Creationist Wisdom #273: Canada & Bill Nye

Today we have a Canadian reaction to the well-known viral video in which Bill Nye Blasts Creationism.

This letter-to-the-editor appears in the Sarnia Observer of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The letter is titled The evolving creationist argument. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and some bold font for emphasis. As we usually do, we’ll omit the writer’s name and city. Okay, here we go:

Sir: Have you seen the new video put out by Bill Nye “The Science Guy?” No? Allow me to fill you in since many easily influenced teenagers who spend hours online every day have already been polluted by it.

Polluted! And that was just the beginning. It gets better:

Essentially Nye had a stern warning for us ‘Creationists’ — a dire prediction that if we didn’t stop teaching our children they were specially created by God and rather allow the atheists to indoctrinate our children into the religious tenet of evolution — the engine which drives modern atheism — then the little darlings won’t grow up to be the engineers we will need in the future.

Nye’s video doesn’t even come close to advocating atheism, but you already know that. Let’s read on:

Did you happen to catch the non sequitur? No? Answer me this: What does becoming an engineer have to do with believing you are an animal? Absolutely nothing!

Hey — good point! Any life-form can be an engineer; and humans aren’t animals — at least not in Canada. The letter continues:

In fact, Mr. Nye used to work at Boeing and trust me, we can all thank God he didn’t use evolution techniques to engineer airplanes. Imagine sending a tornado through a yard full of airplane parts and expecting a perfectly good airplane to result.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! He’s referring to Hoyle’s fallacy as an actual description of “evolution techniques.” We love this letter! Here’s more:

Last week a study was released by Encode and written about in no less than 30 secular science rags which drove yet another nail in the evolution coffin which is rapidly running out of room for nails.

Lordy, lordy — the letter-writer thinks the junk DNA issue is fatal to evolution! In truth it’s irrelevant, but he’s not alone in his confusion. See ICR Goes Ape Over the ENCODE Research.

The final paragraph is a raving mad peroration, and you can easily picture the letter-writer’s flaming red face, the foam on his lips, and hear his high-pitched, shrieking tone. We’ll skip the digs against local politicians who mean nothing to us, but the rest is the purist and most overwrought creationist rant we’ve encountered yet. Brace yourself, because here it comes:

It’s time to give our children the truth, the scientific truth, and allow them to fulfill their God-given purpose. It’s time for Sarnia to become a purpose-driven city and jettison the atheist myth of evolution. … It’s time for Sarnia to really take a stand for its kids and take them back from the atheists, because the atheists are wrong

Yes, it’s time. And it’s also time for the letter-writer to calm down before he explodes. He’s frightening the walruses.

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14 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #273: Canada & Bill Nye

  1. The paper should allow comments on this article to allow the bigot to be corrected. Considering his biggest complaint about evolution is that some atheists like it.

    You know what I hear that some Atheists like Chocolate and puppies as well.

  2. What can I say? Those crazies are all over the place up here. They’re feeling very empowered these days for one simple reason, our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is an evangelical Christian. The sect he belongs to is the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. This is a Dominionist sect that believes we are in the “end times.” As such, they believing Jesus is returning soon and will make everything right, which explains Canada’s dismal record on climate change. Also, we have progressive legislation concerning abortion and same sex marriage. Now that Harper has a majority in Parliament we liberals expect him to revisit those issues even though during the last campaign he promised not to. Where I live, Ontario, there has already been battles, between fundamentalist Christians and progressives, about teaching kids about homosexuality. They keep pushing and never stop and some idiot politician will bend to their intolerant demands. I never thought I’d see the day when this would happen, but it is. Depressing.

  3. Anonymous reports

    I hear that some Atheists like Chocolate and puppies as well

    Well, yes, chocolate puppies do make a fine amuse bouche for a true God-denying Darwinist about to chow down on a main course of Kentucky-Fried Infants, or perhaps Grandparent Ragout.

  4. What does being somebody who writes to newspapers have to do with believing you are an animal?

    Absolutely nothing.

    The mentality of people who refuse to accept that we are animals, let alone apes, astounds me

  5. SC, you should have contests where you take one line out of creationist articles, and we compete to see who can come up with the best comeback. For example:

    Answer me this: What does becoming an engineer have to do with believing you are an animal?

    Uh, if you think you’re a plant, I don’t want you designing my airplane.

  6. we can all thank God he didn’t use evolution techniques to engineer airplanes.

    Uh, you all know evolutionary algorithms were used to design complicated jet turbines, right? Like here, and here, and here, and here, and an accessible summary at TalkOrigins.

  7. SC: for the letter, linky no worky.

  8. I think it’s safe to say Boeing has evolved it’s entire infrastructure numerous times in the past and will continue to as need or innovation presents itself.

    Coming from one of the long standing seats of conservativism in Canada, I’m not surprised at deception being a common practice in Harper’s government. With the current attempts to “revisit” progressive abortion legislation failing despite a campaign of blatantly deceptive mis-information, the anti-choice groups are lashing out at moderates in terms that can only be described as an adolescent tantrum. I suspect the new anti-choice rallying cry will be “comments disabled”.

  9. It occurs to me that if you look at the history of airplanes, you see a nice analogy to evolution. The first efforts at heavier than air flight were unsuccessful, but over time people tried different ideas, some of which were a little worse at crashing than others. Eventually the Wright brothers came along and put together the right combination of parts to build an airplane that failed to crash most of the time. Within a few years they were hardly crashing at all.
    Once this new niche was discovered the evolution of airplanes really took off, developing new varieties for different environments and tasks, an explosion of development. In a very short time, just 65 years, we went from the first Wright brothers flyer to the first 747.

    But if you take this image and replace airplanes with primates, suddenly it’s a problem? (

  10. Tomato Addict can now be nominated for a Nobel prize as it appears he has discovered Avilution!

  11. Diogenes said:

    linky no worky.

    Noticed that, too. I did some clicking around and I believe the reason that the “linky no worky” is that the “pagey no longer there-y”. I guess someone (intentionally? accidentally?) deleted the page.
    Perhaps its a sign. Perhaps God was unhappy with such vexatious logic and smote it.
    One can always hope…

  12. Dean, “need for innovation,” no?

  13. Some innovation comes during critical moments, some from less dramatic circumstances. Either way works for me.

  14. @Dean: I’ll watch for it in my mailbox. 😉