End of the World? But We’re Still Here!

This is turning out to be a big disappointment. Everything is supposed to end today. Everything! But so far, the Apocalypse is a dud.

We experienced the same thing last year after the prophesy of Harold Camping and his radio empire, Family Radio — see Goodbye World! It All Ends Today! But the day is young (at least in our time zone), so it’s not over yet. We won’t be certain of anything until tomorrow.

Hey, what about that guy we wrote about here — Ten Days Until The End — One Man’s Plan? Surely you remember Peter Gersten, the retired lawyer who planned to jump off of Arizona’s Bell Rock in the expectation of landing in a cosmic portal to another dimension. Well, we have a follow-up on that.

In the Daily Courier of Prescott, Arizona we read EXPECTING THE UNEXPECTED: As Mayan prophecy, solstice collide, people brace for unusual events. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Peter Gersten says he’s taking a “Leap of Faith” on top of Bell Rock near Sedona today, but that doesn’t mean he’s literally jumping off the prominent 547-foot-tall red butte in northeast Yavapai County.

What? We were counting on his example as an inspiration. The story continues:

“I don’t think it’s going to involve risking my life,” he said. “The Leap of Faith was bringing 120 people to the top of Bell Rock without knowing why.” He said he felt like he needed to bring at least 111 people to the top of Bell Rock over the last several months to prepare for today.

Why 111 people? Let’s read on:

“On the Winter Solstice of 2012 at exactly 11:11 UT (Universal Time), a cosmic portal will open in Sedona, Arizona, and a leap of faith – from the top of Bell Rock – will propel me through its opening,” Gersten wrote on bellrock2012.com. That time is one minute before the Winter Solstice.

That makes sense. But why has he changed his mind about jumping? The story continues:

Since then, Gersten assured the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office he doesn’t plan to jump off Bell Rock, YCSO spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn said. “Today we walked the trail with him just to get an idea of where he’s going and where he’s going to plant himself” to wait for the portal, D’Evelyn said Thursday.

He’s just going to wait? The whole thing is going to fizzle out. Here’s more:

Heather Provencio, ranger for the Coconino Forest’s Red Rock District, said law enforcement officers will be in the Bell Rock parking lot to monitor what’s going on. “If we’re going to have 200 people trying to go up Bell Rock, we’re going to have safety issues,” Provencio said, especially if they stay up there for hours in the cold. “We’ve noticed some folks in town that are not usually here,” Provencio added. “There was a guy on Dry Creek Road waiting for the mother ship.”

That’s encouraging. Perhaps something will happen after all. Moving along:

[Gersten] posits people exist in an intelligently designed computer program that has been corrupted by a virus that also has corrupted Earth’s air, food and water. By entering the portal to the center of the galaxy, he hopes he can restore balance. Gersten said he plans to leave his nearby apartment and climb up on top of Bell Rock by 11:11 a.m. Arizona time and stay as late as midnight waiting for the portal.

Well, good luck to the guy. And what about the rest of us? Your Curmudgeon is here, just as we promised, bravely trying to hold it all together. Besides, with the whole world awaiting The End, there’s nothing else to do.

If you’re still among us, let us hear from you. We’ll treat this post as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone — perhaps the last one we’ll ever have.

Copyright © 2012. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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20 responses to “End of the World? But We’re Still Here!

  1. I was mildly disappointed when I didn’t wake up dead. I guess I better start xmas shopping.

  2. But We’re Still Here!

    You just think that we are still here. However, we have all crossed over to the other side, leaving chaos behind us.

    Oops! There are still creationists. I guess we did not leave all of the chaos behind.

  3. Man, this is so behind the times. All the cool kids know that the real distaster happens on 12/31 when a solar pulse sends out an EMP wave that wipes out all electronics on Earth.

  4. @Jim, I’m always a little behind the times. It’s like my son says as he’s looking at me completely exasperated, “It means nifty dad”.

  5. Where do the nutjobs come up with this s***? At least the Doomsday prophecy comes from an egregious misunderstanding of the Mayan calendar. But a cosmic portal to the center of the galaxy, where the computer that simulates life on Earth is located? WTF???

  6. Lots of people made big bucks off this nonsense. The world is full of suckers.

  7. I am happy to post here that we have emerged safe and unscathed from our Armageddon-Proof Ark, having experienced nothing at all untoward or out of the ordinary.

    In other words, Olivia says the earth moved for her—just as it always does when we practise (as we very frequently do) our ‘repopulate the world’ drill.

