Discoveroids’ Year-End Request for Funds

You gotta see this at the blog of the Discoveroids — described in the Cast of Characters section of our Intro page. Their article is We Need You! Support Evolution News & Views!

At the top of their article is a group photo. We won’t copy it here, but you absolutely must click over there to see it. Before you do, here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

From the Editor: Even Darwinist critics of intelligent design recognize it. If you want to know what’s going on in the world of ID, if you want the latest news on science — evolution, cosmology, paleontology, every biological field and specialty — unfiltered by the materialist blinders that the rest of the media keep firmly in place, you need to follow the work of ENV’s writers and editors (pictured above).

Yes, if you want to know what’s going on in the world of intelligent design, the Discoveroids’ blog is definitely the place. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in the universe. The fundraising pitch continues:

There’s no substitute — no book, journal or other website provides the service we do. At the end of this month our writers at ENV will have filed about 850 articles in 2012. That’s a lot of information and reporting and we plan to top ourselves next year.

Wowie — 850 Discoveroid articles! What a treasure! Let’s read on — oh, wait. After that paragraph they’ve got a big “Donate” button in the middle of the page. We trust you will make good use of that opportunity. Moving along:

But obviously it all doesn’t come free. Well, it comes free to you, throughout the rest of the year, thoughtful reader. That’s why we ask you now, as the year winds down, to think about how you’ve benefited from the news and views you find here and here alone, and then donate generously. Support the Center for Science & Culture by clicking on the friendly, helpful button.

Okay, that’s enough. Now go on over there and take a look at the photo. There are no names, so it’s impossible to know who’s who — but we think we recognize Casey in the middle row. All in all, it’s an impressive-looking bunch. We trust you’ll give them what they deserve.

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31 responses to “Discoveroids’ Year-End Request for Funds

  1. Looks like it was taken at the Scopes Trial. I wonder which side they were on.

  2. If you save the image the name of the file is:


    Which they stole from this site:

    Typical creationist’s humor – makes no sense, is not funny.

  3. By the way, that site is full of spam and they’ll try to sell you MacKeeper and other junk. Again, typical creationist.

    And the picture is found here:קובץ:Doar_Hayom_newspaper's_staff_1920s.jpg

    So at least we know WHO of the flaming creationists*cough*motherhoffer*cough* also known for his infantile “sense” of humor and total lack of character purloined the image without any attribution.

  4. I am very moved by that request. I think I will send them twice as much as last year. (I did not send them anything last year).

  5. Wouldn’t an intelligent designer have provided them with the intelligence required to make an honest living instead being forced to pretend they have a noble purpose while begging on the internet?

  6. I tried to make what I thought was a very generous contribution–$12 million or thereabouts–but some difficulty was encountered with the information I provided. Why do they make it wo tough to contribute?

  7. …and we plan to top ourselves next year.

    That’s a great idea. See ya later!

  8. So its not them and even there they are BSing the idiots who
    read their fraudulent garbage. I wanted to see Luskin in his gerbil treadmill too. A revealing image indeed. Its all a magical mystery!

  9. Wait. One of docs links reveals one person in the picture as Lea Abushdid.
    Is that supposed to represent Klingledooper? If I were Abushdid’s descendants I’d be mad.

  10. @ doodlebugger

    Clarify for me please…

    Abushdid what?

  11. I found the use of the Doar Hayom photo odd, as well — do you think anyone there knew what it was, or how it might be loaded? Do they think themselves the Jews in Palestine?


    Following the departure of Ben Avi, Shlomo Perlman and Pesaḥ Ginzburg (1894–1947) became the newspaper’s editors. When, Perlman left his position, Ginzburg became the sole editor. The political and social orientation of Doar Hayom during this time was towards the urban middle class and members of the veteran settlements, and the style alternated from the sensational to the humourless and serious. The newspaper saw additional declines in its circulation. In 1935, the newspaper merged with Ha-Boqer, a General Zionist daily, which was of a similar ideological bent, but the merger failed. During the same year, Leo Wintz, a German Jewish publisher, purchased the newspaper. He transferred the editorial staff to Tel-Aviv, but in April 1936, after only one month, in the wake of the Great Arab Rebellion, the newspaper’s offices returned to Jerusalem.

