Self-Published Genius #18: Todd Elder

Once again, dear reader, we bring you important news of an author with a vanity press book. As with others who have made paradigm-shattering discoveries, today’s proud author has announced his work by hiring a press release service.

This one is issued by an outfit we’ve encountered before. It’s called PRWeb, which “gets your news straight to the search engines that everyone uses, like Google, Yahoo and Bing.” Their Pricing page reveals that their “Basic Package” costs $159 — they’ve raised it, we remember when it cost only $89. Anyway, we assume that the basic package is what we’re dealing with here.

The press release is titled Creation Science League Publishes New Creationism Notebook. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

The Creation Science League continues the battle against the fallacies of Evolution with a new Creationism resource. The ‘Creation in Scripture, Science, and Society’ notebook serves by outlining the evidence for Creationism and is designed to work with the information available from the Creation Science League, League members, and many other creationist websites and organizations.

Who is this “League”? We’ve never heard of them. By jumping to the end of the press release, we find this information:

Todd Elder, a young earth creationist, founded the Creation Science League in 2011. The League’s membership consists of individuals and organizations who volunteer their time or materials toward the League’s goals.

Ah, so the “League” was started last year. The link in the previous paragraph is to Elder’s biographical entry at Creation Wiki — an online creationist “encyclopedia.” His picture makes him look like some kind of Old Testament prophet — or maybe a contemporary street preacher. Actually, he reminds us of a bearded John Brown. Anyway, leaving there to return to the press release, we learn:

The Creation Science League website can be found at The ‘Creation in Scripture, Science, and Society’ notebook is available through most major book retailers.

Now we’re getting somewhere! Visiting the Creation Science League website is quite an experience — like stepping in a pile of something on the sidewalk. But that’s just our opinion; check it out for yourself. While you’re doing that, we’re going on with the press release. It says:

The 2012 edition of the Creation Science League notebook supports Creationism on four major fronts.

Oooooooh! Four major fronts — and here’s what they are. We’ve added the bullet points to help you keep track of things:

It explores the great questions and meaning of life with emphasis on the answers given by both Creation and Evolution.

It examines scriptural creationism by studying the original creation week and a view of history based on the special relationship the Creator has with mankind.

This book engages scientific creationism in both the physical and life sciences demonstrating that science supports Creation and not Evolution.

It also confronts the social impact of Creation and Evolution on philosophy, religion, and society.

Quite a book! We know that by this time you’re trembling with desire to get your hands on Elder’s masterpiece, so as always, your helpful Curmudgeon is providing you with a link to the book’s listing at Amazon: Creation in Scripture, Science, and Society: The Creation Science League Notebook 2012 Edition. Hey — it’s costs $5.38. How can you go wrong?

The “product details” section tells us that this book is 74 pages long — that’s a lot of pages! — and it’s published by something called CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Here’s their website: CreateSpace — definitely a vanity publisher. Amazon’s “author information” section appears to be a copy of what’s available at Creation Wiki. Amazon doesn’t have any customer reviews yet, but that should change — as soon as word gets out about this amazing book.

So there you are, dear reader. Your Curmudgeon has done all he can — we’ve shown you the door, but you have to walk through it. Wisdom lies within, for those who have the courage.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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28 responses to “Self-Published Genius #18: Todd Elder

  1. CreateSpace is an arm of Amazon and it definitely costs these “authors” to publish. If this clown had any functioning grey cells he could have gone through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing arm which is for ebooks and costs nothing, but don’t tell him.

  2. Clearly the League needs a web-design master. And this is my favorite line – “It is also a place where believers, both professional and hobbyist,….. I would like to meet some of these professional and hobbyist believers.

  3. I wonder if this makes Todd Elder a professional believer. I bet he his. I bet he’s got a Master’s in believin’ stuff.

  4. Charles Deetz ;)

    Looks like a hand-coded website, because who would trust the developed (evolved) science of website tools like WordPress?

    Glad to find an article on the League’s site explaining the answer to the starlight problem of creation. Three paragraphs with this authoritative conclusion: “But I believe the most important thing is to remember that God created a universe that was matured and that had the appearance of age.”

  5. Ceteris Paribus

    @Peter: re paper book or kindle – personally I prefer all my creation books to be written only on scrolls or stone tablets.

  6. I am disappointed. A proper Creation Science League should have a headquarters and costumed defenders of creationism with special powers of obfuscation and mental density, should it not?

  7. Gabriel Hanna says: “A proper Creation Science League should have a headquarters and costumed defenders of creationism”

    Agreed. “League” implies something that is more than a mere association, society, alliance, or even confederation. Any League worthy of that word should be truly grand in its scope and powers.

  8. Does anyone have a Young Earth Creation scenario in which things are not created with the appearance of age? Can we imagine some way in which an intelligent, social mammal could come into existence without the appearances of having had a prior life? One recognizing its kin, with knowledge which is ordinarily acquired only by experience, in the middle of some activity (like a cow chewing its cud)?
    Isn’t YEC driven, almost by logical necessity, to Omphalism?

