Kansas Creationism: Jack Wu Update

We first encountered this guy here: Meet Jack Wu. He’s running for a seat on the Kansas Board of Education, which has traditionally been a hotbed of creationism. Since then we haven’t seen much news about him, but look what we found today:

In the Kansas City Star of Kansas City, Missouri we read Westboro attendee seeks seat on Kansas education board. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Jack Wu isn’t shy about his beliefs. Topeka is evil. Harry Potter promotes witchcraft. Christmas trees are pagan idols. Cancer is a judgment from God. And the teaching of evolution should be rooted out of Kansas schools because it’s a satanic lie.

We knew that before. It’s mainstream Kansas stuff. Here’s his campaign website: Jack Wu for Kansas State Board of Education. One of our far-flung network of secret operatives, code-name “Yankee Girl,” informed us of this trove of information posted at the Topeka Capitol Journal: voters guide — Jack Wu. This is just a small sample of what awaits you there:

Community involvement: Picketing with the Westboro Baptist Church against the sins of this land.

Why are you running? To oppose the teaching of evolution in public schools and to offer the voters an alternative to a pro-evolution incumbent. To instruct children with truth so that they may depart from evil and falsehood.

What cost-saving measures do you advocate? Evolution is like a deadly and vile disease, so it would be a cost-saving measure to get rid of the disease spreaders.

Let’s return to the Kansas City Star:

Wu is seeking to defeat first-term Democrat Carolyn Campbell of Topeka in an admittedly uphill battle for the 4th District seat on the state school board. Uphill because he only received $5 in contributions through July, the most recent reporting period.

No problem. He’s a Republican, and in Kansas that’s a big advantage on election day. The Kansas City Star continues:

Wu’s campaign, small as it is, comes at a time when the state school board is expected to consider new science standards, raising the prospect of revisiting the evolution debate that consumed the board in 1999 and again in 2005 — an issue about which Wu has strong views.

“Strong views”? One could put it like that. Here’s more:

Yet the 29-year-old Wu says it’s better to be loved by God and live in heaven than be loved by man and rot in hell.


“The Bible says if you’re hated by other people for taking a stance that’s not popular, it’s like a sign you’re chosen by God, almost,” added Wu, who describes himself as a reality television fan who works as a self-employed computer programmer and designer of video games.

But what about those new science standards the Board is considering? The news story says:

If the proposed science standards came before the board today, the vote would likely be 7 to 3 in favor, political observers believe. However, the standards won’t be complete until after the Nov. 6 school board election, when five seats will be on the ballot, including the race pitting Wu against Campbell, who favors teaching evolution.

That’s what makes this election so interesting — at least to us. We need Wu on the Board so we can have some good material for our humble blog. Here’s one more excerpt from the end:

Wu is well aware of the attention his latest candidacy has attracted and expects people to scoff at his beliefs. But he said his candidacy is not about being part of the political mainstream. “If you’re mainstream, you’re going to hell,” he said.

We think Wu would be perfect — especially since Kathy Martin won’t be running any more. We’ll miss her, but with Wu on the board, we’ll have plenty to write about. Go, Wu!

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14 responses to “Kansas Creationism: Jack Wu Update

  1. This guy has just got to be doing a Poe, surely!?

  2. Charles Deetz ;)

    Why is he singling out evolution? Why not advocate the teaching of the Bible in schools. If you are going to go against the mainstream, why not rock it out a bit.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Wu could grant Herman Cummings his longed for debate?

  4. I will say one thing for him; I wish more politicians were so honest and up front about their views and priorities. IMO, deception and prevarication (by candidates towards voters) corrupts the whole democratic system. This is not a single-party rant; pretty much most of the national-level politicians will, at least some of the time, seek to gain the votes of some constituency by hiding or misrepresenting their political priorities (to that constituency).

  5. It might be me, but Mr. Wu seems to be bat crap crazy. Unfortunately sanity is not a requirement for political office.

  6. Charley Horse

    I think it is good for the Kansas homophobic and antiscience
    Retalibans to see who is actually in bed with them. When they look in
    the mirror and see Wu it might just have a good effect.

  7. Wow — a reality-TV fan and self-employed video game designer. Those are his qualifications to “instruct children with truth” on the Kansas Board of Education? Add to that impressive resume the fact that he believes (apparently, he’s not quoted) cancer is a “judgment from God.” When life imitates a Saturday Night Live sketch or something out of National Lampoon, satire has no meaning. (If the cancer bit is true, that alone should suffice to defeat him. Too many people have lost loved ones for that to not have a backlash of justifiable anger and disgust.)

  8. Trouble is, a lot of Republicans will simply check the box for the Republican ticket without knowing much if anything about Wu. Down here in Texas voting a straight ticket seems to be the norm, and I suspect it’s that way in Kansas too.

  9. This is a guy that proudly pickets along side the WBC, and it doesn’t get much worse than that. Every literate voter in Kansas will vote for someone else.

  10. Cheryl Shepherd-Adams

    What Ed said, which is why it’s critical for voters in that area to know the details of Wu’s background, interests, and motivation.

  11. It’s an amazement that the Republican Party actually let Wu run under their banner. Perhaps in Kansas the party has no say in the matter, although that would be hard to believe. Surely they must realize that anyone claiming affiliation with the Westboro Baptist Church is anathema to 99% of the population in any state, even Kansas. Most Republicans are strong supporters of the armed forces, and WBC pickets military funerals, carrying signs proclaiming that, since the military allows gays to serve, the soldier deserved to die “because God hates queers”.

    At any rate, Wu has an appropriate name, given his beliefs. And Megalonyx, this guy’s for real. No Poe. Not only is Wu a nutcase, so is the Westboro Baptist’s preacher and his entire family, which, along with Wu, makes up most of the congregation.

  12. Frankly, I’d like some actual quotes from him saying cancer is a judgment from God.

    But retiredsciguy makes a good point: can’t the Republican party just boot him off, and say, hey, you can’t use the name of our party?

    I mean come on– the Westboro people picket the funerals of US military personnel. How could the Republicans tolerate that?

  13. It matters not to me, yet I think it’s pretty ironic that a young gay man from San Francisco a few years ago is now a member of WBC. I am completely flummoxed by the whole thing. Wtf?

  14. @ retiredsciguy: thanks for confirmation Wu is no Poe.

    But you can, I hope, understand my previous presumption on this one!