Ken Ham Thinks People Are Stupid

After a life spent among creationists, Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo to us), offers his insight about human intelligence. His opinion is valuable, because he’s the creationist entrepreneur behind the infamous Creation Museum — which has become the North American Mecca for the mindless. He also operates the creationist website Answers in Genesis (AIG).

Hambo’s lifetime of observation and experience is summarized in the title of his newest article: Human Intelligence is Declining! Here are some excerpts from Hambo’s latest, with bold font added by us for emphasis and scripture references omitted:

Yes, you read that title correctly — human intelligence has been on the decline (since the Fall of Genesis 3), and now a leading geneticist agrees. Dr. Gerald Crabtree recently stated in an article that he believes genetic mutations are adversely affecting human intelligence.

In his article in the journal Trends in Genetics, Crabtree claimed, “I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues. Furthermore, I would guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues.”

Here’s the paper: Our fragile intellect. Part I. They also published Part II. Crabtree’s argument hasn’t impressed everyone. You can read about it in the Guardian: Fragile intellect or fragile arguments? Anyway, Hambo’s impressed by Crabtree, so let’s continue with his article:

Well, I’ve made a similar sort of point for many years. That is, many Christians (mostly unwittingly) have adopted an evolutionary view of man’s abilities and intelligence over the millennia and tend to think we are more advanced today than our ancestors in the past — but actually, the opposite is true!

Hambo may well be right. It’s obvious that any society in which AIG and the Creation Museum can flourish isn’t overflowing with intelligence. From Hambo’s perspective, extreme stupidity must seem to be the norm. As with everything else, Hambo finds the explanation in scripture:

But if people of past societies were so primitive, then we certainly would not expect that Noah was able to build an Ark, would we? Actually, Noah was a brilliant man, as were many of his relatives.

Yes, brilliant. No doubt about it. We continue:

Noah had to be an incredibly smart man to build the Ark and incorporate the technology needed to make living on it sustainable, even though we don’t know for sure what kinds of technology Noah and his family may have had. Humans have been highly intelligent from the beginning and could quickly gain knowledge to create sophisticated technology. The Bible, the true history of the universe, has revealed that truth to us in Genesis. Can you imagine what Adam and Eve’s abilities must have been like in a perfect world?

No, we can’t imagine. Here’s more:

Since we know that with the Fall came sin and death, we can expect that the universe is wearing down over time. Sin has corrupted God’s “very good” creation. So we can expect to see a gradual decline in human intelligence from Adam and Eve until now.

Right. We’ve degenerated so far that creationism is rampant. Hambo’s final paragraph wanders all over the place. It begins like this:

As we think on the great achievements of man in the past, such as the Egyptian pyramids, I also want to encourage you to remember the vital message of the Cross.

We’ll quit there. You can click over to AIG to read it all, if you like. The key point is this: Hambo is convinced that humanity is stupid, and we’re getting even more stupid as time goes on. It’s easy to understand why he would think that.

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16 responses to “Ken Ham Thinks People Are Stupid

  1. Ecclesiastes 7:10 Do not ask why the old days were better than the present; for that is a foolish question

  2. Ken Ham Thinks People Are Stupid

    He may have spent too much time looking in the mirror.

  3. Other people’ s stupidity is what Ham relies on.

  4. Charles Deetz ;)

    Isn’t it more likely that less intelligence was needed in the perfect world? Where no decisions had to be made, no threat to life. They would have been as dopey as the people in Wall-e.

  5. Vainglorious

    Crabtree: …. lead me to conclude that we, as a species, are surprisingly intellectual fragile and perhaps reached a peak 2000-6000 years ago.

    Why didn’t Ham quote that conclusion? It is a wild unsubstantiated claim but it fits perfectly with YEC. We will be cleaning up this steaming pile for years.

  6. Can you imagine what Adam and Eve’s abilities must have been like in a perfect world?

    Umm, yeah … they got taken in by a talking snake.

  7. Ham may be right, but not for the reason he thinks(?).

    Our ancestors had to be quick-witted in order to survive and successfully raise children, and those with a quicker-than-average wit would have an evolutionary leg up on the dim-wits around him/her.

    Now, however, with all of our support systems in place to help the “less fortunate” (who may well be “less fortunate” because of a lower IQ), there’s not as much of an advantage for child-rearing purposes in having a higher IQ. In fact, higher-educated people in the industrialized world are having fewer children than those with less education.

    So yes, on average we may be getting more slow-witted. But only in the last half-century or so since the advent of reliable birth control and the growth of welfare. In other words, it’s too soon to tell.

    Of course, since Ham is seeing mostly just those drawn to his “museum”, he’s looking at a biased sample. Thus, it’s easy to understand why he thinks the way he does.

  8. @John Pieret: Taken in by a talking snake! That’s good!

  9. Christine Janis

    “Gerald Crabtree” sounds like the name of a rejected suitor in a Jane Austen novel

  10. Christine,
    Please see the previous thread with the comment about the live chat at AIG’s FB page Tuesday 2pm ET.

  11. And to think I wrote for them once….

  12. It must be he spends a lot of time with himself to think everyone is as stupid as he is, especially to believe in Noah’s ark and talking snakes and enchanted gardens! He must be talking of himself and people around him I can only haphazard a guess.

  13. Pete Moulton

    Well, I’m thinking he may have had his sense of human intelligence skewed by his dealings witrh the amazingly stupid Kentucky state legislature and governor, whom he conned into massive tax breaks and infrastructure improvements for his ark park.

  14. Sin has corrupted God’s “very good” creation.

    No, God was the one that issued the curses, not “sin”. God could have chosen some other punishment, or practiced a bit of forgiveness, but per Ham’s reading of the bible, he cursed the entire universe and everything within it because a couple of creatures he created ate a piece of fruit.

    Per a literal reading of Genesis, his curses were limited to Adam, Eve, and the serpent, and he created thistles etc to make Adam’s farming efforts more difficult. That’s pretty much it, at least as Genesis describes. Unlike Ham’s wild theories, evidently death was always a part of creation, since God went to the trouble of expelling Adam and Eve from the garden before they got around to eating fruit from the “Tree of Life”. Acquiring knowledge of good and evil, from a fruit, was enough – no way were they going to get eternal life!

    There would not have been a “Tree of Life” if there was no death – it would have made no sense. It makes no sense anyway, but it would have made less than no sense….

  15. Stig's mate

    Ken Ham thinks people are stupid.

    Fair enough, the people think Ken Ham is stupid.

  16. You lost me at “Ken Ham thinks”