Rev. David Rives — Technology Proves Design

This is gonna blow you away! It’s another inspiring video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries.

The thing is titled Astounding Technology. The rev reminds you of all the splendid things we’ve been able to do, and he particularly praises the complexity of today’s smart-phones.

Then, in a dazzling leap of logic, he says that if those little smart-phones were designed to be so wonderful — well then, so were you! His argument is powerfully persuasive. The thing runs less than 90 seconds, and it’s guaranteed to change your life. You don’t want to miss it!

When it’s over, if you’re able, go ahead and use the comments as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone.

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14 responses to “Rev. David Rives — Technology Proves Design

  1. Eddie Janssen

    He looks like Will Wheaton!

  2. Something I noticed about the rev’s videos is that his suits look as much as props as the computer generated backgrounds. In fact you can kind of tell the suits are pretty much new and never worn except as props in his video. Well the rev has inspired me to imagine past his Hollywood illusion and consider what he’d look like after 2 minutes in front of the camera. He puts on some coveralls, his best hillbilly hat, sucks on a blade of grass in his Daddy’s still barn.
    For your viewing pleasure:

  3. Troy kindly presents us with Rev. Rives in “some coveralls, his best hillbilly hat…”

    Looks like Opie Taylor from the Andy Griffith Show

  4. The still fits him better than the telescope he likes to pose with!

  5. Troy, that’s marvelous. But I am wondering if you would like to take up a greater Photoshop challenge.

    Consider the following: creationist Michele Bachmann enjoying a tasty treat.

    I am wondering what you could photoshop with the above? Perhaps, ahem, a certain Austrian corporal added to the picture, at the right angle?

  6. Great job, Troy! Did you know that the World Headquarters of the David Rives Ministries, which is located in a double-wide trailer adjacent to the Wyatt Archaeological Museum (managed by his daddy) in an abandoned gas station off of I-65 south of Nashville, is not far from the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee? Fits right in.

    To be fair to Lil’ Davey, though, I think I read somewhere that the Rives are strict Seventh Day Adventists, and thus not likely to partake of moonshine. But then, maybe they just sell it and not drink it. We know he likes to make a buck.

  7. Those who are willfully ignorant of science should be denied the benefits that derive from it.

  8. I think I had seen it here before about it being an abandoned gas station. I didn’t know the Wyatt archaeological museum was his daddy’s though if you look it up you’ll see it is all about Noah’s ark so it fits. Google gives a street view of the address posted on his site for donations so I can see exactly what you’re talking about.
    As for Bachmann’s Iowa corndog picture, I’m not sure I could make that any funnier than it is already.

  9. Diogenes [and anyone interested] – checkout this take on the corn dog 🙂

  10. Doug,

    woulda been better with more Hitler. But isn’t that true of everything?

  11. Google gives a street view of the address posted on his site for donations so I can see exactly what you’re talking about.

    My god… that gas station Kwik-E-Mart really does say “Wyatt Archaeological Museum”… I guess the trailer and quonset hut on the left are David Rives Ministries, the nerve center of WorldNutDaily’s vast scientific empire…

    Clearly, what we see in Street View cannot possible be the totality of such a vast scientific enterprise. If you enter the double-wide trailer, there must be, there has to be, a high-speed elevator leading 1,000 feet down into the Earth, into a vast limestone cavern filled with laboratory equipment, fossil skeletons, ancient mummies, crime lab, Batman-style reactor core, flux capacitor, and the cloning facilities where the WND scientific geniuses shall resurrect the dinosaurs of Noah’s Ark.

    The van saying “Clean Machine” is cleverly disguised to conceal within the Rive-mobile, a jet black, computerized, sentient race-car that bursts forth from the back of the van, spitting flames from the tailpipe, whenever and wherever ‘vlutionists are perpetrating their godless evils. “The Dawkins is holding a book-signing! Davey, to the Rive-Mobile!”

  12. If I still lived in Huntsville, I could drive by and check it out. I drove that stretch of hwy a few times between Huntsville and Nashville, and never knew it was there.

    On second thought, perhaps it’s better that I didn’t. Things once seen, cannot be unseen…

  13. @Diogenese

    woulda been better with more Hitler. But isn’t that true of everything?”

    As the creator/host of that image, I’ll get to work on that!

  14. Wow! The wonders of the inter-tubes! W – be sure to let us know when you post the new image.