Bill Nye Blasts Creationism

We usually don’t post about people who say that evolution is a good idea — creationists are so much more fun — but this one is all over the internet and it’s worth bringing to your attention.

It’s a video by Bill Nye the Science Guy, and it’s only two and a half minutes long.

CNN has an article about it: Bill Nye slams creationism. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

“Denial of evolution is unique to the United States,” Nye begins in a YouTube video posted on Thursday. The video quickly picked up steam over the weekend and as of Monday morning had been viewed more than 1,100,000 times.

Over a million views? Excellent! Let’s read on:

“The idea of deep time of billions of years explains so much of the world around us. If you try to ignore that, your worldview becomes crazy, untenable, itself inconsistent,” Nye said in the video.

Crazy worldview? Yes, we’ve noticed. One more excerpt:

In another couple centuries I’m sure that worldview won’t even exist. There’s no evidence for it. So…” Nye ends his video.

It’s always good to have a popular figure on the right side. Go ahead, take a look.

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34 responses to “Bill Nye Blasts Creationism

  1. While I definitely agree with what he was saying here I thought Bill was uncharacteristically awkward in this video. He’s usually more comfortable in front of the camera than this.

  2. Good video. I used to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy and Beakman’s World with my son.
    I think he’s being understandably awkward seeing that he’s trying to tell a large group of people that they are stupid, without saying they are stupid. Carl Sagan was a little smoother with the same topic in the Cosmos series, but he may have had more practice.

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    I think his point about the personal situation of being a creationist becoming overly complex is what people needed to hear, I hope it sinks in.

    Why, oh why do creationists need to keep saying goddidit, without a bible passage to prove it. Water canopy … goddidit. Layers of sediment and fossils … goddidit. Light from stars … goddidit. Really? Its one thing to refer to the bible, but when you need to keep making stuff up that isn’t in the bible, don’t you feel a bit silly?

  4. Sadly I was even less impressed than Reinard. Why, Bill, why? Why did you use the phrase “believe in evolution”? Why did you refer to “deep time” as if every evolution-denier denies that too? You know only ~1/2 of them do, and that the “big tent” scam artists react to the “when” questions with “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

    I realize that that was not the time or place to call it a scam, but at least make the deniers aware that other deniers have radical disagreements with them, and that that’s what happens when there’s no evidence to support any of the mutually contradictory positions.

  5. Charles Deetz: “Its one thing to refer to the bible, but when you need to keep making stuff up that isn’t in the bible, don’t you feel a bit silly?”

    Especially when a second evolution denier makes up stuff that contradicts what the first one made up. Then again, the ones possessed by Morton’s Demon are incapable of feelin silly. The scam artists are, but they’re on a mission, so it’s a small price to pay.

  6. @Reinard

    To me that just makes the video more genuine. He isn’t speaking from a script but as himself.

  7. I can’t wait for the response from the Wedgies!!

  8. I was really disappointed. Maybe he did it off the cuff, and maybe he’s the kind of science guy that needs to compose things. As a member of the Planetary Society (Bill Nye is currently the president) I see his essays and they always have such a great angle and use excellent and inspired thought processes to arrive at some kind of intuitive and ah ha moment in science. There is none of that here. My mother is a creationist. Not like it is a big deal to her but she isn’t interested in science and spends more time with church people than in science circles. There is your audience Bill. Your challenge is in 2-1/2 minutes throw her a bone that makes her think. Hit the Achilles heel of her world view and bring the whole thing down. He lays it out but never connects the dots.

  9. Charles Deetz ;)

    @Frank, so it’s like keeping track of your lies, but also everyone else who is lying. Maybe if there was a cheat sheet to keep their lies straight ( like Arguments Creationists Should Avoid).

  10. You all need to go out and find that graphic that shows China’s investment in Africa. And it’s not missionaries. It’s infrastructure, power plants, mining and so forth. They will kill us economically because they, the Chinese, are doing real things and we are gazing at our navels. Simple.

    We have lost.

  11. Jim Thomerson

    The comment that evolution denial is unique to the United States is, of course, incorrect. It is wide spread.

  12. I probably won’t make a separate post about it, but Casey has just posted his criticism of Bill Nye.

  13. Yep, and while we are dicking around with creationism we are getting eaten up economically by the rest of the world. The stupid burns!

