Creationist Wisdom #282: Two Sisters

Today’s letter-to-the-editor isn’t quite what you’re used to seeing here. In fact, it’s not really a letter-to-the-editor. It’s posted at the blog of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), who is described in the Cast of Characters section of our Intro page.

Nevertheless, it’s presented as if it were such a letter, so that’s how we’ll deal with it. Hambo gave it this title: Another Changed Life. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and some bold font for emphasis. But we don’t have to worry about our usual practice of omitting the writer’s name and city, because Hambo doesn’t provide that information. Okay, here we go, starting with an introduction by Hambo himself:

We receive many testimonies of how the Lord has used Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum to change lives. Here is an email we received recently. Praise the Lord!

Observe the terminology. Hambo doesn’t receive letters, he gets “testimonies.” And note that people don’t seem to be responsible for anything AIG does — it’s always the Lord who is doing everything. Hambo and his crew are just Yahweh’s puppets. All right, that’s the introduction. Here comes the letter Hambo received — oops, we mean testimony:

I have been praying for my sister to believe that the Bible contained, true truth. She is a Christian, but has always attended a liberal church … My prayers were answered last week at the Creation Museum. … [Ellipses are from Hambo’s blog.]

Prayers to believe the “true truth” get answered at the Creation Museum? Wowie! Before long that place will be competition for pilgrimage sites like Lourdes and Fátima. Let’s read on:

Right as we walked in the Bookstore, a video of Ken Ham was on, considering the Genesis account as real 24 hour days. By the end of the 5 minutes of watching she started questioning her lifetime beliefs.

Five minutes of a Hambo video was sufficient to trigger a life-changing experience! We continue:

We grew up in a non-Christian home and attended public school. Therefore, evolution was the only idea we had ever heard. When I became a Christian, I started attending an evangelical church and immediately believed everything in the Bible. So, you can see how different our spiritual lives have been.

Two sisters, two worldviews. But that was before the miracle of the museum. Here’s more testimony:

By the end of the day she was convinced that the Flood was a real world-wide occurance [sic] and that God created the world in 6 24 hr. days. Before we left the Museum she had purchased a book, CDs and pamphlets to take home and read and share with her church.

Truly a transformational experience! But she was probably ready for it, otherwise why would she go to the museum in the first place? Moving along:

My prayer now is that she will stand firm on the Word of God and the truth she has learned.

Indeed — the experience was for naught unless she stands firm. Pray that it will be so. One final excerpt:

May God continually be with you, your family and the work of the Creation Museum. Its message has reached another person and changed her life.

Deeply moving! Who will be the next to testify to the power of Hambo’s marvelous museum?

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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24 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #282: Two Sisters

  1. I get the feeling that if you were to then take this woman to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, she would never go back to church again.

  2. “Attended public school” – through what grade?

  3. @Douglas E; I’d guess in 12 years she made it to 5th grade.

  4. Maine Operative


    Until someone took her back to church again!
    A viscious cycle indeed!

  5. Maine Operative, long time no see.

  6. This letter is very moving indeed. In fact it reminds me of a movement I recently experienced.

  7. True truth? Not “true-ish truth”, or “semi-true truth”? (you really can’t trust that false truth that’s floating around, mostly on the internet.)

  8. retiredsciguy says: “True truth?”

    Yes, but it takes wisdom to distinguish between the two kinds. One is the really true kind, and than there’s the other kind.

  9. “True Truth”? Is that like Hambo’s truth but with 50% less lies? Maybe one of Ken’s boys ghost wrote this one?

    Given that the cash intake at the sideshow has been dropping, is it really suprising to hear a recycled old school salespitch like this? They are probably wondering if marking the spot that the miracle occurred at would improve sales.

  10. Charles Deetz ;)

    Or did she just buy the books and DVDs to shut her sister up about the 6-day creation thing? Embracing the ‘true truth’ as a ‘true lie’. Because, as SC says, there is no point in debating a creationist. If her sister ever finds out, she’s going to break a few commandments, I think.

  11. Alex Shuffell

    A five minute video of Ken Ham changed my life too, it made me love creationism for all is “true-truth” and eventually led me here, to find you guys, my best friends. x

  12. Ham’s article inexplicably fails to mention the third sister, Irina Sergeyevna, whose response to her visit to the Creation Museum was to pine for a return to Moscow…

  13. It’s sad to see brain cells die. The poor woman in the story, if she was ever real, invokes my pity. To sacrifice rational thought for such obvious absurdity… I think a few of my own brain cell died just reading it.

  14. I think it should be pretty clear to everyone by now that what is truly needed is:

    Curmudgeon World!

    Yes, it’s time to “Prepare to be Flabbergasted” when you visit SC’s own vast, state-of-the-art cretard bemusement park, the world’s first museum dedicated to exhibiting the wild and wacky world of the cdesign proponetists themselves!

    You’ll marvel at the astounding animatronic robot which features in the “Great Whoppers from Mr. Luskin” panorama!

    Squeal with astonishment as you take a vertiginous spin in a fibreglass Dembski the Pigs-Might-Fly ride!

    Pose for your own souvenir photo with Ann Gauger, The Little Errmaid!

    It’s a fun-filled day for the whole family!

  15. I just realised that my post above should have a tip of the hat to Frank J‘s post on a previous thread here, at Ken Ham’s Creationist Empire is Foundering

    I am a mere Wallace to his Darwin.

    Above post of mine also has a redundant “the the”. Dyslexia seems to have joined my creeping dementia as well.

  16. Maybe I will take up a hobby of emailing “conversion stories” to ‘Ole Hambo, except mine would all end in some creepy psychotic breakdown.

    I bet he gets some like that already.

  17. I watched the Bourne Conspiracy the other day and now I drive a tiny rusty Italian car the wrong way down tiny streets at high speeds, and jump through windows routinely while looking nonplussed. I think this is a similar experience to sister # two’s reaction to Ol Hambo’s house for the puerile,
    The Creation Museum.
    However rather than creationsim, I stand firm on the word of Giovanni Agnelli founder of F.I.A.T. in 1899 who said,
    “Miracles can be made, but only by sweating”
    I think this either means Hambo will be steam cleaning visitors at the Creation Museum soon (for a small fee of course, say $10 in additioal charges) or he will be spending alot of time in the Congo looking for Mokele-mbembe (the creationist’s dream existent live dinosaur).
    Meanwhile, until I visit the Alfa Romeo factory I remain firmly converted to F.I.A.T. and the cereal box radar dish, creationisms greatest invention.
    . Ciao baby.!.

  18. @Tomato–Maybe you could have some that end up in homo-erotic fan fiction. He probably gets some like that, too.

  19. Is there such a thing as

    Don’t answer that – I’m afraid the answer might be yes.

  20. @TA I think it’s been moved to group. Now it’s a race to see who sends the create group message first.

  21. Ceteris Paribus

    Her Sister says: “My prayer now is that she will stand firm on the Word of God and the truth she has learned.”

    Those prayer words should be a great comfort to her non-Christian family, who may have had fears that their children would grow up and run off to join some hippie cult.

  22. Charles Deetz above I believe is correct. She bought the materials to take back to her church to show them what the other idiots believe. I can see them laughing at lunch after church.