Gynecologist with Hidden Pen Camera

This is a slow news day, so we went searching for an old topic, one which was a favorite around here a few months ago.

To our disappointment, we couldn’t find anything new about David McConaghie, the creationist who — until very recently — was a high-ranking party official of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (the DUP). As we previously posted (see Creationist Suspected of Bathroom Voyeurism), he was arrested in connection with the discovery of a toilet camera found in the loo of DUP member David Simpson’s constituency office. Simpson says that McConaghie no longer works for him or the party. McConaghie was also s media officer for the Caleb Foundation, a prominent creationist lobbying organization; but he’s been — ahem! — stripped of that position too.

But don’t despair, dear reader. Although there’s no news about McConaghie, we have found his soul-mate. You can read about him in the International Business Times: Gynecologist Hid Camera In a Pen To Secretly Film Patients, Doctor Found Dead Amid Investigations. A few excerpts should be sufficient to give you a taste of the situation:

A gynecologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, U.S., was found dead at his home Feb 18, shortly after he was dismissed from the hospital on charges of allegedly recording uncounted numbers of videos of his patients through a camera hidden in a pen.

Dead? Well, he enjoyed his work while he was alive. Here’s more:

Dr. Nikita Levy had been found wearing a pen every time he examined a patient until a female college [sic] became suspicious of the pen earlier in February. The co-worker informed security of his odd behavior.

Now that he’s gone, try to think well of him. At least he wasn’t a proctologist. Let’s read on:

When police searched his home the next day, multiple hard drives and servers with pictures of patients were found, the hospital authorities said in a statement.

The story goes on a bit, but we think we’ve given you the picture, so to speak. You can click over there to read it all. But there’s one thing we haven’t been able to learn — was he a creationist? Until we learn otherwise, we’ll have to assume that he was. He certainly fits the pattern.

Okay, that’s all we’ve got for the moment. Feel free to use the comments as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone.

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3 responses to “Gynecologist with Hidden Pen Camera

  1. Damn! I was born there! Happily, long before his time.

  2. What was he doing with the recordings. I thought as a doctor he would seen enough to want to record them!

  3. Doctor Watchdog

    See also Peter LaFuria….