  14. retiredsciguy

    @Doc Bill: And China’s investment in Africa is using money obtained in trade with the US.

  15. retiredsciguy

    Doc Bill: “Yep, and while we are dicking around with creationism we are getting eaten up economically by the rest of the world.”

    Aha! Creationism is a Communist plot!

  16. retiredsciguy

    This from Casey Luskin’s post: “Nye’s most recent comments are noteworthy because he articulates the intolerant position of many evolutionists towards skeptics.”

    Casey, perhaps that’s because many of us “evolutionists” are educators, and by nature we are intolerant of willful ignorance. By denying evolution, you are not being skeptical; you are willfully ignoring the evidence supporting evolution that has been amassed by hundreds of thousands of researchers in so many different areas of science — botany, zoology, entomology, biochemistry, genetics, paleontology — in fact, all facets of biology, not to mention the sciences involved in determining dates, such as nuclear physics. Are you saying that ALL these scientists are mistaken or are being deliberately misleading?

    It’s much more logical, Casey, to believe that you are the one who is being deliberately misleading. You, and your co-conspirators at the Discovery Institute. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your misrepresentations of the nature of reality are hurting our nation. If you can’t see that, you are a blind fool.

  17. Casey’s last line: “Perhaps Bill Nye has some catching up to do, both in his scientific understanding of evolution, and his commitment to liberal values like freedom of speech, freedom of inquiry, and parental rights.”

    Sorry Casey, it is YOU who has some catching up to do; and who are you and the DI to lecture others on “freedom of speech” and “freedom of inquiry” when you don’t even have the courage to allow comments on your blog.

  18. @ Charles Deetz:

    That list is not nearly good enough to keep track of their lies. As you know, it’s from AiG, a YEC group, whose arguments that they do encourage are criticized by OEC groups like RtB. What you need is a super scam outfit like the DI, that quietly discourages any testable detail about the alternative “theory” and sticks to promoting unreasonable doubt, and fear, of evolution.

    The anti-evolution movement is such a hopeless mess of lack of convergence of evidence, and fatal contradictions even when using the scientific no-nos of playing favorites evidence, interpretations and definitions, that I’m convinced that, even if the Biblical groups won the court battles of the ‘80s, by now we’d still have a DI with its “don’t ask, don’t tell what happened when” policy. The only difference is that they might be more open about the designer’s identity. I’m also convinced that there would still be that trend of less “evolution is weak” and more “evolution is the root of all evil.” Godwin’s Law is their last refuge, and they have arrived.

  19. Luskin’s response is every bit as risible as I could hope, he really is my all-time favourite Discoveroid.

    And, on the principle that the Discovery Institute is engaged in neither science nor education, but really exists as a grand source of surreal entertainment, I have started work on a full-blown Broadway musical to celebrate their hijinks, working title, My Fair Casey. Any Creationist theatrical investment angels with money burning a hole in your pocket, see me afterwards — and watch this space…

  20. Troy: “My mother is a creationist. Not like it is a big deal to her but she isn’t interested in science and spends more time with church people than in science circles. There is your audience Bill.”

    Thanks! The great majority of evolution-deniers are not like the activists, who repeat 100s of long-refuted “scientific” arguments against evolution, but rather like your mother, religious, and with no interest in science. They learn about evolution through misleading sound bites “designed” to promote denial.

    You don’t mention what “kind” of creationist your mother is, but I suspect that she is, or could easily be, an Omphalos creationist. I knew someone like that, who chose to believe a comforting origins story, but admitted that evidence probably didn’t support the “whats and whens.” It may take some time, but if you patiently tell her about devout Christians like Ken Miller and Francis Collins who defend evolution, and contrast them with paranoid snake oil peddlers like the DI gang, she may admit who is really bearing false witness.

  21. megalonyx says: “on the principle that the Discovery Institute is engaged in neither science nor education, but really exists as a grand source of surreal entertainment”

    They are a veritable ship of fools.

  22. Creationism leads to Communism! Both brought to you by the letter “C.”

  23. noapologieshere

    i need to clarify something that is overlooked.
    you cannot be a creationist and not believe in evolution.

  24. Here you go, the story on Africa from the BBC.

    Sad, but true, commentary that I got a better variety of world news traveling in Europe that I get here, that is, if I only consider domestic sources.

