AIG Visits a Real Museum

This one is really funny. It’s at the website of the creation scientists at Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis (AIG) — described in the Cast of Characters section of our Intro page.

Their article is A Review of the “Dinosaurs: When Giants Ruled” Exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach. It’s about an AIG staffer’s visit to Ripley’s Aquarium, which describes itself as “South Carolina’s most visited attraction.”

We always imagine how bone-shakingly hysterical it must be for a knowledgeable person to visit Ken Ham’s Creation Museum. Well, now we’ve got the flip side — one of ol’ Hambo’s people reports on his visit to a reality museum. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

While I truly enjoyed viewing some of God’s marvelous underwater creatures, I really wanted to see the dinosaur exhibit. I have always been fascinated by these magnificent beasts, but I was also curious to see the amount of evolutionary teaching permeating the exhibit.

Good attitude! Here’s what he saw:

Of course, it didn’t take long to see children being indoctrinated with evolutionary teaching. It’s heartbreaking to see how evolutionists use God’s amazing creation to proselytize a generation of young people into a worldview that rejects the Creator. A sign at the entrance of the dinosaur exhibit immediately broaches the topic by claiming, “For 120 million years some of the largest, most incredible animals ever to inhabit the earth made the ground shake with every thundering footstep.”

Heartbreaking indeed! Let’s read on:

In direct contradiction to earth’s true history as described in the Bible, the prominently displayed evolutionary timeline ran from the Cambrian Period to the present. According to this chart, dinosaurs lived from 248–65 million years ago. There was no explanation of how this idea of millions of years arose in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

How disgusting and blasphemous! We continue:

These millions of years were hatched by a group of men who despised God and sought to explain our existence without appealing to Him or admitting the truth of His Word. Instead, Ripley’s dinosaur exhibit just presents these vast ages as fact.

There oughta be a law against museums like that! In creationists’ fantasy society, there would be. Here’s more:

Since most museums promote their beliefs about the unobservable and untestable past as though they were proven scientific facts, I was surprised to find a sign discussing “Fact vs. Theory.” The sign read, “Paleontologists study rock formations and fossil remains looking for clues that will reveal what actually led to the extinction. Their conclusions (theories) are only educated guesses. As more facts are unearthed — existing theories evolve or are discarded.”

What’s wrong with that? AIG’s creation informs us:

Unfortunately, this cautionary caveat seemed to only apply to the many suggested reasons for dinosaur extinction, which included the meteorite strike, ecological competition, volcanic disaster, an ice age, and disease theories. If the exhibit had applied this distinction between “fact” and “theory” to the rest of the conjectures in the display, then they would not have promoted the ideas in the accompanying table as factual.

You can visit AIG’s article to see their table, which contrasts Genesis with what science has to say. Moving along:

Actually, it would be more accurate to use the term “belief” instead of “theory” when referring to man’s ideas about the untestable past.

That’s an old creationist claim, and AIG endlessly repeats it. According to them, the only way to know the past is to read the bible. We discussed all that in The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Creation Science, so we won’t repeat ourselves here. Another excerpt:

Some may choose to avoid spending money at attractions that contain a great deal of evolutionary content, knowing that some of their funds may be used to advance the evolutionary agenda.

Spend your money at Hambo’s museum instead. It’ll go for a much better cause. This is from the article’s conclusion:

Evolutionary museums, zoos, and aquariums teach or imply that people are nothing but star dust that just happened to come into being through billions of years of blind, random processes. The sometimes unspoken but unmistakable message is that we are all living out a purposeless and meaningless existence on an insignificant pale blue dot of a planet.

How horrible! One last excerpt:

The Creation Museum counters these vicious lies and stands as a witness to the truth and authority of God’s Word. Parents can have confidence when they bring their children to see our world-class exhibits, knowing they will be taught the true history of mankind, dinosaurs, and our world.

The choice is clear. It’s either Hambo’s museum or an eternity in the Lake of Fire. It’s up to you, dear reader.

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17 responses to “AIG Visits a Real Museum

  1. Ha. The way this guy goes on about the ‘untestable past’ would seem to imply that his own version of events is somehow more ‘testable’ than the scientific method. On one hand it’s quite hilarious that in this day and age people can continue to cling on to that which is so blatantly false, but at the same time it’s also quite disturbing that their twisted ideas are still being passed on to future generations.

