Countdown to 21 December: Four Days Left

The precious time that remains is growing very short, dear reader. The Final Day predicted by the Mayans is 21 December, and that’s only four days from now!

Our ceaseless search for the meaning of this cosmic catastrophe may have finally been reward. At the website of The Canadian, “an editorially independent and not-for-profit national newspaper” located in Toronto, we read End of Times December 21, 2012 linked to Alien Decoy Strategy. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Is the so-called End of Times Date of December 21, 2012 part of an orchestrated strategy of deception by Archons through quasi organized religous [sic] manipulation and accompanying psychological warfare?

The Archons? Is that something we ought to know about? The news story continues:

When was the last time the ‘masses’ were “so well informed” prior to any cataclysmic event from major wars to Fukushima to other catastrophes? Almost never?

Huh? Are you informed about the Archons? Your Curmudgeon isn’t. Let’s read on:

In the above video, David Icke suggests 2012 may be part of a strategy to deceive and disempower the masses.

We never heard of the guy, but Wikipedia has: David Icke. They say:

Icke was a BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party, when in 1990 a psychic told him he was a healer who had been placed on Earth for a purpose, and that the spirit world was going to pass messages to him so he could educate others. In March 1991 he held a press conference to announce that he was a “Son of the Godhead” …

Icke is definitely someone we all should heed. Here’s the rest of the news story:

In the meantime, the “real” End of Times scenario is being pursued a bit later in the future by an alleged regressive alien controlled consortium of elites.

Because of its importance, we’ve embedded the Icke video at the top of this post. It’s 15 minutes long and we haven’t watched it yet, so we’d appreciate your comments.

While we’re waiting for The End of the World, we declare this post to be an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Have at it.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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30 responses to “Countdown to 21 December: Four Days Left

  1. Archons aka ankle biters

    Cameron Day spent 15 years studying and putting together
    his report on Archons….ankle biters. So, it should be taken as
    serious observation and reporting.

  2. Of Icke’s video, our Curmudgeon warns:

    It’s 15 minutes long

    Even if the world wasn’t going to end in 4 days, 15 minutes is far, far too long to spend on David “Lizard Hunter” Icke.

    Better to spend that quarter hour on a more intellectually-stimulating activity–and compared to listening Icke, even counting the holes in acoustic ceiling tiles would so qualify.

  3. Double aaaarrrggh! [meaningful context maliciously deleted]

    I am clearly rattled by our impending doom on Friday

  4. Megalonyx….victim of ankle biters…:(

  5. I don’t think it possible to get drunk enough to watch 15m,17s of David Icke.

  6. The unfortunate thing is that after Dec 21, and nothing happens, is that these crazies will still be around to think up more crazy ideas.

  7. You’ve never heard of David Icke? He’s the man who revealed that Queen Elizabeth, the entire Bush family (the politicians — I don’t know about the baked beans guys), and the Kennedys are all alien lizard people. Even Answers in Genesis and World Net Daily aren’t covering this scandal.

  8. Hmm Archon was a 1980s chess like video game in which various mythological monsters were arranged on a chess board and then two pieces would fight on a battlefield to determine the victor.

  9. Troy says: “Archon was a 1980s chess like video game”

    It must be a reference to the old Star Trek episode: The Return of the Archons.

  10. I believe the Japanese Navy frigate Hayakumi is part of this alien deception plan and that the commander is in fact a Star Empire Warlord who will start a naval war with China over Senkaku island hegemony by firing a Harpoon missile at one of their fishing boats (which is really crewed by Wookies).
    Icke and Toronto are the command and control center for this invasion footage of which will be televised on BBC. Kryptonite is
    buried under the South China Sea and the Archon ankle biters must have it.
    PS My paper bag film eye covers are really fogging up too 😦

  11. doodlebugger says: “My paper bag film eye covers are really fogging up”

    This is no time to relax your guard!

  12. I have some more photos that I was planning to use for avatars, so I better start using them now since there are only four days left. If by some miracle we are still here on December 22, I can always go back to one of the more familiar ones.

    Speaking of avatars, I’ve always like Gabriel Hanna’s and Tomato Addict’s for their great graphic design, as well as The Curmudgeon’s for being a good, straight-foward photo. (Wanted to make that statement before it’s too late.)

  13. That was so bad I couldn’t get past the Corona bottle at 2:50. On the other hand, I think I’ll have a beer.

  14. Wow! David Icke never fails to make people like Glenn Beck look normal by comparison……hell he makes the Time Cube guy look normal.

  15. “A force of control, trying to cling on,”, really? So, the Klingons are currently in control! Ha!

  16. Don’t you see? This is exactly what the reptilians want to you think! They want you do scoff at them, so when we’re all sent to their alien uranium mines, they will eat your brain! They’re everywhere, man! This is a bug hunt! Game over! Game over!

  17. RSG: “Speaking of avatars, I’ve always like Gabriel Hanna’s and Tomato Addict’s for their great graphic design …”

    Not to mention my blatant pilfering of Wikipedia.

