WND: Darwin Caused 260 Million Deaths

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If our title seems a bit odd, we understand your reaction, but before long you’ll realize what it’s all about. We found another article in WorldNetDaily (WND) — described in the Cast of Characters section of our Intro page. It’s in their honor that our jolly buffoon logo is displayed above this post.

The article is by one of our WND favorites — Ellis Washington. We wrote about him recently (see Ellis Washington, Woodrow Wilson, & Darwin), so we won’t repeat our description of him. When we left Ellis, he was ranting about Woodrow Wilson and Charles Darwin.

He’s still on that subject in his new article, BHO: Woodrow Wilson reborn, but he’s also ranting about Obama — that’s the “BHO” in his title — and gun control, state sovereignty, and a few other subjects. We’re going to skip that stuff and get right to his discussion of Darwin. Here it comes, with bold font added by us:

The history of what was is always the harbinger of what will be. Although the left hates it when I do so, I must once again connect the pseudo-scientific, atheistic theories of Darwin’s evolution directly to the classical age of 20th-century nationalist tyrants and mass murders – the Ottoman Turks, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Mao, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, etc. – over 260,000,000 people murdered in the 20th century alone, not counting over 40 million war dead!

That, dear reader, is extreme! In fact, it’s the most extreme tirade against Darwin we’ve ever seen. Now you understand our title. But Ellis isn’t done. He’s got one more paragraph left, in which he uses one of his favorite techniques — trilogies of evil people. The names frequently change, but one of the three is usually Darwin. Here it comes, and we’ll break his paragraph into two parts:

The three men most responsible were Charles Darwin (evolution, natural selection, survival of the fittest), Karl Marx (communism, socialism) and Friedrich Nietzsche (God is dead movement, Will to Power, Aristocracy Paradigm).

We haven’t seen Nietzsche in an Ellis Washington threesome before, but it doesn’t matter. This is merely another of his typical name-salads. Don’t worry about trying to figure out what the three names have in common. Ellis doesn’t worry about it; he just likes to drop names — it’s supposed to show his erudition. Here’s how he ends his article:

My point: Don’t forget that President Woodrow Wilson and what I call the Progressive Revolution (c. 1900-today) systematically integrated the wicked ideas of these three men into U.S. law, politics, economics, education, religion and public policy, which has 100 years later led America directly to the neo-fascist policies of President Barack Hussein Obama, whom I consider Woodrow Wilson reborn.

If you’re a bit dazed, you might try to read the whole essay to get some context for that stuff. But be warned — there isn’t much context. It’s just Ellis, and WorldNetDaily. Nothing new here, folks.

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10 responses to “WND: Darwin Caused 260 Million Deaths

  1. It is very hard to comment on such a non sequitur as Ellis Washington’s attempt to link Darwin to the likes of Hitler, Stalin, et al. and the deaths for which they were responsible.

    Presumably, Ellis Washington considers himself to be a Christian. And speaking of slaughter and carnage, one may well wonder how he feels about the Crusades.

  2. After the last time Curmy wrote about the WND [when his machine broke I believe], I spent a bit of time reading that despicable rag. It is truly scary. Generally the writers are liars and the commenters are crazed, racist, bigoted, imbecilic conspiracy theorists. Their numbers are frightening.

    RSG brings up only one of many instances of slaughter and carnage. Check out the following website for an estimate of Yahweh’s killing in the bible: http://dwindlinginunbelief.blogspot.de/2006/08/who-has-killed-more-satan-or-god.html

  3. There is no kind way to say it, the man is insane and paranoid.

  4. I sometimes wonder if all of these right wing-nuts really believe what they say (and I include Rush Limbaugh and his ilk)? Or are they in it for the $$$. If they really believe this stuff they really live in a sad world without joy and hope and no belief in a brighter future. Now thats scarry!

  5. Douglas E writes: “Generally the writers are liars and the commenters are crazed, racist, bigoted, imbecilic conspiracy theorists.”

    You are too kind.

  6. Alex Shuffell

    I don’t know how Ellis Washington can make being insane and paranoid so boring. He’s like a cheap villain from the later Star Trek series’.

  7. Biokid says: “I sometimes wonder if all of these right wing-nuts really believe what they say …”

    Alas, many do. But as I occasionally remind you guys, there are idiots at each end of the political spectrum. It’s just that the left-wing nuts are crazed about other subjects, so we tend to ignore them here. But don’t imagine that either party is the one with the brains.

  8. At least this time his claim doesn’t require time travel. The people he’s blaming actually wrote before the time period he’s blaming them for. I believe that’s actually a step up in terms of rationality for him.

  9. Why do they stop at the 260 million deaths? What about all the cannibalism, incest, child abuse, HIV, and the heartbreak of psoriasis for which Darwin is also personally responsible?

  10. @TA – sadly, you are correct. If I had typed what I was feeling, Curmy’s filter would have clogged very quickly.