Dr. Pepper Evolution Ad Causes Fury

Dr. Pepper Advertisement

The madness seems to be increasing, if that’s possible. We found this at the website of the CBS television station in Houston: Creationists Slam Dr. Pepper’s ‘Evolution Of Flavor’ Ad. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Marketing masterminds behind the latest Dr. Pepper advertisement may have had the best of intentions in mind, and perhaps hoped to elicit a few laughs when they posted a picture of the ad on the soft drink’s Facebook fan page Thursday night.

But they overlooked one thing — creationists don’t have a sense of humor. That requires intelligence. The article continues:

What the image – which bore the caption “Evolution Of Flavor” and featured a human evolving from monkey to man after tasting Dr. Pepper – instead inspired a backlash from the creationist community.

The Dr. Pepper people should have known better. Let’s read on:

As of Friday morning, the photo had garnered over 3,500 comments, and was shared nearly 2,400 times, due in large part to the controversy created by its imagery. Though many took a jocular approach in their contributions to the ongoing conversation, others were far more serious – and seriously offended.

It’s not very difficult to offend a creationist. Here are some examples of the Facebook comments:

“I love Dr. Pepper but hate this photo,” one Facebook user against the ad was quoted as saying. “Forget evolution … Jesus all the way!

Well, there goes my support for this company,” another reportedly added. A third religious commenter referred to evolution as “just a theory.”

We don’t have a Facebook account, so we can’t go there to see the comments, but the article gives a few more examples. Here’s one by someone who seems to have a brain:

I find it mildly hilarious that this ad has caused such a storm on both sides of the fence,” one woman said. “It’s soda, people!

So there you are. In all likelihood, we’ll never see any more references to evolution in any product’s advertizing. It’s much safer to use only acceptable themes — like sex.

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23 responses to “Dr. Pepper Evolution Ad Causes Fury

  1. I rather liked the response on how Dr Pepper affects creationists.

  2. Obviously the Pre-Peppers are speaking their minds(?).

  3. BTW, Trudeau ran his Doonesbury strip today repeating the Louisiana take on creationism. I don’t know how many papers in LA chose to publish it.

  4. That Doonesbury strip is good.

  5. This would be hilarious — except for my lingering suspicion that the righteous indignation on display from some religious quarters here differs merely in degree from that of the various rioters currently on the rampage in the Middle East over an absurd film.

    It is worth remembering just how voluminious is the ‘Big Tent’ of Creationism — and how murderous many such campers therein can be.

  6. Creationists absolutely have zero sense of humor. Besides, don’t they know that “evolution of flavor” is only a theory?

  7. Megalonyx: “It is worth remembering just how voluminous is the ‘Big Tent’ of Creationism.”

    Specifically, it’s important to alert the ~1/2 of adult Americans with “one foot in the tent” as to how radical committed evolution-deniers can be. As a first step, if we must use the word “creationists” to describe the most radical factions of Christians and Muslims (& the occasional Jew like Klinghoffer), we better find another word to describe the ones whose only sin is mindlessly repeating misleading sound bites like “I hear evolution has gaps.” Otherwise we might as well go home and admit defeat.

  8. Ceteris Paribus

    @Frank J:
    The word you are possibly looking for is “theocrat”.

    And they represent a greater threat to our secular governance than the mere creationists who may be happy just to get public funding for their parochial indoctrination centers charter schools.

  9. Ed says:

    Besides, don’t they know that “evolution of flavor” is only a theory?

    Beep — wrong answer! Lake of Fire for you! Flavor was created during the first six days, and it had a stateroom on the Ark. There was no evolution of flavor!

  10. Isn’t it obvious? The *Intelligent Designer* _MUST_ be – *Dr Pepper* !

  11. Dutch concludes:

    The *Intelligent Designer* MUST be – *Dr Pepper* !


    I think we need to come clean here and confess that the Creationists have, once again, exposed the dark workings of the secret Darwintern. The soft drink in question here is a front, it’s proper name is “Dr. Peppered Moth”

  12. Even more embarrassing than getting caught out by the Creationists is, of course, writing “it’s” for “its” in the above post… Mea culpa

  13. A common response I’ve been seeing goes along the lines of “If your faith is threatened by a can of pop, you might want to rethink your faith…”

    I thought that was pretty funny 😛

  14. Megalonyx says:

    The soft drink in question here is a front, it’s proper name is “Dr. Peppered Moth”

    [**Groan**] For that, I’m leaving your apostrophe where you put it.

  15. @Ceteris Paribus:

    “Theocrat” would be a good catch-all word for the militant activists, as long as we still distinguish the ones that would blow us up from the ones who just annoy us to death. But what I’m looking for here is a word for those who are just scammed. As I was years ago. Making matters even worse, and rendering the word “creationist(s)” worse than useless, is the fact that many staunch opponents of the anti-evolution movement call themselves “creationists,” just because they happen to believe in a Creator.

  16. You may well groan, Curmy, but I think the Creationists have indeed uncovered a sinsiter conspiracy every bit as terrifying as the encrypted Satanic logo Proctor & Gamble were obliged to change.

    Anyone else here recall the old Dr. Pepper logo, with the seemingly innocuous numbers “10 2 6”? (here’s a link for the young and the forgetful: http://luckypuppy.net/?p=2171)

    It can’t be by chance that these numbers conceal a dark meaning, to wit:

    10 – 4 = 6
    2 + 4 = 6
    ((10 + 4 + 2) / 4)) + 2 = 6

    Once this information goes viral, they’ll have to change the name altogether. Could be some serious money to be made with CreationCola — the world’s first Intelligently Designed Soft Drink, with no added Junk DNA…

  17. I am giving up typing today altogether: the numbers should have been 10 2 4.

    I’ll slink away quietly now…

  18. Megalonyx says: “I’ll slink away quietly now…”

    No need for that. Your comments are evolving. Perfectly all right.

  19. I still like the Guinness ad from a few years back featuring Sammy Davis Jr. singing the Rhythm of Life from Sweet Charity…

    It’s on YouTube.

  20. @LC:
    It’s probably in the top 5 greatest television ads of all time:

    Before there was Guinness, lower mammalian bipeds had to content themselves with Red Rose Tea:

  21. NeonNoodle: This is the all-time best commercial:

  22. Waco Tx and Baylor University are areas where
    Dr Pepper is apparently consumed in
    great quantities for some reason Perhaps
    the good Dr came up with his concoction
    in that area. Baylor U supported Dembski
    for awhile until he left under faculty duress.
    Therefore, I postulate the Pepper reaction
    may be effected by the support of people of
    that persuasion. Yes the current SBOE
    chair graduated from this illustrious institution.
    Q: do they serve Dr Pepper at Chick-Fil-A?
    I’m thinking the answer is yes

  23. @NeonNoodle:

    A few months ago I thought of checking YouTube for the Red Rose Tea commercial that I hadn’t seen in ~45 years. Sure enough, it was there!