  2. retiredsciguy

    Just one more example of Ham’s unbridled arrogance. Guess he has too much invested in his “museum” to dare investigate the methods paleontologists use to test the “untestable” past. Pity. He might learn something, and change his ways to start encouraging people to read the bible for its message of ethics, as opposed to living in fear of offending God (or whatever).

  3. These millions of years were hatched by a group of men who despised God…

    Ham, his minions and other creationists, constantly claim scientists of all sorts despise or hate god. Think about this – if someone believes that an all-powerful and judgmental god exists, capable of torturing them for all eternity at a whim, it would take an extraordinary amount of courage to do anything that would suggest hatred of such a god. It just wouldn’t happen. The scientists that Ham dislikes either do not believe god exists at all, or they believe in god but also believe he is likely to approve of their efforts to advance human understanding of his creation. Their is no third choice of believing in god, disliking him, and deliberately pissing him off.

  4. Alex Shuffell

    I agree with Ham, it’s quite disheartening to see these “beliefs” thrown at children and presented like they were facts with no evidence to support them.

    Just take a look back through history at all the field work (reading the bible) and experimentation (interpreting the bible) creationists have done in support of their ‘true-truth’ over centuries, maybe millennia. While evolutionists have only been at it for about 150 years and we’re not even using the bible! How can we expect to get anything done?

  5. AiG staff spending money on real science? Doesn’t the idea of putting more money in the hands of BigScience go against every claim they hold dear?

    More likely someone was told to quote mine Ripley’s online gallery. It does make for a simplistic lead in for Hambo to plug his never-never land.

    “nothing but star dust” I think the fact that we are billions of years old at birth is pretty cool.

  6. doodlebugger

    I am of course delighted to learn my entire life in the geological sciences has been a purposeless and meaningless existence.because I can now move on to the truth now and stop worrying about this ridiculous
    reason and logic malarkey ………..
    Excuse me, but I have to go throw out my fossil collection and rock hammer, Brunton compass and library now, its all rubbish………

  7. Excuse me, but I have to go throw out my fossil collection and rock hammer, Brunton compass and library now, its all rubbish………

    Oh, Brunton compass have we? How verrrrry posh we are. Nearly spilt me Earl Grey out of my Wedgwood saucer, I did. Would have spotted my Savile Row morning suit, what?

    A Brunton compass saved my life, you know. Oh, yes, it did. I was doing a survey for a railroad line to through the Kishkahali Plain. Infested with lions, of course. You’d just have the grade pole in sight when the chappy would just disappear. I was running out of chappys! Well, one day I was concentrating on a tricky bit across a stretch of wadi when I heard a rustle behind me and I turned to discover one of those infernal cats heading pell mell straight at me. Unable to reach my Howdah in time I grabbed my trusty Brunton by it’s leather thong and swung it around my head like David. With perfect timing befitting a Brunton I released my missile accurately to lodge in the beast’s gaping maw whereupon he choked and fell dead at my feet.

    Finally I can report that the Brunton was unscathed, unlike the lion who expired oriented precisely East by Northeast.

  8. Ham knows full well that what he promotes is a lie. But imagine how he would label each exhibit. ‘Dinosaur fossil: created by God’. ‘Trilobite fossil: created by God’. ‘Ammonite fossil: created by God’. Not exactly inspiring.

  9. Charles Deetz ;)

    To see another museum with stellar factual exhibits and research, maybe they should go to the International Cryptozoology Museum next.

    includes exhibits about cryptids (beyond Bigfoot & Nessie). We also feature displays about the finds of “living fossils” and other classic animals of discovery — the successful cryptozoological stories.

  10. retiredsciguy

    @Dean: Agree with you that no one from Ham’s staff actually visited Ripley’s Museum, but I don’t think a staffer wrote the piece. Sounds too much like Ham wrote it himself.

  11. The Smithsonian would really upset them!

  12. Lucky for that AiG staffer that they didn’t accidentally pick up up some real knowledge. — Actually, I’m willing to bet it was a field trip to remind themselves what a real exhibit should look like, the better to fake it for AiG.

    @Doc Bill: I’m glad you escaped unscathed, you might have gotten a rather nasty bite!

  13. doodlebugger

    SC Can we remove the paper bags now?

  14. We like you better with it on, doodlebugger. But yes, you may remove it now.

  15. These millions of years were hatched by a group of men who despised God

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor

  16. I corrected Ham’s typo:

    “It’s heartbreaking to see how evolutionists use God’s amazing creation to proselytize a generation of young people into a worldview that rejects our cartoon caricature of the Creator.”