Creationist Wisdom #307: Evolution Is Un-American

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Daily Mining Gazette of Houghton, Michigan (population 7,708) in the northwestern portion of that state’s Upper Peninsula. The title is Big hoax called evolution. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. As we usually do, we’ll omit the writer’s name and city. Okay, here we go:

No creator God, no judgment, no accountability to Him. Life is devoid of meaning since mankind is no different than a twig or animal. These false concepts come from the big lie called evolution.

Great start, huh? Eagerly we plunge forward without delay:

And people are shocked at mass killings? Of reprobate thinking that’s lost touch with right and wrong, life and death?

Wow! Just … wow! Let’s read on:

Our public schools share in the blame in this anti-God mindset, while propagating the big hoax called evolution.

At this point the letter-writer presents a series of mined-quotes. They’re his only evidence. They purportedly come from “Sir Julian Huxley, the world’s leading evolutionist,” who said he liked evolution because God interfered with his sexual appetites, and from Sir Arthur Keith, who said evolution is unprovable, and from physicist R.A. Milliken, who said essentially the same thing.

Fortunately, we don’t have to bother checking those quotes, because “today’s” letter is a couple of weeks old, and a subsequent letter-writer has already debunked them. Huxley never uttered that “quote,” the Keith quote has been debunked, and the Millikan quote is accurate, but it’s from 1925. See Evolution not un-American. Having been spared a lot of effort, we continue with “today’s” creationist’s letter, which still has plenty of goodies:

Evolution is the faith belief of the atheist, Marxist and fascist. It dehumanizes and desensitizes all reverence for life, liberty and property as gifts from God of which government’s primary duty is to protect, not destroy.

Yeah, that commie-fascist Charles Darwin. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s amazing what we find out there. Here’s more:

James Madison said, “We have staked the whole future of American Civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We’ve staked the future of all our political institutions upon our capacity … to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

That quote is absolute garbage. See the Wikiquote entry on James Madison, where we’re told it was:

Attributed to Madison in The Myth of Separation Between Church and State (1989) by David Barton, he has since declared it a misattribution, after Madison scholars reported that this statement appears nowhere in the writings or recorded utterances of James Madison.

Relying on David Barton is the last desperate act of a fool. The letter continues:

Martin Luther believed schools would become great gates to hell unless the sacred writings of the Bible were taught.

Oh yeah, that guy. Check this out:

“But since the devil’s bride, Reason, that pretty whore, comes in and thinks she’s wise, and what she says, what she thinks, is from the Holy Spirit, who can help us, then? Not judges, not doctors, no king or emperor, because [reason] is the Devil’s greatest whore.” — Martin Luther

Another excerpt from today’s letter:

When Thomas Jefferson was superintendent of schools in Washington, he considered the Bible the foremost textbook.

Huh? Jefferson was superintendent of schools in Washington? That doesn’t sound like him, or the kind of curriculum he would approve. The University of Virginia, which he founded, was created without professors of theology. It had no school of divinity, a tradition which continues to this day. The letter ends gloriously:

Should we be surprised that today our nation is morally and economically bankrupt? Evolution is unAmerican and anti-American fraud, like our fake money system. Is life so sweet and peace so dear that we’ve lost the connection between cause and effect?

It looks like Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is yet another place your Curmudgeon will have to avoid.

Copyright © 2013. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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14 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #307: Evolution Is Un-American

  1. Does this idiot know he/she is lying or has the fundie brainwashing been so successful the writer thinks they are are telling the truth?

    Does fact checking ever cross the fundie mind?

  2. Once again, we see that the fundie mind is a bottomless well of stupidity.

  3. doodlebugger

    Well then. Its a good thing there weren’t mass killings and wars during Biblical times or prior to 1859. This letter writer has really thought this through and is demonstrating keen reasoning ability. Impressive.

  4. Is it any surprise that the writer of that letter believes fake quotes when he clearly believes fake attributes of his own scriptures?

    Re “It (evolution) dehumanizes and desensitizes all reverence for life. . . .” Uh, and that reverence comes from his scriptures that describe over 3,000,000 killings of human beings (not counting all those from the “Flood”) at the order or by the direct hand of Yahweh, that humanizes us and sensitizes us to revere life?

    And they want these guys to have unfettered access to guns. Amazing.

