Curmudgeonly Thoughts About 2012

Courtesy of Tomato Addict

Everything is changing. That shouldn’t surprise us, because everything is always changing. But in the blogosphere it’s happening rapidly. We’re approaching the end of another blogging year, and we see some radical adjustments that need to be made. For one thing, our continuous news sweeps need re-programming.

No more will our elaborate satellite network continuously search for news of Ronda Storms, Kathy Martin, or David Coppedge. In the past, those were names that inspired dozens of blog articles. But now, as they leave office or depart the courtroom, those people will fade into creationist oblivion, to be found only in our archives — or maybe rolling around on the floor of some rural church. They’ll be joining the ranks of previously prominent creationist news-makers like Don McLeroy, Harun Yahya, and Kent Hovind, who used to attract our Curmudgeonly attention, but who have faded into obscurity.

Others will take their places in our cyber pages. The ludicrous legion is large — and there will never be a shortage of those who deny reality and insist that others do so too.

Until new names arise, we can always rely on the institutional sources of creationism — AIG, ICR, and of course the Discoveroids. And there are still prominent individuals out there — people like Jack Chick and Ray Comfort. Also, we can confidently predict that in the coming legislative sessions, more states will attract our attention as their brilliant legislators try to mandate the teaching of creationism in their schools. It’s also likely that new court cases that will pop up here and there. We’ll always have material for our humble blog.

But for the moment, all is quiet. Well, Kitzmas is coming. That’s our annual festival in honor of the decision on 20 December 2005 by Judge John E. Jones III in the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

Celebrate as hard as you can this year, dear reader, because the day after Kitzmas is 21 December, which will be The End of the World according to the Mayans. After that, we’ll see what, if anything, remains to be said.

Hey, do you like the pic which adorns this post? It was made by Tomato Addict. Below the product name it says “Concentrated Enlightenment,” and below a miniature copy of our traditional header pic it says: “Proudly blogging on WordPress since 2008.” After a few more posts, when this drops off your screen, we’ll probably add it to one of those widgets in the sidebar.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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13 responses to “Curmudgeonly Thoughts About 2012

  1. Charley Horse

    Compliments to the Creator….Tomato Addict

  2. Our Curmudgeon nostalgically reflects on

    …the ranks of previously prominent creationist news-makers like Don McLeroy, Harun Yahya, and Kent Hovind, who used to attract our Curmudgeonly attention, but who have faded into obscurity.

    Sic semper idiotae!

  3. Charley Horse sings paens:

    Compliments to the Creator….Tomato Addict

    Hear hear — but surely, we should instead be acknowledging our Tomato Addict as the Intelligent Designer, blessed be He!

  4. Lewis Thomasonn

    They will always be with us just like The Purple Pimpernel they are everywhere.

  5. Alex Shuffell

    Concentrated Enlightenment… It’s surprisingly salty.

  6. Nice work TA – I need some to put on the shelf next to the can of WhoopAss!

  7. Many Thanks Curmie, you are an inspiration.

    If anyone is wondering, the trick is to create the text with the right color background MUCH larger than needed, add a little Gaussian Blur, then shrink it into place. A bit of tedious pixel editing and dirtying-up any Flood-Fill areas smooths out remaining flaws. I use Paint.Net.

  8. That’s nice, TA. But I wish you were addicted to Ovaltine instead of Tomatoes. Then I could have said “That’s gold, TA, gold!”

    Anyway, whether or not worlds collide on 21 Dec., or any any new anti-evolution names make the news in ’13, I would keep an eye on Klinghoffer. He is the evolution-denier’s “Svenjolly.”

  9. Nice graphic Tomato but I think those of us underside might sue you for a violation of our Vegemite brand (now owned by some global entity). Just joking but it is nice on toast. Speaking of toast, good to hear the judicial decisions Stateside about teaching “Creation Science” (a great oxymoron) in schools.

  10. @Megalonyx:
    Shouldn’t that be “sic semper idiotis” (dative plural)?

  11. Ceteris Paribus

    @CarlSegnit: Even if your Vegemite lobby tries to stamp down Curmudgeonite, they probably won’t be able to get an injunction before 21 December. Which, in addition to the Mayan End of the World, is the northern hemisphere Winter Solstice.

    So my pagan friends still have plenty of time to stock up on Curmudgeonite, which will be great for gift giving to celebrate the festivities of regeneration and renewal on the day after Kiztmas.

  12. Mark Joseph kindly corrects my deficient Latin:

    Shouldn’t that be “sic semper idiotis” (dative plural)?

    Indeed it should: mea culpa, peccavi.

    By way of penance, I am writing out romani ite domum 500 times…

  13. This stuff has to SMELL better than Vegemite. If you have ever smelled Vegemite, you wonder what made the first person say, “OK, I will try that”. My Aussie friend could not convince me to try it. And I will try to eat anything that two or more cultures consider to be food.