    We’re consumed about prayer in school while the Chinese are teaching calculus in kindergarden**. Closing the education gap will take decades and we don’t even recognize it as a problem yet because low test scores, unfortunately, do not cause the price of gasoline to go up. Or, do they …

    **I made that last part up for dramatic effect.

  25. “Denial of evolution is unique to the United States,” it’s not really but it is just one more sign of American Exceptionalism.

  26. A happy relic of my youth. Is it just me, or is Bill starting to look more and more like Lincoln.

  27. Erik John Bertel says: “just one more sign of American Exceptionalism.”

    Actually, that’s true. Every country has idiots, and we’re no different. But Americans are raised to think that each individual is special, so our idiots imagine that they know better than 150 years of science.

  28. retiredsciguy

    NeonNoodle observes, “Is it just me, or is Bill starting to look more and more like Lincoln?”

    Yes! Yes! Especially the 3/4 view from his left side. He could easily start a new career doing Lincoln.

  29. It is truly comforting to see that Bill Nye, as a degreed mechanical engineer like myself, accepts evolution. Well, at least there are two of us!

    Fantastic blog Curmy. My first time commenting, but I’ve been following along for quite awhile now. Keep up the great work.

  30. Hi S.C. & Contribs, I’ve been following your blog for the last while and thought introduce myself before posting. WM 49yo Radiographer from southern Alberta. It’s always a pleasure to find a thinking community amongst the wasteland of the blogosphere.

    Don’t feel alone, the idiot count in Canada is rising at disheartening rate. Our newspapers and online content are rapidly filling with similar rhetoric to the “convinced beyond reason” crowd. On a lighter note, the new hero of the far right, D.Coppedge, felt the need to spew some meaningless drivel concerning Bill Nye’s anti-creationism video.

  31. SnowLeopard and Dean: Welcome aboard.

  32. Dean, I live right next door so I know exactly what you mean.

  33. I don’t argue with creationists because the debate invariably degenerates into “it’s magic”. What logical argument can you give to someone who doesn’t value logic, reason, or proof? It’s an exercise in futility. Willful ignorance can’t be fought by any of those things. Simply ignoring it is, at best, dangerous.

    There are those who are so conditioned by these beliefs, that they would cheerfully commit the most horrible atrocities, doing so as casually as if they would if they were filling out tax forms.

    Seventeen people were beheaded recently, by Taliban insurgents. Their crime? Dancing. At a party. The same kind of thing could happen here if our version of the Taliban ever gains control of government. Their hearts harbor the same casual disregard for those they see, for whatever reason (and there are many), as inferior.

  34. Michael Powers: ”I don’t argue with creationists because the debate invariably degenerates into ‘it’s magic’. What logical argument can you give to someone who doesn’t value logic, reason, or proof?”

    I don’t argue with “creationists” either, be they evolution-deniers on-the-street or anti-evolution activists. Rather I ask them questions about their alternate “theory.” They may believe that what happened was magic, but they also have some opinion of where and when those “blessed events” occurred. And that’s where the fun begins. In some cases I got them to admit that the “magic” is still occurring, which means that they undermine their own case against evolution – which depends on pretending that the magic happened long ago and far.

    Deniers on-the-street often admit to some YEC or OEC story, but if you ask enough questions they’ll start retreating into some form of Omphalism, and sometimes concede evolution. In each case they will reluctantly concede that they evidence supports evolution “or something like it.” And does not support anything remotely like one of the mutually contradictory literal interpretations of Genesis.

    The activists are even more fun. Other than a tiny minority like Ken Ham, they all seem to know that YEC – heliocentric as well as geocentric versions – is as much nonsense as flat-earthism (which still has a few die-hard supporters). But they’ll throw out whatever they think will “stick” to the audience at hand. While that means the occasional YE argument, mostly these days their obsession is with “problems” with “Darwinism.” And those problems are more than ever about “implications of acceptance” than “lack of evidence.” Anti-evolution activists also seem to be more aware than ever that their “Darwinism” is but a false caricature of evolution. So I never, ever make the common “evolutionist” mistake of assuming that any of them believe YEC. Rather I ask them plenty of questions that real YECs and OECs would have no problem answering. But most of today’s scam artists know better than to make testable statements that they know they can’t support. Of course this works best when an audience is present to witness the pathetic evasion. Roughly half of the public is neither committed to science or science denial, but still has many misconceptions, so it’s very easy to find a good audience.