Ten-Eleven-Twelve Day

We interrupt this blog to bring you an announcement of cosmic significance.

In case you haven’t yet noticed, the date today is October 11, 2012. Written numerically, that’s 10-11-12. The date consists of three consecutive numbers! For our friends who don’t live in the US, the customary manner of writing dates is day-month-year. We use that convention too, but we never do it numerically because it’s too confusing. Anyway, outside the US today is 11-10-12. That sequence doesn’t impress anyone, which is probably why dates such as this are generally ignored. Well, we won’t ignore it!

We have previously brought you news of other numerically-important dates, for example: Triple Eleven Day, and before that Get Ready for Triple Ten Day: 10-10-10, and before that Happy “Square Root Day”, and before that Pi Day is Coming!, and there may have been a few others that we can’t recall at the moment. But, probably because of the aforementioned regional confusion, we’ve never marked a date consisting of consecutive numbers — until today.

A date like this can’t be written with the first nine years in a century, because there’s a zero in such years. In every century, consecutive number dates can only occur in the double-digit years. In US style, such dates start with August 9, ’10 and end with December 13, ’14. That’s right — there are only five such dates per century, and we missed the first two. This is the third. When they’re gone, there won’t be any more in your lifetime.

There will also be one more triple-number date coming up, on December 12. After that, you won’t live long enough to see any more of those either.

Now that you know what a special day this is, enjoy it. And remember, this important news was brought to you by your Curmudgeon.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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10 responses to “Ten-Eleven-Twelve Day

  1. Maybe by the next cosmically significant date the judge will rule on Coppedge.

  2. Only in the US, where the month is written first, is this significant. Elsewhere in the world (where people write in the logical day / month / year or short / longer / longest), this significant date will be recognized next month.
    I say we party today AND next month. WHOOOOOOOO!

  3. Gary says: “Only in the US, where the month is written first, is this significant.”

    A Google search indicates that I’m virtually alone in noting this event.

  4. Doctor Stochastic

    Well, in 2007, I was in St Petersburg on July 7. It was very hot for St Pete’s. There were lots of weddings. It appeared that the dress du jour was a wedding gown.

  5. Doctor Stochastic says: “Well, in 2007 … on July 7.”

    Things were really wild on June 6 of the previous year.

  6. Ceteris Paribus

    10-11-12 seems to involve some kind of biblical time travel prophecy.

    The 10th chapter of the old testament is 2 Samuel. It is strange enough that Samuel ran out of pages in his spiral notebook and had to go start a second volume to get it all written down, but that’s part of the mystery of biblical prophecy.

    So, anyway, 2 Samuel, Chapter 11 Verse 12 says (KJV of course):
    “12 Then David said to him, “Stay here one more day, and tomorrow I will send you back.” So Uriah remained in Jerusalem that day and the next.”

    Woo. Stay one more day (i.e. 10-12-12) in Jerusalem, and then and they send you back to yesterday (i.e. 10-11-12)

    So if your name is Uriah, and you are reading this in Jerusalem, get thee hence, on the double. Otherwise you will eternally get to play a walk-on role in the Ground Hog Day movie sequel. And we all know there isn’t any more sausage in Jerusalem then are are monkeys in Kansas.

    (My apologies to the blog: It’s way past bedtime. Things will be better the morning of 10-12-12)

  7. Using Dembski’s own revered calculations, it should be apparent to anyone that the odds against a date like 10-11-12 arising by mere random chance alone are vanishingly small.

    This is incontrovertible proof that Time itself was intelligently designed.

  8. Did 1 February (US) or 2 January 2000 (elsewhere) count? 02 01 00.

  9. Dave asks about 02 01 00.

    That’s good! I never considered countdown dates. They’re all in the past now. Gotta wait for next century.

  10. Reality calling, it’s 12 10 2012.