British £10 Note: Darwin Out, Beatles In?

It’s one thing for England to lose its empire; but it’s quite another to lose its mind. Look what we found in The Daily Mirror, a popular British tabloid: The £10 vote: Public put forward 150 names for back of new tenner. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

The Bank Of England has released a list of more than 150 great Britons that have been suggested by members of the public for the honour when the new notes are printed. Princess Diana, who died in a Paris car crash in 1997, has been nominated – as have the late Queen Mother and the Duke of Edinburgh.

But wait — there’s more:

The Beatles, Sir Mick Jagger and ­ex-Take That singer Robbie are favourites from showbiz to appear on the new Series F note when it replaces the current Series E featuring scientist Charles Darwin.

Have the Brits lost it completely? The image of Darwin in this blog’s header pic is from the ten-pound note. And they’ve issued other currency with his likeness (see The Charles Darwin £2 Coin). Let’s read on:

Political figures such as Sir Winston Churchill and suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst are listed alongside TV stars including John Cleese, Michael Parkinson and Terry Wogan. Literary giants William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer and George Orwell are included as are ­scientists including Stephen Hawking and Sir Alexander Fleming.

It’s like a national IQ test question: Who doesn’t belong on this list? One last excerpt:

But overall favourite is Second World War Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing, the computer pioneer who died aged 41 in 1954 following a criminal prosecution for his homosexuality.

Hey — wanna see the whole list? Here it is at the Bank of England website. They’ve even got Thomas Paine on the list. And H.G. Wells, and Richard Dawkins too.

Well, what can we say? Nothing, really. Let’s just sit back and see who replaces Darwin.

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21 responses to “British £10 Note: Darwin Out, Beatles In?

  1. Could be worse: there are still some, even now, who would like to replace Sterling with the Euro.

    In that scenario, my Darwin tenner will never be surrendered–only grabbed from my cold, dead, impoverished hands…

  2. I think I’d better buy one up in a hurry as it’ll become a collector’s item.

  3. Why should it be necessary to replace Darwin just because a new note is designed? Keep him on it. There is no need for currency to evolve.

    Speaking of Alan Turing, I don’t recall seeing any posts lately from long-time regular contributor aturingtest. Hope all is well.

  4. Terry Wogan? Wow! Terry Wogan ! I’d like to nominate Big Bird and Mr Rogers and Captain Kangaroo also.
    Seruiously, I hope they don’t make any changes. More sober heads will prevail I predict. The Brits are not ones to go all faddish when it comes to
    matters of importance and heritage or national dignity.
    Winston Churchill would be okay.

  5. For some reason when I was imagining who would best
    represent the Brits in my mind, I thought of the Irish potato

    So either a Mr. Potato Head or Jagger would do it for me.

    QUOTE megalonyx: In that scenario, my Darwin tenner will never be surrendered–only grabbed from my cold, dead, impoverished hands…

  6. How about Alfred Wallace? I was also thinking a stiff upper lip, but can’t imagine how that would look.

  7. Paul McCartney, Winston Churchill, Mick Jagger, John Cleese, and George Orwell would all be fine choices, a shame to replace Darwin though.

  8. And Alan Turing as well.

  9. Why isn’t Margaret Thatcher — or rather, Baroness Thatcher — on the list? I wouldn’t mind swapping Darwin for her. He’s still Darwin, and she deserves the honor.

  10. Charley Horse

    Jeepers! The Brits must of forgot about Bliar or
    just happy he is over here milking his cash cow.

  11. Personally, I’d love to see the creationist reaction to putting Richard Dawkins on currency. I think that might bother them even more than Darwin.

  12. I want to see David Tennant on money! Or Patrick Stewart…

  13. David Tennant? I’d rather Tom Baker or John Pertwee.

  14. Paul those are both good suggestions, I guess since I wasn’t around for the old series I ignore it a little bit but those are good ideas.

  15. What about Mr Bean? Hes back from vacation now.
    Or, how come Lyell and Hutton don’t get their pics on anything? Geologists should not be taken for granite.
    or, what about Fat Bas**rd ? He’d look good on a tenner.
    okay enough.

  16. The first priority is getting rid of the picture of the grumpy old lady on the other side.

  17. With more than 1000 years of politics, war, science and culture figures to choose from, I don’t envy the Bank’s task.

  18. Alan Turing “died”, did he? Nice euphemism.

    He committed suicide after prolonged legal persecution and imminent imprisonment.

  19. Garnetstar: Cool down a second, they aren’t making that article to explain the life of Alan Turing, its not meant to be offensive.

  20. Might be a good way to “apologize” to Turing, but I’m a Yank & probably should stay out of it altogether. It seems to me, though, that a man who helped win the war & was later persecuted to suicide deserves some retroactive recognition.

  21. Agreed, out of all the people to replace Darwin he would be a great choice.