ICR: Merchants of Death

Marketing schemes are usually built around the promise that the offered product will assist you in making money, improving your health, attracting the opposite sex, or enhancing your life in some other desirable way. These are all understandable and time-tested sales techniques.

Creationism, however, seems to be unique — It’s All About Death. In that post we quoted the creation scientists at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — described in the Cast of Characters section of our Intro page — as saying:

[I]f physical death was here before sin, then it could not really be the “wages of sin” since it is indeed the key to man’s evolution. In evolution, death produced man by causing less fit types to go extinct over time. Thus, death is regarded as good, and by extension Christ’s death paid no such penalty.

That’s not the only time ICR has been explicit about their sales pitch. More recently, in Plants Are Not Alive, we quoted this from one of their articles:

If God designed death into creation, then death is as “good” as all other factors — and the atheistic evolutionary doctrine is right. Death is the “good” force that brings about the ultimate “fittest” in our universe. Death, therefore, is not “the wages of sin,” and our Lord Jesus’ death was not necessary for salvation — it was just the wasted effort of a deluded martyr.

See? Evolutionists actually like death, but creationists don’t — unless they’re referring to it as a punishment or a threat. Therefore, dear reader, you can see who has the better argument. Today, ICR is pitching death again.

Their latest post is No Backdated Punishment in Eden. It’s by James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D. He has two middle initials, which is very classy, and he not only has a law degree, but he’s also a Doctor of Theology. He’s described at the end as “Associate Professor of Apologetics and Chief Academic Officer at the Institute for Creation Research.” He’s a true creation scientist, and we’ve written about his work before, most recently: The Key To Understanding Biology. Here are some excerpts from today’s offering, with bold font added by us and scripture references omitted:

At the end of Day Six, God said all was “very good”, which means no death existed on earth because death is not good [they have two scripture sources for that]. No animals died or were eaten before Adam sinned. Likewise, the Bible doesn’t mention the existence, much less the death, of any pre-Adamite subhuman primates before Adam sinned.

Okay, they’ve made their point — there was no evolution so there was no death before Adam. Let’s read on:

Adam’s sin triggered the curse of death, fulfilling God’s warning. Only then did Adam experience the death that God had warned about. But dying was not limited to Adam! The animals under his authority also became cursed with death.

We wonder if, upon seeing all the animals starting to eat each other and everything suddenly dropping dead, Eve looked at the apple core in her hand and uttered a “Oooops!” Perhaps she did, but it was too late. The universe was cursed! We continue:

Theistic evolutionists argue that animal death existed before Adam sinned, alleging that because God foreknew Adam’s sin, He justly imposed death on creation before Adam actually sinned (retroactive punishment). Yet the Bible never says that God punished Adam or animals before Adam sinned — to do so would be unjust. To punish a bad choice in advance would negate the decision as a true test of faith and loyalty.

Yes, it would be unjust to punish before the sin. That’s why little babies — oh, never mind. Here’s more:

So why do theistic evolutionists teach death before Adam’s sin? They reject the authoritative truth of Genesis and Romans in order to accommodate evolutionary teachings (e.g., eons of death before Adam sinned).

The creation scientists at ICR are definitely not accommodationists. Moving along:

Why does it matter? The New Testament directly links sin’s cause and its cure by tying the gospel of salvation to Adam’s sin. … The gospel depends on the Old Testament being true!

Indeed, the Old Testament is authoritatively relevant, true, and perfect—every “jot and tittle” of it.

It would be crazy to even think of arguing with that. One last excerpt from the end of the article:

What we believe about death being the consequence of Adam’s sin in Eden is a test of our own loyalty to God.

So there you are. Evolution never happened. Death is unnatural. Adam & Eve, the forbidden fruit, Noah’s Ark, all of it — that’s the true meaning of death. And that’s the creationists’ sales pitch.

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15 responses to “ICR: Merchants of Death

  1. You are mistaken in your references to Eve’s actions. The article clearly and repeatedly notes that it was Adam’s action that precipitated the Fall. Adam, not Eve, was in charge and carried the responsibility.

  2. retiredsciguy

    They sure can get themselves all twisted up in their mythology, can’t they? Reminds me a bit of Ptolemy’s planetary epicycles invented to explain retrograde motion.

  3. TomS says: “Adam, not Eve, was in charge and carried the responsibility.”

    Were you there?

  4. Charley Horse

    Someone needs to show that ultra lettered prof/ lawyer the
    latest translation of Genesis…..Which begins…Once upon a time
    God created….and so on and so on.

    How many times has everyone heard ” God loves you/ Jesus
    loves you? Yeah, he loves all of his creation to death…obviously.

