Rev. David Rives — What is the Big Bang?

We are thrilled and delighted to present another inspiring video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries.

This one is titled What is the Big Bang? We once posted an earlier video by the rev on the same subject: Rev. David Rives — The Big Bang. In that one, the rev pointed out all the problems with modern cosmology, and declared it “fiction.”

This video is different. Here, the rev quotes experts who ask: Where did everything came from? And he quotes NASA to support his skepticism. He then asks if we should put blind trust in speculative science. The thing runs only 80 seconds, and it’s guaranteed to shake you to the roots. You don’t want to miss it!

After you’ve recovered, feel free to use the comments as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone.

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9 responses to “Rev. David Rives — What is the Big Bang?

  1. Since this is a Free-Fire opportunity, here’s an interesting article concerning evolution occurring in cliff swallows being driven by car traffic:

    A fellow birding enthusiast sent it to me, so I’m just passing it along. The comments are interesting — Babu’s posted a rant there about micro-macro, and the replies to his rant are skewering him.

  2. Ceteris Paribus

    David: Don’t take a look over your right shoulder when your video opens. But some crafty studio gaffer has rotated your globe so that the Holy Land is nearly over the horizon, and out of sight. We won’t report you to the religious authorities for blasphemy. But you might have your friends at WND launch an investigation to find the atheist on your payroll.

  3. but those birds just an example of micro evolution, not Macro, you silly thing. gotta say though, young david has a good speaking voice. his words make me laugh..maybe he could be in comedy…

  4. docbill1351

    The twerpy little peckerwood got his question from Google hit #1, this site but omits the discussion that addresses the question. He’s a creepy little con man with a promising career amongst the willfully ignorant.

  5. That’s right, Dave. We’re going to put our faith in a fantasy sky fairy and just ignore the observation, calculation, modelling and sheer intellectual achievement of highly intelligent people.

  6. Christine Janis


    Yeah, I see that he didn’t quote *this* bit:

    “Thus the known laws of nature can in principle explain where the matter and energy in the universe came from, provided there was at least a tiny seed of energy to begin with. “

  7. Rives’ description of the Big Bang is wildly incorrect. He has it starting with *matter* that is *incredibly dense.* Then the idiot says that matter “suddenly exploded” and that matter made space and time. What a lying idiot.

    Scientists just found the Higgs boson, remember? That, and QCD interactions between quarks, explains the origin of most mass you see. It’s rest energy, due to the energy of interactions between leptons (electrons/neutrinos) and the Higgs field, or quarks amongst themselves. So there’s no matter until the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism, which, IIRC, is 10^-13 seconds AFTER the Big Bang. Matter cannot be “incredibly dense” at the Big Bang Event if matter didn’t exist then.

    The he says the matter “suddenly exploded.” How many times do we have to say that the Big Bang is not an explosion? It’s a stretching out of space, governed by General Relativity. That stretching out is still going on around us right now, albeit more slowly, post-inflation. Does our universe now look like an “explosion” to you? Galaxies are rushing away from us still– is it accurate to call our universe an “explosion” right now? If it’s not accurate to call it an an “explosion” now, then it wasn’t accurate then, either. Just a more accelerated version of what we see when we look at distant galaxies now.

    And matter made “space and time”! What an idiot! We have no idea if space and time even existed if you go back in time, back before the electroweak transition, back to when energies were at the Planck scale. Past the Planck scale, it’s bye-bye General Relativity, so we can’t be sure if time and space existed at earlier “times” or if “earlier times” has meaning.

    But after the Planck scale, BEFORE the electroweak transition and baryon (proton/neutron) formation, you’ve got space and time, but NO MATTER. No matter until later, after the electroweak transition and baryon formation.

    This idiot thinks matter comes before space and time, and creates it. He’s another Hovind.

  8. The best thing about the link from retiredsciguy is the link on the left of the story to
    “Best Image of Big Bang Afterglow Ever Confirms Standard Cosmology”
    some what appropriate.

  9. @Guy — Thanks for pointing that out! I was in a big hurry to share the story about observable evolution and didn’t take the time to check out the other articles. The one you cited is certainly appropriate as an answer to Rives.

    Another article there that would fit the interest of Curmy’s blog is “Clocking the Human Exodus Out of Africa.”