Creationist Wisdom #284: Life Is No Accident

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Naples Daily News of Naples, Florida. It’s titled Brainwashed. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and some bold font for emphasis. As we usually do, we’ll omit the writer’s name and city. Okay, here we go:

Re: Stanley Tralins’ letter, “Humble Beginnings,” quoting chapter and verse from Charles Darwin’s evolution theory. Tralins thinks we evolved from a simple cell in the primordial oceans and our ancestors swing from trees. Maybe him, but not me.

Today’s letter-writer ain’t no kin to no monkey. This is the earlier letter he’s talking about: Humble beginnings. It’s not much, but it was sufficient to provoke today’s letter, so it served its purpose. We continue:

Don’t blame Tralins. Our education system brainwashed him into believing evolution theory was the only option for origins. It held back vast amounts of information supporting special creation by God.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Great start! And it keeps on coming:

Evolution theory assumes God doesn’t exist; natural processes created something from nothing then it exploded; life came from non-life; order came from disorder; beauty evolved by accident, universal laws just somehow existed.

The whole letter is like that. Let’s read on:

Don’t blame Darwin either. Darwin couldn’t know the complexity of the simplest cell. He had never heard of DNA. He didn’t know all living things were made from non-living parts, similar to a plane made from non-flying parts, but “designed” to fly.

Hey — the analogy to a plane made from non-flying parts is new to us. We were impressed until we Googled it and learned that it’s not original with the letter-writer. Look what we found from 1994 at the website of Answers in Genesis: The Origin of Life: DNA and Protein. It says:

Did you ever wonder what makes an airplane fly? Try a few thought experiments. Take the wings off and study them; they don’t fly. Take the engines off, study them; they don’t fly. Take the little man out of the cockpit, study him; he doesn’t fly. Don’t dwell on this the next time you’re on an airplane, but an airplane is a collection of non-flying parts! Not a single part of it flies!

What does it take to make an airplane fly? The answer is something every scientist can understand and appreciate, something every scientist can work with and use to frame hypotheses and conduct experiments. What does it take to make an airplane fly? Creative design and organization.

It’s probably not original with AIG either. We continue with today’s letter:

Evolution theory is a “belief system” that simply doesn’t fit the observable evidence.

Yeah, okay. Here’s more:

We are all to blame. DNA screams out God’s design. Metamorphosis of the butterfly demonstrates the creation miracle in days, not millions of years. Our bodies are composed of unique “interdependent” organs and systems that don’t exist on their own.

Organs don’t exist on their own? Egad — he’s right! When was the last time you saw a pancreas walking down the street? And now we come to the end:

Only God can create something from nothing, life from non-life, irreducibly complex eyes, bodies with unique, interdependent organs. Mr. Tralins, come into the light.

Great letter! Worthy of re-reading, over and over. No doubt about it.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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6 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #284: Life Is No Accident

  1. How often does a complaint about evolution involve our relationship with monkeys?
    This is why I think that this represents the real reason that people don’t accept evolution. Not anything that the Bible says, not any theological or philosophical difficulties. Not any lack of information about the evidence. Just that people are revolted by the idea of being related to monkeys. And it’s particularly strong just because it’s so obvious.

  2. Ceteris Paribus

    AIG asserts: “Take the wings off [an airplane] and study them; they don’t fly.”

    Calls to mind the scientific experiment with flying fleas. A researcher had a hypothesis about the science of flight that he wanted to test.

    He found a rare species of flying fleas that would test his hypothesis. The scientist carefully trained several of the fleas to take flight on his shouted command of “fly, flea”.

    He trained and tested out many flying fleas until he found several that would 100% of the them always obey his command: “Fly, flea”, he would shout, and the flea flew.

    Next, he took one of the flying fleas, anesthetized it, and with miniature scalpels and a microscope carefully surgically removed the tiny flea wings.

    When the flea recovered, the scientist shouted the command “fly, flea”. But the flea did not fly. The scientist repeated the surgical procedure on his whole fleet of flying fleas, and tested them all. The results were always the same.

    Having repeated the experiment and never finding an exception, the scientist exclaimed to his lab assistant: “Just as my hypothesis predicted. If you remove the wings from a flying flea, they will always go deaf.”

  3. For a chuckle, google ‘ain’t no kin to no monkey’ and watch the anti-evolution ditty sung by some kids not doubt at the behest of their fundamentalist parents. Also, Curmy comes up among the top spots on such a search.

  4. Gee, any time I’ve flown I see lots of non-flying parts like the seat I’m sitting in.

  5. Ceteris Paribus, you got hung up in the spam catcher. I donno why. So I restored them and then I deleted one of the duplicates.

  6. Tom S Besides monkeys, they are also concerned about being related to “them” as Curm points out. “Them” being those other people that don’t look like Caucasians. David Bradley,a rep from Beaumont Texas on the Texas SBOE famously proclaimed”I’m not descended from a monkey! God made me !”
    Well God made me too David, and the evidence shows hominids evolved into humans and you have no evidence to the contrary. Bradley is a college educated (okay an engineer) man.
    And tellingly, he is from one of the most race relations troubled areas of the state of Texas which is famous for its discrimination and racism history.
    Enough said. Monkeys, minorities. get it? Hes speaking out on his opinion about those “others” as much as hes attacking science. Its a perfect platform for an arrogant bigot. Why hes got the job tied up with his electorate is kind of hard to understand. Are they voting party line down there or do they agree with him?