Michael Cremo — Cutting Edge Creationist

Some of you may have heard of Michael Cremo. We wrote about him here: Michael Cremo — Hindu Creationist. He’s your basic, everyday kind of guy who knows about ancient aliens, Krishna consciousness, crop circles, pyramid power, creationism, etc. You know the type.

We found something about him in The Canadian, which describes itself as “an editorially independent and not-for-profit national newspaper.” The headline is irresistible: UFO: Aliens conceal human origins, teach Pyramid Power. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

According to Scholars like Dr. Michael Cremo and elders like Credo Mutwa, Creation and Evolution are two sides of the same coin. These theories have been implanted by the regressive aliens called Archons, as part of broader systems of alien implanted systems of organized religion; politics; economic development from capitalism and so-called “communism”; the entertainment industry; military conquests; education, and diverse others.

That sounds entirely reasonable. What else do they say?

The Archons do not want us to be aware of our true identity, because they believe that keeping humans ignorant of our true human origins enables the regressive aliens to mis-direct humanity away from our identity as beings of empathy, love and peace.

Well then we say: Death to the Archons! Let’s read on:

Dr. Michael Cremo claims that humans have actually de-evolved under the apparent influence of regressive aliens from a possibly more than billion year old human species of telepaths and have not “evolved” from primates, as transhumanistic “evolutionists” claim. The ancient Gnostics called these regressive aliens the Archons, which are demonic and result in we, as humans mis-directing ourselves into a path of planetary self-destruction.

Cremo ain’t no kin to no monkey. The article continues:

Dr. Cremo suggests that our human ancestors were humanoids, and were not ape-like, or the creations of “supreme Gods”; and also that our human ancestors existed in a higher level of consciousness, than the one which is promoted by our prevailing modern global capitalist milieu.

Ah yes, the elusive “higher level of consciousness” beyond our capitalist milieu. Here’s one more excerpt:

The irony is that, certain scientific findings support this claim that humans have devolved over a period of time. Contrary to popular belief, many scientific studies have found that the human brain is shrinking, and is not expanding as Darwin claimed. Other scientific studies also support Dr. Cremo’s theory of human devolution.

We were going to quit there, with a claim that science supports Cremo, but we can’t leave this out:

Both Dr. Micheal Cremo and Credo Mutwa suggest that we, as humans we de-evolved from humans who still apparently exist as “transgender” telepaths without strictly defined gender identity in a parallel “organic universe”.

We are descendants of transgender telepaths from a parallel universe! That’s so much better than a bunch of hairy apes.

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16 responses to “Michael Cremo — Cutting Edge Creationist

  1. Alex Shuffell

    I like The Canadian, a “not-for-rofit” newspaper. Cleverly disguised behind a typo they exploit us and our de-evolved minds, maybe rofit means something in a parallel universe. I wont accept that the Sensuous one made a mistake.

    Cremo may have just made it as my favourite creationists, he’s not the damaging and exploitative creationists like Ham and Comfort. Is there any truth to our brains shrinking? Would that mean less intelligence anyway?

  2. doodlebugger

    This is a job for “The Men in Black” clearly !
    gettin jiggy wid it…………..

  3. Charley Horse

    Is that the same Cremo chosen by the Tea Party to explore how
    to obstruct Agenda 21 denounced in the Republican platform?


    Don’t know exactly why….but while reading Cremo’s words, they
    reminded me of Bachmann….

  4. doodlebugger said: “This is a job for “The Men in Black” clearly !”
    Just nod yer head if you agree…

  5. Cremo and Credo – can’t decide if that sounds like a law firm, a dessert, a rap duo, or a pair of clowns…… And yes, there seems to be good evidence that human brains have been getting smaller, peaking out during the stone age..

  6. Alex Shuffell says: “I wont accept that the Sensuous one made a mistake.”

    I didn’t, because I cut-n-pasted from their “About us” page. But I just checked it out and the typo isn’t there. I think our transgendered ancestors are playing tricks on me.

  7. Dr. Michael Cremo claims that humans have actually de-evolved under the apparent influence of regressive aliens…

    And cites himself as exhibit A?

    Okay, cheap shot. I find myself far more amused than worried about people this fringe. By all means, keep publishing Cremo. Even since the Weekly World News stopped its print version, my life has been somewhat lacking in bat-boys, alien overlords, and pictures of heaven captured by Hubble that the government doesn’t want me to see.

  8. Devolution is the new evolution.

  9. “According to Scholars like Dr. Michael Cremo …”

    Scholars?? Seriously? LOL! Crackpots. (and why do they capitalize ‘scholar?’)

  10. retiredsciguy

    Ditto Keelyn. This is beyond whacked, and more akin to that which was promoted by L. Ron Hubbard (which I will deliberately misspell as “Sigh-ent-ology” to avoid unwanted Google hits).

  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archon#Gnosticism


    In late antiquity the term archon was used in Gnosticism to refer to several servants of the Demiurge, the “creator god” that stood between the human race and a transcendent God that could only be reached through gnosis. In this context they have the role of the angels and demons of the Old Testament. They give their name to the sect called Archontics.

  12. Will it all come down to a final battle for supremacy between Cremo’s Archon Overlords and Icke’s Uber Reptiles? Will mankind be able to reclaim it’s lost Atlantian DNA ? Will Mary ever gain full legal custody of her naughty bits? Don’t touch that dial… ;=)

  13. Watch out for the Archons — publishers of that best-selling cookbook “To Serve Man

  14. Curmie — ITS A COOKBOOK!!