WND: Rev. David Rives — Slaying Goliath

We were awakened by the blaring sirens and flashing lights of our Retard-o-tron™. The blinking letters on the wall said WorldNetDaily. Instantly alert, we rushed to the computer.

The Retard-o-tron™ directed us to WorldNetDaily’s presentation of a new video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries. WND’s headline was Evolution is a Goliath ripe for slaying.

The rev’s video is titled David and Goliath. He sees David as a metaphor for creationists (but mostly himself) in the struggle against evolution. You need to click over there and watch the thing. It’s one and a half minutes long. Surely you’ve got that much time to spare!

As we’ve done before with the rev’s videos, please feel free to use the comments section as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Okay, now go to it.

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11 responses to “WND: Rev. David Rives — Slaying Goliath

  1. Hes getting money from somewhere. Perhaps Jimmy Swaggart’s flock of
    asteroids have found a new leader.

  2. Can it be mere co-incidence that “David Rives” is an anagram for the following:

    Vivid Dears
    Avid Drives
    Divas Diver

    Perhaps we can detect here the noodly appendage of the Intelligent Designer?

  3. Charley Horse

    Intellectually speaking…of course.
    The Starbucks Company’s CEO calls for the words “Come Together” to be scrawled on cups in the Washington, D.C., area ………

    You just can’t make this stuff up…

  4. David Williams

    I wonder if Rev Rives was homeschooled.

  5. I wonder if Rives was schooled, period. And do we know if he actually is ordained, or just calls himself Reverend?

  6. From Commandment Keepers: “Author, lecturer, and recording artist David Rives is well known for his presentation “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God” and his national lectures on Creation and Biblical Astronomy. His documentary has been translated into numerous languages and broadcast around the world.”

    No mention of “Reverend” – however I could not find any reference to Reverend on his website – just ‘ministries’ with the implication of being a minister I suppose.

  7. Since he’s operating out of an abandoned gas station that he shares with his father’s “Search for Noah’s Ark” museum located south of Nashville on I-65, I thought I’d ask.

    Signed, The Very Rev. Retired Science Guy
    RetiredSciGuy Ministries
    Hoosierville, Indiana

  8. We Hoosiers also like to sometimes throw in ‘Right’, making you The Very Right Reverend Retired Science Guy, and you could add a few letters afterward to up your cred. BS comes to mind…. 🙂

  9. More to the center, really. But “The Very Centered Reverend Retired Science Guy, BS, BA, LS/MFT” doesn’t have the “right” ring to it.

  10. I wonder if any of the young whippersnappers here know what LS/MFT means……I hadn’t thought of that in some time 🙂

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