Rev. David Rives: In The Days of Noah

In our ceaseless endeavors to not only bring you stimulating and educational material, but also to nourish your spiritual hunger, we are delighted to present another inspiring video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries.

This one is titled In The Days of Noah. In it, the rev tell of how wickedness filled the land, while Noah — the only righteous man of his time — obediently built the Ark and was thereby prepared for the coming Flood. The wicked perished, but Noah and his family were saved. The world’s geology is proof of the Flood!

You will need only one hundred seconds to watch the thing (until the commercial at the end), and then your life will be forever changed. Click on the video. Do it now … if you care about eternity!

Afterwards, feel free to use the comments as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone.

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8 responses to “Rev. David Rives: In The Days of Noah

  1. Alex Shuffell

    When Jesus returns he thinks his god is going to kill everyone and everything expect for a boatload of animals and eight people? But God said he wasn’t going to do that again in Genesis. Or will he be shifting his responsibility onto Jesus, it’s his turn for some global genocide? Luckily a few verses before give us some clues as to when he will return: Matt 24:29 “…the moon shall not give her light and the stars shall fall from heaven…” Already we know the moon does not give light! It can’t be long before the firmament that holds the planets, the sun and the other stars above Earth will break.

    Thank God the bible is just a barbaric collection of myths and fables from a time of great superstition and ignorance.

  2. Here’s a classic from the Rev.

    Apparently he used to (or still) drive around with his telescope and gave seminars, though I bet he is DVD and books only now.

  3. David Williams

    Some creationists claim that the geological column was laid down by the flood. However, limestone is not laid down by floods. I am amazed that some people still believe in Flood Geology in the 21st century. Religion skews some people’s rational thought.

  4. The story of Noah’s Ark never made sense to me. A flood to destroy everyone evil in the world must have had a lot of collateral damage. Weren’t there any innocent babies and toddlers? Why destroy ALL the animals except for the lucky pairs taken aboard the Ark? Couldn’t an omnipotent omniscient god been able to be a bit more particular? And, if Noah and his family were so good, how did human evil creep back into the world?

  5. The Rev is so ignorant it’s hard to watch him for the full video. I doubt he can walk and chew gum at the same time.

  6. “Thank God the bible is just a barbaric collection of myths and fables from a time of great superstition and ignorance.”

    Brilliant synopsis of the basis of Christianity. I’m so stealing that line. 🙂

  7. Does the guy really believe the things he is saying?

  8. @makagatu.

    With the caveat that no one knows unless one is able to read minds, my strong suspicion is that he knows that most if not all of what he is peddling is pure nonsense, with zero evidence to back it up. The reason for my suspicion is simple. First, if he were serious, he’d be begging the DI and non-Biblical creationists to “see the light,” and not wasting his time on “Darwinists.” Second, like the DI, which has a much more shrewd “don’t ask, don’t tell what happened” when strategy, he as great motivation for peddling what he knows ain’t so.

    At this point someone invariably chimes in with “Oh, no, they really do believe that stuff.” Apparently some people can read minds. 😉