Meanwhile, in the David Coppedge Case …

Many of you were hoping for a Kitzmas bonus in the form of a decision document in the suit filed by David Coppedge, the creationist who claims he was wrongfully demoted and later fired by his employer because he was promoting Intelligent Design (ID) on the job. As you recall, he used to work as a computer technician for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is part of Caltech. He also maintains a creationist website:Creation-Evolution Headlines — which was recently moved here.

Our last post on this case was after the judge had told JPL-Caltech to write up a final decision document that rules against Coppedge on all counts, Coppedge had then filed a pleading demanding detailed explanations about 68 separate items, and then JPL said they were going to ignore Coppedge’s demands and write the decision document as the judge had requested. That was David Coppedge Decision: Getting Nasty.

Today, although nothing shows up yet at the court clerk’s docket or at the archive maintained by our friends at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), located here: NCSE’s Coppedge archive, one of our clandestine operatives (who is so well-placed and valuable that he doesn’t even have a code name) informs us that eight — yes, eight! — documents were filed yesterday by Coppedge, including: (1) Request that the court take judicial notice of its final ruling on Coppedge’s motion for summary judgment back in Nov. 2011; (2) Objection to defendant’s proposed judgment (which only the litigants have seen) on the grounds that it fails to resolve controverted issues; (3) Detailed nitpicking about the proposed judgment’s characterization of various behaviors and opinions of Coppedge’s coworkers, etc.

Further, we are reliably informed that this new pile of pleadings totals about 250 pages. And we are told that one of these pleadings quotes from the long-awaited decision document JPL has drafted, but which hasn’t been seen yet. Thus we have a titillating preview of what awaits us. The quote from the unseen decision document says:

The Court finds that Coppedge failed to prove the existence of a causal nexus between any protected conduct and any alleged adverse employment action. Accordingly, Coppedge’s fourth cause of action for retaliation in violation of public policy fails and judgment on Coppedge’s public policy retaliation claim shall be entered in favor of Caltech.

Additionally we’re told that the decision document contains similar language for the sixth, seventh, eighth, and possibly other causes of action. The way we interpret this, if the final order comes out as JPL seems to have drafted it, it basically says that Coppedge got demoted and then laid off for good and valid reasons having nothing to do with his intelligent design mumbo-jumbo, and therefore there was no religious (or other) discrimination.

When this Ark-load of new material appears in the NCSE archive we’ll look it over, and if there is anything particularly amusing there we’ll let you know. Whatever is currently going on, it will have to be resolved before the final judgment document is signed. That means, dear reader, we won’t have a conclusion to the Coppedge case for Kitzmas.

The way it looks to us, as Coppedge slides down that high and steep cliff to oblivion, he’s going to leave fingernail scratches all the way down.

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12 responses to “Meanwhile, in the David Coppedge Case …

  1. Our Curmudgeon notes

    Many of you were hoping for a Kitzmas bonus in the form of a decision document in the suit filed by David Coppedge

    Well, yes, in a way. But really, I was hoping Coppedge wouldn’t be allowed to spin this out to the End of the World which is firmly booked for tomorrow–but it appears that he has.


  2. Oh for goodness sake. If you can’t win, stall forever, a well-established creationist tactic. Make one invalid argument after another, getting ever more ridiculous, hoping that your opponent will collapse from exhaustion.

    Doesn’t a judge get to say “Enough!” after a while? And just throw all those nonsense filings out the courtroom window, meaning, declare that the decision is made, the case is over, and he’s not going to waste any more time responding to them?

  3. Wasting the court’s time is also costing Coppy and his backers cash American. They will undoubtedly get burned for JPL’s legal fees and court costs at the end of this circus. Of course, they’re not spending their hard-earned money, it’s all donations from the gullible, so from their standpoint I guess it doesn’t matter. They could spin this game out a few more years!

  4. Has anyone read Copp’s blog?

    It’s the best example of continually grasping at straws that I have every seen in my life.

  5. Page 122 of the newly filed Coppedge pleas is rumored to contain this,
    Dear Judge Hiroshige,
    “Hello. My name is Mkombo Nga Hestoli. I have $122,000 that has been awarded to you from a legal suit recently. Please send your bank savings account #, Visa credit card # and bank address to me at;
    Witch Docor Albino Eater
    Creationism Legal Claimant Assistance
    Nairobi, Kenya
    I also require approval to remove all available funds from your account in order to add this $122,000 to it and then return the money to your bank.
    “Thank you”

  6. SC: “The way it looks to us, as Coppedge slides down that high and steep cliff to oblivion, he’s going to leave fingernail scratches all the way down.”

    Well put!

  7. The new pleadings are now up at the NCSE archive, right here. I plan to take my time going through them. Hopefully, the world will end and before I get started.

  8. I have tried to read some of the documents at ncse. It appears that Coppedge is retrying the whole case.

  9. nmgirl says: “It appears that Coppedge is retrying the whole case.”

    Yup, that how I see it. I’ll post something on it later tonight, or maybe tomorrow.

  10. Beckers billable hours to file these?
    Coppedge “pot luck dinner” church hall “science” talks
    or earlier ambulance chasing? Another creationist mystery
    that won’t see the light of day.

  11. nmgirl: +1.

  12. Ceteris Paribus

    If Coppedge is essentially asking for a re-do of the original trial at this point, it might be a rational strategy of making sure he gets flat turned down by the court.

    Then when he goes out on the Chick-fil-A / Hobby-Lobby lecture circuit Coppedge can claim that he, an humble and honest Christian trying to do his job for God and Country, was not only expelled from his job by an unholy cabal of JPL academic elites, he was also denied his day in court by an evil judge who collaborated with satanic Darwinist lawyers..

    Should raise a whole lot more donations to his cause than would just getting into the actual facts of the case.