  9. Ceteris Paribus indicates

    I prefer all my creation books to be written only on scrolls or stone tablets

    You omitted golden plates inscribed in “reformed Egyptian” by the Angel Moroni, which are of attested provenance 🙂

  10. It’s interesting that the Israelites spent over 400 years in Egypt. So they spoke Egyptian and wrote using hieroglyphics, if they could read or write. Were the Ten Commands written in hieroglyphics? Did god speak Egyptian? For that matter, what language did adam and eve speak. Noah? Questions, such burning questions, and so little time.

  11. Ceteris Paribus says: “personally I prefer all my creation books to be written only on scrolls or stone tablets.”

    Bah! I accept only the code inscribed in our DNA by the hand of the Intelligent Designer — blessed be he!

  12. Remember Curmy, the DNA is truly just the code and it needs to be properly de-ciphered. I am working on a highly sophisticated, proprietary algorithm and metaphysical process that will transsubstantiate simple ATGC molecular forms into prose. I will get back with you after the patent is approved. Grant support provided by the Discovery Institute – Who says we don’t do research!

  13. I thought he looks a bit more like a bearded Kent Hovind (Bearded Kent graphic included in the link). Maybe Kent is free?

  14. Our Curmudgeon faithfully witnesses:

    I accept only the code inscribed in our DNA by the hand of the Intelligent Designer

    And rightly so! As Luskin have been indefatigably blogging, it has been a vile conspiracy by the global Darwintern to supress the TRVTH about so-called “junk” DNA – which does indeed have function, the cryptic encoding of the ultimate Holy Scripture, from the Hand (or possibly Noodly Appendage) of God The Intelligent Designer Him/Her/Itself!
    Of course, it will be a little while yet before OPERATION DECODE – that is, the translation of the divine messages embedded in our ‘junk’ DNA – will be completed and the results published.

    Watch this space!

  15. Hah! I see, while I was posting, that Douglas E is also working on the translation!

    Right! The race is on, and the game afoot!

  16. Megalonyx says: ” I see, while I was posting, that Douglas E is also working on the translation!”

    Pathetic! I’m way ahead of you guys, because I am totally fluent in DNA. But I can’t yet reveal what I know, because … you can’t handle The Truth!

  17. Todd looks like he is emulating a prophet or Moses or something.
    I bet hes a lot of fun to work with because of his flexible mind and
    ability to put reason ahead of rigid beliefs that ignore facts.
    Certain aspects of my personality find him, well, incredibly creepy, and others, astonishingly bizarre. Its hard to tell which is most dominant.
    His description says creation science is the belief…….blah blah bs, bs, bs.
    The operative word in his “science” is the word…. belief. How dopey,
    how needlessly destructive. But hey, hes happy. Destructive and creepy but happy. Lifes good.


    First results in from the Scripture encoded in our ‘junk’ DNA! The opening sentence reads as follows:

    Dude, make her moan in the bedroom! Be SUPERMAN IN THE SACK! – Get Vi@gr@ cheap, Canadian pharmacy check this out now!

    Pictures at Ten

  19. Actually, our Supreme Court just denied Phizers patent and it will be available as a generic. What that has to do with anything I haven’t a clue, I’m just a crazy Canuck.

  20. So, the Creation Science League founder believes his god created a universe with all the appearance of an old, “mature” universe, does he?
    I wonder how he explains such deception on his lord’s part? isn’t that supposed to be the distinctive trait of Satan? Is he saying he is a Satan-worshiper?

    Put that together with TomS‘s observation above (“Isn’t YEC driven, almost by logical necessity, to Omphalism?”) and we come to the conclusion that all YECs are, in fact, devil-worshipers.

    Oh. the irony!

  21. Ceteris Paribus

    Peter claims: “What that has to do with anything I haven’t a clue, I’m just a crazy Canuck.”

    Whoa. It appears the DNA comments here have been copied by a stealth RNA polymerase. Comment with caution, and maybe implement double secret security scrutiny. (Too bad the generals didn’t do that when emailing their girl friends paramours.)

  22. Peter: “Actually, our Supreme Court just denied Phizers [sic] patent and it will be available as a generic.” [Referring to Viagra]

    Interesting that you should bring us this news, Peter.

  23. Charles Deetz ;)

    SC, I see you killed the link to the League’s website. There is no tracking tool they are using, unless they are so old-school they look at server logs.

  24. LOL, isn’t it

  25. @retiredscienceguy:
    It has been noted (for example, by Langdon Gilkey, in his testimony in the Arkansas creationism trial) that YECs bear some resemblance to the Gnostics. One of the beliefs of the Gnostics is that the creator of the material world is a “demiurge”, inferior to (perhaps the enemy of) the real God, and responsible for the evil/mistakes in the material world.
    I just did a Google search which turned this up on page 105 of his book about the trial, “Creationism on Trial”.

  26. @Curmy – dang, I should have suspected that you were already fluent in DNA!! Well, it least now saves me a lot of that there lab stuff kinda work.

  27. I followed some of the links to a website called I wonder if Mr. Morgan spends a lot of time praying, “Dear Lord, make the mudskippers GO AWAY!”

  28. The message hidden in our DNA is oddly like the scriptures themselves: lots of copies, but with significant variation between them. So we will still be able to form sects accusing each other of false interpretation and heresy.