    In June 1936, the newspaper closed, after the owner of its printing press and the paper sellers refused to supply it anymore, owing to its debts. The last issues of the newspaper were distributed together with the journal Ḥadashot aḥaronot, which was established by the members of the staff of Doar Hayom. Following the shutting of the paper, its rights remained in the hands of Leo Wintz, and, in January 1940, he tried to republish Doar Hayom in a limited format for a month, but closed the journal again following its lack of success.

  12. Sarah Abushid seemingly was the wife of Itamar Ben Avi. I’am aware of ID-creationists attitude of belonging to a “judeo-christian” tradition but what this has to do with ID-creationism remains their secret. I guess they mistakenly thought this was a picture from the 5th Solvay Conference 1927.

  13. At two different places on the page they refer to the photo as being the editorial staff – typical ID fibbing. Is there any good way to call them out on this? Perhaps Curmy and the rest of us can send along the post and the comments to other bloggers.

  14. “….we plan to top ourselves next year.”

    Martyrs to the very end!

  15. In the same spirit of internet-image hijacking, I think the world needs to see a rare photograph of our Curmudgeon’s legendary Retard-o-Tron

  16. Generous, Neil! I’ll match your donation.

  17. Hey, my works spam filters do work! I tried to access the IDiot site;

    “Security risk blocked for your protection
    The content of the site you attempted to access contravenes the IT Security Policy.

    This category is filtered: Suspicious Embedded Link. ”

    Aw no, I won’t be able to donate…..

  18. Megalonyx says: “a rare photograph of our Curmudgeon’s legendary Retard-o-Tron”

    I don’t know how you got that, or how far things go with your spy camera fetish, but anyway, that’s an old picture. It looks like the Mark IV model. I’m now using the Mark VI.

  19. Our Curmudgeon wonders

    how far things go with your spy camera fetish

    Only just far enough to have spotted, on the shoulder of your “Olivia”, the inflation valve.

    ‘Nuff said…

  20. Ceteris Paribus

    Well, at least the Discoveroids haven’t (yet) sent an army of waifs out into the cold and snow, peddling jars of counterfeit Curmudgeonite door to door.

  21. Poor Discoveroids can’t catch a break. Here they go publishing a funny picture and they get all beat up about it. It’s just not fair!

    The Onion gets away with publishing funny photos and so does ICanHazCheeseburger. Of course, both those websites write fictional stories, veritable Laff Riots, High-Larry-Ous.

    If only the Disco Tute was devoted to fiction, you know, made up stuff, then they could get away with poking fun at their cartoon-like ways. If only.

  22. ID’s stealing of the photo was … dumb. Figures.

    Back to their pitch for dough, this paragraph is even dumber:

    “If you want to know what’s going on in the world of ID, if you want the latest news on science — evolution, cosmology, paleontology, every biological field and specialty — unfiltered by the materialist blinders that the rest of the media keep firmly in place, you need to follow the work of ENV’s writers and editors (pictured above).”

    Why would anyone want news of science filtered through a creationist lens? How dumb is that?!?

    Subscribe to Science News. Get a nice wrap-up of new developments and support a good organization as well.

  23. I attempted to give them money, but that required that I add information to the system, which violates the second law of thermodynamics. Shame, really.

  24. In the style of the Dishonesty Institute:

    We … go back to flogging Casey and Jonathan and … Stephen Meyer, William Dembski, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, Ann Gauger, Paul Nelson [who are pictured above].

  25. It turns out the party responsible for their website management simply linked the wrong image. The intended image:
    Photo: Editorial Staff, Evolution News & Views.

  26. Ceteris Paribus

    @Dean: My Grand Daddy is in that photo. Second row, third hood from the right.

  27. I really wanted to leave you people alone but by you continuing to talk at me, even after I’ve obviously been banned, I just couldn’t resist one last comment

    [Persistent troll’s comment deleted.]

  28. Dean – I was glad I was not drinking anything when I clicked on the link – otherwise my keyboard would have been toast!

  29. I tried to give them $0.02 but they didn’t want it even at donation time.

  30. This is an outrage. The Discoveroids should be on street corners pretending to be blind veterans, not on the internet pretending to be scientists.

  31. Ha! I gave them Ahmanson’s contact info. That’ll teach you cheapskates. 😉