    Now properly acknowledged in a prominent place on my blog.

  18. @TA: With respect to the just-completed electrion, do you think Nate Silver (New York Times) was overrated, and Drew Linzer (Emory University) was underrated? Silver predicted an electoral split of 313 / 225, whereas Linzer hit it dead on with a prediction of 332 / 206. You only have four days to answer, so get crackin’, fruit image pilferer!

  19. I found a second smaller paper bag for my cat, Smeagol.When you cut a hole in the bottom for his head and 4 leg holes., it fits quite nicely.
    At the critical moment ill pop some sunglasses on him. So all set here.

  20. @TA & Gary: The fact that you chose the image makes it yours, TA. You have an artistic eye. Gary’s comment brings up the old controversy — is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Botanically, it is a fruit; but since it is grown as an annual plant, in common usage it’s called a vegetable.

    And Gary? What’s an “electrion”? (Yeah, I know it’s a typo like the one in my post above [“like” when I meant “liked”], but it has a cool ring to it, especially considering your EE background.) You’ve just invented a new physics term!

    The avatar is a photo I took from our campsite at Carlsbad State Park in So. California. Since the sun will be setting for the final time in four days, I thought it was appropriate for the times.

  21. Ceteris Paribus

    Megalonyx advises: “Better to spend that quarter hour [viewing David Icke’s video] on a more intellectually-stimulating activity–and compared to listening [to] Icke, even counting the holes in acoustic ceiling tiles would so qualify.”

    Actually, a quarter hour was more than sufficient to count the holes in the acoustic ceiling tiles of my isolation room, um, seclusion room, er, I mean just room.

    To the nearest integer, each tile has exactly 42 holes. (No surprise there.) But there is a bit of uncertainty on account of the need to look at the tiles cross-eyed.

    Otherwise, if the holes in one of the tiles turn out to be not acoustic but venti-ports for an Archon quantum x-ray laser retinal scanner hidden above the ceiling, the scanner can form a complete simultaneous image of both retinas. Which is well known to be admissible evidence of identity in an Archon court of law.

  22. RSG said:

    Since the sun will be setting for the final time in four days, I thought it was appropriate for the times.

    You bring up an interesting point. When on the 21st will everything come to an end? Maybe it will happen as the sun is setting for those on the other side of the world, in which case, it’s going to happen high noon for you. And that means you will only get three more sunsets. That’s right. You’re getting gyped (sp?) of that last one.
    Nature. She’s a true bitch, she is.

    Oh, and, yes, I sumtimz haz turble wit mi kees, henz “electrion”.

  23. You’ve been counting too many holes, Ceteris.

  24. @Gary, I really like the term “electrion”. You should copyright it, and then when you discover an as-yet un-named particle, you’ll be all set.

    And as for how many sunsets are left — the universe will disappear when it is precisely 12:21:12 on 12/21/12 in the Yucatan, the homeland of the Mayans. I reside at close to that longitude, so I will have three sunsets left. Moot point, though — it’s cloudy, and it’s forecast to stay that way.

  25. RSG said:

    I really like the term “electrion”. You should copyright it,

    In a move I’ll probably regret, I hereby put the term under Creative Commons license. (There goes my ability to buy that little island I’ve had my eye on…)
    In the meantime, TA is ignoring me. THIS WILL NOT STAND! Time to invoke a “Sheldon moment”:

    (knock)(knock)(knock) TA!
    (knock)(knock)(knock) TA!
    (knock)(knock)(knock) TA!

    I think he’s off researching whether a tomato is truly a fruit or a veggie. Should have known.

  26. Ceteris Paribus considers:

    if the holes in one of the tiles turn out to be not acoustic but venti-ports for an Archon quantum x-ray laser retinal scanner hidden above the ceiling

    Seal those little suckers immediately!!!

    And I don’t mean with namby-pamby Spackle. Nothing less than full-strength military-grade triple-A Curmudgeonite will do!

  27. (knock)(knock)(knock) TA!
    (knock)(knock)(knock) TA!
    (knock)(knock)(knock) TA!

    Sorry, I was all tuckered out from tilting at windmills, and overslept.

    I wasn’t following Linzer, but it appears he and Silver are equally correct. Silver’s 313 is and average of the likely outcomes, but not a number that is itself a likely outcome. Linzer’s 332 appears to select a single outcome as most likely. Given that several people did very good work on this, it’s not surprising that one got it exactly right

    What makes these predictions better is not just that they get it right, but that they also tell us how precise the prediction is (a confidence interval). the width (narrowness) of that intervals tells us about the strength of evidence behind the prediction.

    Compare this to the typical pundit that makes a prediction with no estimate of accuracy. That’s like an estimate based on no evidence at all (a guess).

  28. He’s confusing “End Times” with the Two-Minute Warning.

  29. The Mayan Calender did NOT predict the end of the world. The calender simply ended on that date. Nothing was predicted, just that the calender ended. The media exaggerated the meaning and twisted the calender for the outcome to be the end of the world. It may mean the end of the world, it may not.