Zack Kopplin on Bill Maher Show

This is a hot news flash. We just learned that Zack Kopplin, about whom we recently posted Louisiana Creationism: Zack’s Third Campaign, and before that Zack Kopplin on the Bill Moyers Show, has another TV gig coming up — tomorrow, 05 April.

The show he’ll be on is called “Real Time with Bill Maher” (we’ve never seen it) and it’s on HBO (whatever that is, it’s not part of our cable package). Your Curmudgeon is so out of it that we’re barely anywhere any more, but Zack is right in the middle of things, so watch the show if you can.

Afterwards, post your remarks here to tell us what you thought about the appearance. Zack was very good on the Moyers show, and we have every expectation that he’ll be just as good this time around.

Remember, it’s tomorrow, 05 April, on HBO. We Googled around and found that it’s supposed to be on at 10PM, but we don’t know if that’s true in all parts of the country. Presumably you can figure this out even if we can’t.

Later, if we find Zack’s appearance on YouTube, we’ll post the video here.

Update: See Discoveroids Launch Another Zack Attack.

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6 responses to “Zack Kopplin on Bill Maher Show

  1. I can believe you don’t have HBO but you’ve never heard of it? Real Time is a probably a bit liberal for your taste. The best parts are the scripted bits like new rules and some parodies in which they use props. The guests are not nearly as good as his previous show “Politically Incorrect” Zack will of course be an exception. Go Zack!

  2. Bill Maher is a rabid anti-religious zealot that has won the Richard Dawkins Award from the Atheist Alliance. He’s more agnostic than atheist but warning he thinks most Republicans and Tea Party members are lunatics detached from reality. He will on occasion give Obama hell as well but he is clearly Liberal.

  3. docbill1351

    Hey, CM, how long does it take your TV tube to warm up?

  4. docbill1351 asks: “Hey, CM, how long does it take your TV tube to warm up?”

    Usually less than three minutes. The time-consuming part is adjusting the rabbit-ears of the antenna.

  5. Ceteris Paribus

    Still adjusting the rabbit-ears? That’s the problem. Now we have digital TV, so you have to tickle their cute little fuzzy toes.

  6. I have seen bits and clips of the Maher show with Zack and he certainly held his own with Bill and the panel. They had a real dunderhead, Steve Moore, spouting the most incredible nonsense and, unfortunately, Zack couldn’t get in a word edgewise because of Motormouth Moore, but what few words Zack got out were on target, smart and effective. Zack is certainly more at ease with the camera and is going to be a great spokesperson.