Ray Comfort: Evolution Requires Faith

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We were interrupted by the blaring sirens and flashing lights of our Retard-o-tron™. Dashing to the computer, we found it linked to the website of WorldNetDaily (WND) — described in the Cast of Characters section of our Intro page. It’s in their honor that our jolly buffoon logo is displayed above this post.

The Retard-o-tron™ directed us to an article by Ray Comfort, who is best known for his starring role in Ray Comfort’s “Banana video”.

Comfort’s new article has an intriguing title: Is evolution fact or faith? Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Believers in evolution believe that evolution is a proven fact, rather than a mere belief. What they don’t realize is that everything about evolution rests on a foundation of faith.

Did you get that, dear reader? Your theory of evolution is based on faith! That makes it worthless! Comfort continues:

Nothing is observable without the believer having to exercise faith. When hearing such a thought, the devout devotee rushes to his evolution site to cut and paste what he believes to be facts. Then he presents them en masse with the zeal of a fundamentalist religious zealot. He has faith in what he believes is evidence – what he hears about old bones, ideas and dating processes.

That’s exactly how we react, but only a fool would rely on faith. Let’s read on:

Creationism on the other hand is observable. The Book of Genesis tells us that male and female were created in all the “kinds,” and in nature we see that except for a few hermaphroditic lowlifes, everything has male and female. Horses, cows, dogs, cats, elephants, giraffes, fleas, fish, kangaroos, polar bears and people all have male and female. That’s what the Bible says, and that’s what we observe in nature and in the fossil record.

By golly — he’s right! He’s got the evidence! We continue:

Genesis tells us that each of these kinds would reproduce after its own kind, and that’s what we see in nature. Dogs reproduce dogs, cats reproduce cats, horses reproduce horses, etc. Nothing reproduces a different kind. There are variations within kinds such as tiny dogs and Great Danes, but each variation is restricted to the dog “kind.” All these things are observable. None of them needs the exercising of any faith. What we see in natural surroundings lines up perfectly with what we are told in Genesis.

No bird gives birth to a dog — that’s proof of creationism! Here’s more:

But what we are told about evolution doesn’t line up with what we see in nature. While evolutionists would have us believe that everything evolved and is still evolving, there are no dogs or birds or plants that we can observe that are in the process of evolution. Everything is in a state of functional maturity.

He’s demanding living transitionals. Well, in one sense, everything that lives and reproduces is transitional — unless its line is going extinct — but you’d need a time machine to watch it actually happen. (There’s observable microbial evolution, of course, but that doesn’t impress Comfort — they’re still microbes.) Comfort wants to see large-scale, inter-species evolution happening before his eyes. But the theory of evolution doesn’t predict such things. The kind of evolution he wants to see takes many thousands of generations, often millions of years, so we’re not going to literally see it, although the geological record is a kind of time machine, and we have fossil evidence showing that evolution has been happening.

In addition, we could mention the existence of some critters that certainly seem to be transitional right now — aquatic mammals, flying squirrels, swimming birds (penguins), flightless birds, walking catfish, lungfish, etc. But Comfort either never heard of them, or he thinks that they don’t mean anything. Moving along:

After it was made, everything was “finished,” as Genesis says. We don’t observe anything dying because it has half a mouth and can’t eat, or has a semi-evolved stomach and can’t digest, or flies in a circle because it has only one partly-evolved wing, or drowns because it has semi-evolved gills.

Such gross deformities do exist, briefly. They’re called congenital disorders. Nature swiftly sweeps them under the rug. They either naturally abort or they die quickly after birth. That’s what natural selection is all about. Here’s how Comfort concludes his powerful essay:

The burden of proof lies with the believer in evolution, but he can’t deliver, because anything that is said to be observable when it comes to Darwinian evolution is conjecture, and that needs the exercising of faith. They believe in their evidence. We can point to ours.

There you are, dear reader. Comfort has made his case. Admit it — don’t you feel foolish?

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21 responses to “Ray Comfort: Evolution Requires Faith

  1. Spector567

    Poor Ray. He’s just invented 20,000 additional religions he has to fight against.

    Afterall chemistry is a religion as well by his standard.

  2. Evilution requires faith! and this makes it bad and wrong. Wait! xtians getting into heaven require faith but this, we have just found out, is bad and wrong! So we need evidence of heaven and that is where? Exactly???