  8. I was thinking that creationists have made an ecological niche for themselves somehow in a survival sense, much like the wolf or wild dogs joined with hunter gatherer groups in a mutually beneficial relationship, and over time became more and more domesticated . Later, man bred them for prefered physical and mental traits apparently like shepherds, guards, retrievers, pointers, ratters and herders. If I understand the early relationships dogs formed with humans correctly, their ability to provide warning of approaching danger, or assistance while hunting or running down game, even defense of the group against predators, came into play. They could carry loads during travels, and, some cultures found them, well good to eat…..
    In return the dogs got warmth, sustenance, hunting companions, involvement in a pack of humans where they could assume a role, leadership, even health care. Protection from the elements, stability, protection of their young and a steady food source had to be attractive
    for what I guess would be described as a symbiotic relationship with humans.
    So, what do creationists provide man, as they seem to be associated with
    certain groups of humans. What symbiotic relationship do they have with man. certain groups of humans apparently find their “contribution” whatever it is, comforting, or important, or helpful in some way.
    Can anyone tell me just exactly what it is that makes diehard flaming creationists appeal to people and why they would give them, money, encourage them to put forth their ridiculous “science”, to present themselves before others as authorities, have people buy their books, or read their “work”. What se4rvices do they perform to society that allows them to continue to exist, get nourisihment, stay warm, have families, and gather the fruits of mankinds advancement. It has to be some kind of spiritual perceived benefit that portions of the human group as a whole, see in the existence of creationists on the fringes of and within the group.
    What the heck is it that hasn’t caused them to just die out and disappear, a failed sub species or a failed segment of the population as a whole. For as we have all observed, they are providing no tangible benefits to anyone.
    Are they just nice to pet and see wandering through the campfires ring ?

  9. Ceteris Paribus

    doodlebugger asks: “Can anyone tell me just exactly what it is that makes diehard flaming creationists appeal to people…”

    Only speaking for myself, but I always enjoy watching people who I know are not in my family gene pool. It is the same reason we like to visit the state fair, but that only happens once a year.

  10. Megalonyx says: “In other words, Olivia says the earth moved for her”

    A desperate, end-of-the-world boast, uttered with the expectation that no one would be around to laugh at such an outrageous fantasy. Well, Olivia and I laugh at you!

  11. This is a good end-of-the-world story: Man dead for two days on hospital toilet. Or maybe it’s just a commentary on government health care in Sweden.

  12. Our Curmudgeon ejaculates:

    Olivia and I laugh at you!

    I suppose, to a highly-imaginative pair of ears, the rush of escaping air from a puncture near an inflatable-doll’s lips could sound vaguely like laughter–if you’ve had a few drinks.

  13. Our Curmudgeon alerts us to a news story about a

    Man dead for two days on hospital toilet

    which is just the sort of dreadful event that could be prevented by universal deployment of Creationist Can-Cams.

  14. Megalonyx recommends: “universal deployment of Creationist Can-Cams.”

    A most thoughtful and humane suggestion!

  15. I can see the commercials now: “Help! I’m seated and I can’t get up!”

  16. in defense of the hospital, the guy was found in a locked restroom in another department from where he was supposed to be. still seems like someone should have noticed sooner that he was missing, but I can actually see that happening even in the US in a busy hospital. I mean, if you go to use the can and it’s locked you usually assume someone is using it and go to the next one. Now if he were found 2 days later in the toilet in his room, then I’d really think the hospital has a problem.

  17. The latest news is here: Peter Gersten’s at Bell Rock, but Says He’s Only Jumping if Vortex Opens:

    The man who has been planning on taking a “leap of faith” off Bell Rock in Sedona today is out there waiting for his “portal” to open, but it does not appear that he plans on blindly jumping off the tall rock.
    Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn tells New Times that Gersten told deputies he would only “jump” if a vortex opened above Bell Rock. … “The Forest Service is monitoring his activity,” D’Evelyn says.

    If authorities near Sedona report a splat, we’ll let you know.

  18. Jim says, “All the cool kids know that the real distaster happens on 12/31 when a solar pulse sends out an EMP wave that wipes out all electronics on Earth.”

    This might not be so far off-base. Of course, there’s no way to predict when it might happen again, but the sun has put out some VERY large mass ejections in the past, resulting in VERY powerful electromagnetic pulses on earth. A really big one occurred in the 1800s when the only electrical lines were telegraph lines, and havoc happened.

  19. We are now 50 minutes into 12/22/12 in the Eastern Time Zone, so it looks like we made it. Hawaii might not be so lucky, though.

  20. The whole truth

    Pretty soon some nutjobs will claim that a mistake was made in interpreting the time and date of the end of the world and that the Mayan calender actually says that the world will end next year. After all, if no one conjures up new dates and times the nutjobs won’t have their asinine fantasy to believe in and the scammers won’t be able to con the nutjobs out of some money on a regular basis.