  5. Alex Shuffell

    So everything dies because Eve ate some fruit and it’s Adam’s fault because he was The Man? Gen1:1 says that God created the heaven and the earth, but if no one died that means we were never to go to heaven anyway and we would be stuck on Earth for all eternity, still able to breed, which would have left us very overcrowded because all those babies and sperm/egg lumps would grown into people. So by cursing us, allowing us death she allowed us to go to heaven, isn’t that a good thing? But then by originally designing heaven not for us, when we go there it’s going to be quite weird for us, it’s not for us, but we have to spend eternity there anyway, so is heaven a good place, we were never meant to go there? Unless God saw knew this and planned for it, in that case he knew Eve would eat the fruit, so it’s a good thing, but he’s punishing us, even after Jesus died for us we still die and sin and stuff, shouldn’t he have fixed that? He forgave us, but he is God, but God obviously hasn’t forgiven us, we still die, so did Jesus didn’t really forgive us?

    I’m a little confused now, I may write this up in a paper and become a Doctor of Theology. It can’t be that hard.

  6. Alex Shuffell

    Did they say evolution happens or not in that article?

  7. “pre-Adamite subhuman primates”

    Gotta remember that one the next time they piss me off at work.

  8. Sorry to burst your overpopulation, sister on brother, mother on son fantasy but there was no humma-humma before Teh Fall. Eve was Adam’s “companion” because Adam was totally gay. More of a Platonic thing, well, had Plato been created on Day 1, but never mind that detail.

    Anyway, no horizontal mambo in The Olive Garden. (There’s a sign by the cashier’s desk that says words to that effect.) No overt P-D-A. Eve never had to say, “Hey, elevator eyes, up here!” No Valentine’s Day guilt. No seven-year itch. No spanking the monkey, except literally.

    How many years did Adam and Eve play Scrabble before she wandered over to the tree and met Snakey Sam? Why didn’t Eve forget the whole apple thing and just propose a ménage à trois? Oh, that’s right, French hadn’t been invented; my bad.

    No wonder ICR studies this stuff, so many questions!

  9. doodlebugger

    Now that you mention it doc, Adam does look maybe like he might be a little gay in those Creation Museum dioramas. How do I know? First hes got that 70s hairdo. Then hes got that mamby pamby beard thing going on.
    And, hes not even LOOKING at Eve in that diorama. Come on, you know thats a dead give away.
    But, hey what a job. Hang out with Eve in the hot tub, pet the lions and the sabertooth cats, (who were eating, uh, a lot of grapes and stuff), and sleep under the stars that were circling the disc shaped earth.
    Then that horrid woman spilled her nail polish in the tub and the jig was up,,,er,,,,well you know….:(
    Its all so simple. Why don’t you just accept the TRVTH?Why?

  10. Come on! Even I was staring at Eve in Hambo’s diorama! And speaking of AIG’s hot tub, that they affectionally call the “Primordial Soup,” nothing adds flavor to a soup better than a big old hambone! Just saying.

  11. Just reading the bible literally, as I do, of course, there is no mention of any time passing between creation of animals, Eve, and eating the fruit. Maybe, at most, a few days. So it wouldn’t have mattered that death did not yet exist. It’s a moot point.

    However, I have to be skeptical about the bible’s assertion that the very first thing Adam and Eve did when they became aware they were naked, and the only two people anywhere, and had knowledge of naughty things…. was cover themselves up. With fig leaves, no less. Really?

    So God comes along and makes clothes from skin for them. Skin of what? Did God butcher some animal, tan its hide, and give them the clothes – or did he just snap his fingers and create skin clothes without the middle step of having an animal grow the skin? What did they look like – did Eve have a sexy little leather monokini, or was she covered in a heavy mink stole, or did she have some other fashionable outfit – not to mention accessories. I mean, there were made by God, so they would have to have been just perfect. The mind reels…

    It would be so much more entertaining if ICR working on these questions, instead of the boring ones about life and death.

  12. I knew Adam and Eve before they knew the score,
    ’twas I designed the fig leaves that they wore,
    And behind the bushes kneelin’
    Saw the apple they were peelin’
    And I know exactly where they threw the core!
    So take that, Mr Wyatt!
    (apologies to the New Christie Minstrels.)

  13. If God had indeed left Adam “in charge” and Eve was just the labor needed to get the produce to Adam’s hand, Doesn’t the whole story become a repeat of the classic scenario: “Poor management causing yet another disaster and everyone else has to pay forever”?
    Had God even qualified Adam’s ability to make informed decisions?
    No, a short orientation and then straight to condemning creation for all time.
    This should sound familiar to any migrant worker.
    Adam and Eve would have been far better off forming an Autonomous Collective ;=)

  14. Did they levitate so they wouldn’t kill anything by walking on it?

  15. Theistic evolutionists argue that animal death existed before Adam sinned, alleging that because God foreknew Adam’s sin, He justly imposed death on creation before Adam actually sinned (retroactive punishment).

    The only person I’ve ever heard making this argument was … wait for it …William Dembski:


    I’m sure he’d be surprised to find out he was a “theistic evolutionist” but, then again, he was forced to recant.