  3. I am rather amazed that this Comfort-woo did not blow a fuse or two in the Retard-o-tron.

  4. The whole truth

    “…a few hermaphroditic lowlifes…”

    Lowlifes? What an arrogant jerk.

    And apparently comfort has never heard of gynandromorphs, or intersex humans.

  5. Epic case of projection:

    …with the zeal of a fundamentalist religious zealot.

  6. So having faith and being a religious zealot are bad? I’ll have to remember that for later. I hope Ray doesn’t mind me quoting him.

  7. Ceteris Paribus

    There is something sadly schizophrenic in Ray Comfort’ world view.

    On the one hand he proclaims the wonder of gender as proof of his creator’s wisdom.

    In his other hand Ray flourishes a banana, as the most perfect show-and-tell item to prove the principle of ID. The atheist’s nightmare.

    But the poor banana is not even hermaphroditic; it is sterile and cannot reproduce from seed.

    One wonders whether Ray is merely a practitioner of bananaolatry, or is a secret admirer of early Christian sects who practiced self-castration in order to be closer to their vision of heaven:

    and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

    Matt 19:12

  8. Comfort: “… everything has male and female. “

    How ironic that he should bring this up! The advent of sexual reproduction at the beginning of the Cambrian was the driving force behind the rapid evolution and appearance of new species during that period.

    Of course, at the time the bible was being written, no one knew that things like bacteria and protozoa even existed — so of course the bible states that “everything has male and female.” Ray Comfort, if you are reading this, everything is NOT male and female. The bible is wrong about that. Funny that you should bring it up.

  9. ***”Nothing is observable without the believer having to exercise faith. When hearing such a thought, the DEVOUT DEVOTEE rushes to his evolution site to cut and paste what he believes to be facts. Then he presents them en masse with the ZEAL of a fundamentalist religious ZEALOT. He has faith in what he believes is evidence – what he hears about old bones, ideas and dating processes.”***

    Devout devotee? Zealous Zealots? Department of Redundancy Department.

    Also the “you are just as stupid as we are” line of argument may not be quite as effective as Ray seems to think it is. Even if both sides relied equally on faith, which is untrue, Ray still hasn’t established why his kind of faith should be considered more true or more reliable than any other. The notion that there are other ways of understanding things besides through faith is of course alien to Ray.

  10. doodlebugger

    Well then crock why are there still monkeys then? 🙂

  11. Charles Deetz ;)

    Wow. I love how Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs calls Jim Hoft the dumbest person on the internet, but after this, I’m not so sure.

  12. @Charles Deetz;) — Right. Ray Comfort is off-the-chart dumb.

  13. gregariouswolf

    Science works even if you don’t believe in it.

  14. The whole truth

    How does comfort explain all of the fruits, vegetables, etc., that aren’t shaped like a banana?

    Since there are bananas, why are there coconuts, watermelons, and cows?!!111!!!?

  15. Aside from the obvious irony of the article, the notion that a simplistic observation/explanation (males, females, kinds, reproduction, etc) made by an author 2000+ yrs ago is identical to a simplistic observation/explanation that could be made today, does not count as evidence or proof.

  16. Just like the motions of the Sun, Moon and stars around the Earth are all visible. (Each as visible as the others.)

  17. DickVanstone

    Little did I know, I have been growing atheists’ kryptonite for the better part of 6 years. I do hope Banana-man knows there are hundreds of varieties of desert bananas and about equally as many non-desert varieties(require cooking), on top of the plethora of ornamental non-fruiting varieties. For those interested, google: Musa (genus).

  18. I’m guessing the evidence of ‘ring species’ would cause Mr. Comfort to babble even more madly. Or is that only a belief?

  19. @DickVanstone: Desert = dry region. Dessert = yummy.

    You had me going there until I read “non-desert varieties(require cooking)”.

  20. dickvanstone

    Whoops, bananas are definitely a moisture loving plant and would wither and die in any desert climate, unaided of course. The varieties I grow are absolutely dessert varieties too: Blue Java, Sunset, Red Iholene, Dwarf Cavendish, and Apple-banana. Thanks for the correction retiredsciguy, I believe my dyslexia kicked in when I typed that. I thought about it before I typed that specific word and still chose the wrong way, lmao.

  21. @dickvanstone — Sorry; my inner teacher coming out. I try to curb him, but sometimes I lose all control. I have to keep telling myself no one’s purfect.