Louisiana Creationism: Zack’s Third Campaign

The last time we wrote about Zack Kopplin he was on the Bill Moyers Show, an event that caused a Discoveroid Freak Out; and that was followed by the very revealing Confessions of a Discoveroid Lobbyist.

Why does Zack get the Discoveroids so crazy? It’s because he’s attacking the principal accomplishment of their entire existence — the Louisiana Science Education Act (the LSEA). When that became law back in 2008, the boys in Seattle thought they were on the way to achieving their dark dream of implementing their insidious wedge strategy.

Surely you remember those days. It wasn’t long after the Discoveroids’ ignominious defeat in the Kitzmiller case, but they snapped back with a two-pronged assault on the rational world. Part one was promoting their anti-science, anti-evolution, pro-creationism Academic Freedom Act (about which see the Curmudgeon’s Guide to “Academic Freedom” Laws), and part two was a propaganda movie blitz — the box office disaster Expelled, starring that thrilling, rip-roaring, swashbuckling, heart-throbbing leading man, Ben Stein.

The result was that in 2008 Louisiana — revealing itself to be the most ignorant and backward state in the union — enacted the LSEA. The legislature passed it almost unanimously. The bill was promoted by the Louisiana Family Forum, run by Rev. Gene Mills, and it was signed by the state’s ambition-crazed governor, Bobby Jindal, the Exorcist.

Since then only Tennessee has joined Louisiana in their legislative leap into the sinkhole of stupidity, but the Discoveroids still have hopes for more — unless a kid like Zack can undo all the evil they’ve been working for. Zack has led two previous campaigns to repeal the law, and now he has embarked upon another. As was the case last year, his ally in the legislature is Senator Karen Carter Peterson.

Zack has just put out a press release to announce the new effort, and he’s also posted it at his website. Take a look at Activists Re-Launch Campaign to Repeal Louisiana’s Creationism Law. We’ll give you a few excerpts, and then you can click over there to read it all:

Baton Rouge, LA — (March, 18, 2013) — Senator Karen Carter Peterson (D-New Orleans) recently filed SB 26 to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act, Louisiana’s misnamed and misguided creationism law.

Here’s the new bill at the legislature’s website: SENATE BILL NO. 26. The guts of it are as follows:

Be it enacted by the Legislature of Louisiana:

Section 1. R.S. 17:285.1 is hereby repealed.

Section 2. This Act shall become effective upon signature by the governor …

As you guessed, “R.S.17:285” is the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act. Okay, back to Zack’s press release:

Since its passage in 2008, the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA) has been the subject of national and international criticism and ridicule, and its repeal has been endorsed an overwhelming consensus of scientists and educators and a broad coalition of religious leaders and clergy. This is the Senator Peterson’s third attempt at repealing the act.

One more excerpt:

Nobel laureate chemist Sir Harry Kroto said, “The present situation (the LSEA) should be likened to requiring Louisiana school texts to include the claim that the sun goes round the Earth.”

Three years ago, Sir Harry Kroto was the first Nobel laureate to publicly endorse the act’s repeal. Today, the repeal campaign is endorsed by 78 Nobel laureate scientists, nearly 40% of living Nobel laureate scientists, and numerous other prominent scientists. It has also been endorsed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and other major science and educator organizations in Louisiana and the United States.

So there you are. The battle is on again. We wish Zack well, and we certainly applaud Senator Peterson for her courageous sponsorship of this legislation. If you want to help, we suggest that you keep in touch with Zack’s website. He’ll probably let you know what’s going on, what letter campaigns may be ongoing, what petitions can be signed, etc. The best indicator of how things are going will be the hysteria displayed by the Discoveroids. We’ll be keeping an eye on that.

Oh, by the way — in the spirit of their academic freedom act, this blog post shall not be construed as being disrespectful of the Discoveroids.

Copyright © 2013. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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5 responses to “Louisiana Creationism: Zack’s Third Campaign

  1. retiredsciguy

    An almost perfect post — change “staring” to “starring” and you will have achieved nirvana:
    “… — the box office disaster Expelled, staring that thrilling, rip-roaring, swashbuckling, heart-throbbing leading man, Ben Stein.”

    (Put not thy trust in spell-checkers, for they shall leadeth thee astray.)

  2. retiredsciguy says:

    change “staring” to “starring” and you will have achieved nirvana

    Aaaaarrrrgh! Okay, okay. Fixed.

  3. retiredsciguy

    Curmy, at some point in the future your fans (disciples, if you will) are going to publish a compilation of all of your posts, verbatim. You will want them all to be perfect, so that 2,000 years from now there is no ambiguity surrounding your meaning.

    That being said, it is the solemn responsibility of each of your readers to perfect your legacy.

    That, or train Phobos and Deimos to proofread.

    (After all that, I’m surprised I beat Gary to catching the typo.)

  4. This opinion peice appeared on the web site of The Advocate (Baton Rouge)
    Our Views: A new effort for science

    Ooh! And Lee Bowman has commented too!

    Cardinal Gary, Cardinal RSG, fetche la vache!

    I’m actually too busy for fun today, but maybe just a quickie …

  5. @RSG & SC: “I’m surprised I beat Gary to catching the typo.”

    Uhhh, I’ve been… busy! Yeah, that’s it. Busy!

    @TA: Oui, monsieur! Immédiatement!