What We Found at Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis Fish

A catastrophic absence of news compels us to visit the store maintained by the creation scientists at Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis (AIG) — described in the Cast of Characters section of our Intro page.

There we found two items of interest. Indeed, they’re so wonderful you’ll want to buy several of each to hand out for Christmas gifts. The first is shown above this post. Isn’t it beautiful? The product description says:

Display the “Truth” on your automobile. Combat the corruption of the Christian fish seen on so many cars today. This auto emblem depicts a “Truth” fish swallowing up a smaller “Darwin” fish.

Best of all, it costs only $3.99. We recommend that you get a dozen to cover your entire back bumper, and another dozen for the front of your car. That way you’ll be able to combat corruption coming and going. You can find it right here.

The next tasteful item is for indoors. It’s the Adam Was A Historical Person Wall Chart . The product description says:

Attempting to bridge the gap between evolution and the Bible’s clear teaching about creation, some Christian leaders have tried many creative ways to reinterpret Scripture. Today a new focus is upon Adam as a real, historical person. Did God create the first human being from nonliving matter and breathe life into him, or is another interpretation possible? Scripture doesn’t leave room for doubt. This exclusive wall chart shows that the Bible is clear: Adam was a historical person.

This poster is certain to make a big impression on your visitors when you have it displayed on the wall behind your desk. No home or office should be without one. And get this — it costs only $1.99. They make great gifts!

While you’re pondering these wonderful items, join with your Curmudgeon in hoping for some actual news. Posts like this one are thin gruel indeed.

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22 responses to “What We Found at Answers in Genesis

  1. Can I count the number of times creationists have badly opened conversations with me by asking, “You don’t swallow that stuff about evolution, do you?”

    Here we have a graphic that shows Truth does, indeed, “swallow” Darwin.

    Is that the message they intended?

  2. doodlebugger

    This is a very nice car emblem. Perhaps we might pool the meager resources we blog readers have and send a few emblems to Dr Marks, from Baylor University, who will soon be giving a mathematical proof for the existence of God lecture, at a Tx A&M student group . Dr Mark is a strong proponent of intelligent design and has given over 300 peer reviewed papers according to the write up in A&M’s paper, “The Battalion”.
    This is a pretty major breakthrough isn’t it? !

  3. doodlebugger

    Wait! The intelligent Designer isn’t God, right?

  4. SC,

    Would you, in all of your Curmedgeonly wisdom and experience, share with us any sites you’ve found with awesome bumper stickers/decals for those of us that would like to proudly display evolution over ID/creationism? While I’m sure the version of me in Bizarro world would love one from the AiG store, I’d rather support a scientific cause, not a religious one.

    You rock! Thanks!

  5. doodlebugger

    Ok SC, Marks is all over Evolution News and Morris’s website. Im sure you’ve blooged about this guy. And yes, he is an Electrical Engineer and as such is well qualified to comment the biologic sciences.

  6. I love the truth fish/Darwin fish logo. What I fear is that the truth fish is going to choke on the Darwin fish and eventually become extinct.

  7. I’ve always thought that a great product idea would be little plastic L-shaped “feet” that you could go around sticking to people’s bumpers, transforming their annoying Jesus fish into enlightened Darwin fish. Imagine your victim’s surprise when they finally notice and realize that it’s probably been like that for weeks!

  8. Well, here’s some good news – Louisiana and Jindal lose in court regarding their voucher system to teach creationism.


  9. gnome de net

    While we’re briefly on the subject of “feet”, hasn’t anybody noticed the fins on the Darwin fish have already evolved into feet?

  10. Looking at the Adam wall chart I finally saw the TRUTH. It says he must have had a physical body because “he sewed leaves together”. How can I argue with that???

  11. Ummmm…. Ken Ham, yes you’re right the bibles meaning is clear. The problem is that genesis was written with the best science the sumerians had to offer. The clarity of its meaning isn’t at issue the truth of its words is the problem… I.e. it isn’t scientifically accurate.

  12. I love it when creationist don’t think about the implications of there own metaphors.

    The truth is swallowing Darwin because it is good. It’s not a trap. It’s not poision. It’s easy to swallow.

  13. Combat the corruption of the Jesus fish by… corrupting the Jesus fish by making it swallow another corrupted Jesus fish…

    … oh dear.

  14. DavidK, the article you cite has this line in it:
    “Not surprisingly, Jindal was not pleased. He called the ruling “a travesty for parents across Louisiana who want nothing more than for their children to have an equal opportunity at receiving a great education.”

    Well, Jindal, maybe it’s time to get to work and improve Louisiana’s public schools so that the state’s children can “have an equal opportunity at receiving a great education.” It would be a better use of state funds than putting money into defending your patently unconstitutional voucher program.

  15. Here’s a funny thing. There is one company that makes ALL the Darwin & Jesus fish stickers. And the alien fish, and the Jesus-eating-Darwin fish, and the Cthulhu fish…all from the same place. Those guys know their market!

  16. Artor notes

    Those guys know their market!

    Indeed — and I think that praiseworthy, in fact. In just the same way that manufacturers of bumper stickers produced copious volumes of products for both Romney and Obama, or the local photocopy shop produces flyers for their customers without regard, beyond basic legality, of the content.

    Free enterprise is surely one of the principle bulwarks which guards our freedom of speech, long may it continue!

  17. @Ryan: Check out evolvefish.com for a huge range of emblems.

    @Poolio: They also sell “replacement feet.” These are ostensibly for repairing damage to your darwin fish, but…

  18. If anyone is wondering what to send our friends at the Discotute by way of a Kitzmas present, how about an Evolving Darwin Playset?

  19. Actually, I think the “Truth Fish Auto Emblem” works better for evolutionists. ‘Truth’ is always better than the ‘Dark’, no matter what you wrap each of the words in.

  20. I love how they cite scripture to prove that scripture is true.
    Also, for a project in a math class, I once created a graph of a set of around 60 functions in the shape of the Darwin Fish.