Less Than Three Weeks Left Until Doomsday

The End of the World is nearly upon us. A week ago we wrote Only Three More Saturdays After Today. Yesterday was one of those Saturdays, so the precious time that remains is fast slipping away. There are only 19 days left until the Terminal Date of 21 December when, according to the prophesy of the all-knowing Mayans, the universe will experience a great reset and we’ll all be gone.

The video we placed above this post is from NASA. It’s a bit over 3 minutes long and they probably released it to make you feel better. Maybe it will, if you’re the type who prefers soothing reassurances instead of The Truth. But even if NASA’s feeble effort fails, fear not.

Your Curmudgeon will remain here to comfort you through the Last Days. When the whole universe is falling apart around you and everyone is shrieking in terror and despair, your Final Moments will be happy ones, knowing that we are here with you — right to The End.

There being no other news to write about at the moment, we declare this post to be an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Have at it.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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24 responses to “Less Than Three Weeks Left Until Doomsday

  1. Charley Horse

    Have you seen this:

    Those unicorns or Qilins look a bit different than the ones I’ve
    seen in the wild:

    Surely the creationists won’t try to use this…but stranger things have
    happened and their imagination is what has caused all of this

  2. Look on the bright side. Only 2 more losses for the Philadelphia Eagles. I get up very early on work days, so I’ll miss tonight’s game.

  3. Frank J says: “Look on the bright side.”

    I always do. We won’t have to think about the Coppedge litigation any more. That alone makes Doomsday a blessing.

  4. Curmy, I sure hope anyone new to your blog realizes your tongue is firmly in cheek.

  5. Our Curmudgeon offers

    The video we placed above this post is from NASA. It’s a bit over 3 minutes long and they probably released it to make you feel better. Maybe it will, if you’re the type who prefers soothing reassurances instead of The Truth.

    This would be the same NASA that faked the moon landings and would have us believe — contrary to the overwhelming evidence of our God-given senses — that the Sun does not orbit our Privileged Planet, and that that same beloved home world of ours is not flat?

    Naw, don’t buy any of it….

  6. I only just realised, this means time is really running out for the redoubtable Herman Cummings, the soi disant ” foremost terrestrial authority on the book of Genesis” to get a debate with someone. Anyone at all. Anyone? Beuller?

  7. Megalonyx says: “time is really running out for the redoubtable Herman Cummings”

    Herman is still at it. See An Appeal to Pat Robertson & The 700 Club.

  8. It’s interesting that people believe in this superstitious quackery about doomsday whereas they so quickly dismiss the permanent and deleterious imact humans are having on their home planet, perhaps non-reversible within our lifetimes.

  9. Indeed he is.

    And Charlie Brown is sure to kick that football Lucy is holding, just needs to persevere….

  10. Well, if the world ends on Friday the 21st, I guess we can forget all that superstition about Friday the 13th.

  11. Is there not a good case, in the limited time remaining for us to put our houses in order, to introduce a new feature on this blog, namely, an ‘Agony Aunt’ personal advice service? A sort of “Ask Aunt Curmy” feature for all your eschatological concerns?

  12. While you’re all pondering how to handle The Last Few Days of your Lives (sounds like a good, short-term soap opera to me), there’s research coming out of the University of Colorado Boulder that suggests that the Grand Canyon is even older than previously thought. As in the dinosaurs may have been wandering around in the Grand Canyon.
    I only heard about it because my wife is an alum and she read it in one of their newsletters. I’ve not seen it discussed in any of the usual places, which means that AIG, DI, or any of the other usual Places of Nonsense may not post about it. Yet something else to ask them about.

  13. The Book of Moses and Hermann, a good basis for life management. Charleton Heston is smiling down on us right now knowing that he
    Cecil B deMille, 20th Cebntury Fox and Technicolor, showed us the real
    genesis story interpretation (post events The Red Sea is ready to swallow up the Egyptians, and a new Pharoah reigns.
    The Red Sea , because of its shallow depths during extreme low tides, can expose broad expanses of sand flats at its northern end, across which, caravans routes were known apparently. Getting caught out there on a rising tide could be a bad thing . Or a miracle.

  14. @Gary: I saw articles about the Grand Canyon’s grander age as well, first in a NY Times article emailed to me by my daughter, then in the local paper here in Fla.

    Quite a bit of dispute about it, though… conventional view is that the canyon formed ~ 6 mya with the uplift of the Colorado Plateau. The new evidence, based on uranium-thorium dating, implies an age of about 70 million years, at least for the downstream end of the canyon.

  15. By the way, does anyone know if there is a link between creationism and UFO sightings? I know there are the “aliens brought life to earth” guys out there and was wondering if there is an ET correlation with creationism also.

  16. doodlebugger asks: “By the way, does anyone know if there is a link between creationism and UFO sightings?”

    I donno about UFO sightings, but the Raelians and the Hari Kirshnas both belive in an alien intelligent designer.

  17. Creationists of the AIG mold tend to pride themselves on their skepticism of anything outside the Bible, which includes beign skeptical of the existence of aliens and UFOs.

  18. Our Curmudgeon confesses:

    I donno about UFO sightings

    Then it is time, in the words of Ken Ham, to “Prepare to Believe!”. See: Remarkable footage of UFO activity in the vicinity of Darwin’s own Down House

  19. @Megalonyx: OMG! THAT is PURE AWESOMENESS!

  20. Even if it where true and we all die on the 21st, look on the bright side at least we can get to see are long lost love ones.

  21. Darn….couldn’t they wait till AFTER Christmas to end it all. I think I had a toy firetruck under the tree….

  22. Megalonyx, you’ve got waaaay too much time on your hands. Speaking of your hands, if I were the Curmudgeon, I’d be asking what they were up to while you’re dreaming of Olivia. But since this is a family blog, I’ll do no such thing myself.

    Seriously, though, I agree with Gary — awesome work!

  23. Megalonyx says:

    Then it is time, in the words of Ken Ham, to “Prepare to Believe!”.

    Nice video. I assume that UFO is from the Seventh Planet? Olivia thinks it must be.

  24. None of this will happen Foolish humans. Those who believe in Christ should know that! Haha your forgetting about the Anitichrist an everything in the Revalations that happens first before “judgement day” let me just say….there will be a eNd but will always a neW beginning Oh yeah