  5. Charles Deetz ;)

    He doesn’t believe in money either?

  6. SM: “It looks like Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is yet another place your Curmudgeon will have to avoid.”
    Obviously tongue-in-cheek – I’d actually strongly recommend the UP of Michigan for any and all geology nerds. I’ve been up there several times. World-class silvery- & red-colored banded iron formations, sparkly-glittery specularite, native copper in basalt and conglomerate, stromatolites, and the world’s oldest macrofossils (2.11 billion year Grypania spiralis). Plus the beautiful Pictured Rocks near Munising, consisting of multicolored staining on Cambrian sandstones. And the amazing Seaman Mineral Museum in Houghton. The UP is a geologist’s playground. I often wish I had a geology teaching job up there, with such awesome outcrops down the road.
    However, it’s pretty clear that a bit more education is needed in some of the local populace. If the creationists of the UP weren’t so prejudiced against science, they might better appreciate the uniqueness of their corner of the world.

  7. @stephenpruis:
    Where do you get that figure of 3,000,000 from? I’m not doubting you (there are quite a few major killings in the Bible), just asking.

    BTW, I have heard it said that when the Lord orders the killing of people, as well as destruction of valuables, and other things which would be counted as bad acts when done by people, that it is justified for the Lord to act that way. This makes me wonder whether it is also justified for the Lord to say things which would be counted as lies if humans said them.

  8. A few rambles:
    Yup, we science types see no difference between a twig and a human.
    The UP is indeed glorioius – just don’t talk to anyone.
    John Piper, noted Reformed theologian explains that God’s killings are good because God did it.
    God vs Satan in killing – shows more like 25 million.

  9. The Julian Huxley quote is an old creationist hoax at least 33 years old. Ed Babinski found the earliest reference in a book by D. James Kennedy in 1980. Kennedy in turn cited as his “authority” Henry Morris, but the citations is false– Morris can’t be blamed.

    But interestingly, Kennedy’s fake quote said:

    “Sir Julian Huxley, one of the world’s leading evolutionists, head of UNESCO, descendant of Thomas Huxley — Darwin’s bulldog — said on a talk show, ‘I suppose the reason we leaped at The Origin of Species was because the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores.’.”

    — D. James Kennedy, Why I Believe, originally published 1980 (revised in 1999)

    Note that our creationist author here has changed the quote from “we” to “we scientists”! That is how creationist quotes evolve, by accretion.

    You should read Ed Babinski’s heroic attempts to get D. James Kennedy to admit he was wrong and to trace the origin of the fake quote. That is really worth a read.

    Yes, those horny, horny, oversexed scientists! We all know why they wear white lab coats– they’ve got no pants on!

  10. Fulton's Folly

    … said Sensuously ….

    “Note that our creationist author here has changed the quote from “we” to “we scientists”! That is how creationist quotes evolve, by accretion.”

    One could argue that this was instead an (semi-)intelligent cause that increased the amount of information.


    I’ll show myself out.

  11. @James St. John – Thanks for pointing out some of the nicer things about the UP. It’s a nice place to visit in summer, when the days are very long. It’s so far north, and so far west in the Eastern time zone, that it’s still light out after 9 PM. Houghton-Hancock are the “twin cities” of the UP, and the area is also home to Michigan Tech. So this is a college town. The writer of the letter should not be taken as representative of the area, IMHO.

    Probably not a great place to visit in winter, unless you really, really like snow. You may have noticed that in the downtown area, the parking meters are placed far back from the curb. This is so they won’t get buried when the snow plows come through to clear the streets.

  12. “When Thomas Jefferson was superintendent of schools in Washington, he considered the Bible the foremost textbook.”

    This appears to be another David Barton misquote:

    As president of the U.S., one of Jefferson’s duties may have been to serve as president of D.C.’s school board (I didn’t verify this). But the part about the Bible appears to be fabricated.

  13. You know, these local papers should ask their letter-writers to verify their sources before publishing their letters. They make themselves look no better than the worst of the scandal-rags.

  14. Diogenes writes …

    Yes, those horny, horny, oversexed scientists! We all know why they wear white lab coats– they’ve got no pants on!

    We scientists find that a bit of breeze on the naughty bits is quite refreshing.

    I also must second J St. J and Anon on the UP. I have visited there in summer and winter, and had a wonderful time on each occasion. Just remember to wear pants.