. Even today, many comets are first discovered by amateur astronomers. Asteroid and comet collisions with earth are the likely cause of many, if not most, of the mass extinction events of the geologic past, and they are a dead certainty to happen again. The past foretells the future. We have learned much from paleontology; now it’s time to apply that knowledge.

    Of course, all this information will be of no use if we fail to develop the rocket technology that can deflect an incoming comet or asteroid. Asteroid deflection will be an easier mission because they follow known, or at least knowable, orbits, and are solid objects. Comets will be trickier for several reasons, not the least of which is that one could come out of nowhere with very short notice. Also, they might not be too tightly held together, making them more difficult to nudge into a different trajectory.

    We now have the means to detect an incoming hazard, and the technology to do something about it; therefore, we can prevent the next would-be mass extinction. It would certainly be the all-time greatest tragedy if political inaction prevents us from surviving.

  5. Holding the line in FL says: “Batten down the hatches! It could get ugly.”

    Sunday morning here. No problems so far. Not expecting any, but internet connections tend to be intermittent at times like this.

  6. Troglodyte “I know nothing”

    Yes, Niel Armstrong was a great person. He has now taken another great step for himself. RIP

    I shudder to mention the following but here goes.
    At least Niel Armstrong will now find rest from the “yec” that hounded him to swear on the Bible that he was on the moon.

    I see that John Smith the founder of the Mormon faith, and his followers, thought that there were people living on the moon. The newspapers played a large hoax on them credulous people. Now the Mormon apologists claim that it was the fault of science that caused them to expound their Mormon theory(belief) of men in the moon.

    The Mormons claim that there are beings living on all planets including our sun (in the cooler south regions). There are also beings on all other stars as well. Best we advise SETI? Oh, before I forget, NASA did not land on all parts of the moon, so the 1000 year old moon-men dressed as Quakers might still be there somewhere on the moon awaiting discovery and “saving”.
    Google Mormon moon men if you need a few moments of levity.

    The presidential candidate Mitt Romeny is a Mormon priest?
    What next?

  7. Tomato Addict

    >”The presidential candidate Mitt Romeny is a Mormon priest?”

    All Mormon men are priests (non-White men were allowed starting in the 1970’s). A typical Mormon church service has one man (sometimes family) give “testimony” on some rotating basis, rather than a single priest always giving the sermon.
    If a man achieves a high enough circle in the church, which generally consists of getting many people “sealed” to them, then after they die they graduate to being God of their own planet (along with those sealed to them). That’s part of the reason they put so much effort into genealogy and family trees – so they can retroactively baptize ancestors to take with them to the new planet.