Darwin, Evolution, & the Boston Bombing

Our title makes no sense, but it is nevertheless the top item on the agenda of the Discovery Institute today. As we’ve seen so often before, the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation attempt to blame all the evils in history on Charles Darwin.

You’ve seen their propaganda pieces, but here are a few reminders. They’ve previously blamed Darwin for Hitler, and communism, and Stalin, and the Columbine shootings, and Charles Manson, and Holocaust Museum shooter, James von Brunn, and the Ft. Hood Massacre, and Mao Tse-tung, and Dr. Josef Mengele, and James Lee, the Discovery Channel Terrorist, and most recently the practice of euthanasia.

Not only that, but one of the Discoveroids’ heroes, William Jennings Bryan (they praised him here), was known for saying (among other idiotic things) that Darwin Caused World War One.

The Discoveroid who most often writes their historical propaganda pieces is David Klinghoffer, their journalistic slasher, upon whom they have bestowed the exalted title of “senior fellow” — i.e., flaming, full-blown creationist. He gets most of their hatchet jobs, and he appears to relish the task. We know of only two horror headlines Klinghoffer didn’t blame on the theory of evolution. The first was the Colorado theater shootings by James Holmes, and that lapse was probably because we openly dared him to blame Darwin. We even posted our challenge a second time: Come on, Klinghoffer, You Can Do It!, but he didn’t come through.

Then there were the elementary school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. As soon as the news broke, there were two — and only two — places in the universe that were thinking of a Darwin connection. One of them was at Discoveroid headquarters in Seattle, and the other was in the Curmudgeon’s secret underground control room. That was when we wrote Hey, Klinghoffer: This Is Your Moment! Once again, we suspect that we shamed the Discoveroids from doing what they would have otherwise done.

Well, now they have another opportunity. You already know about yesterday’s bombing of the Boston Marathon. We’re all horrified, with two exceptions — and those exceptions are thrilled. They are: (a) the perpetrators; and (b) the Discoveroids. The latter don’t seem to be much interested in actually committing violent acts of terrorism (at least so far), but they see such events as heaven-sent opportunities to attack Charles Darwin and his theory. They’re not very good at science, but they’re great at propaganda, so let’s just sit back and observe how they handle the situation.

As we said before after the Newtown shootings: Come on, Klinghoffer, you can do it!

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13 responses to “Darwin, Evolution, & the Boston Bombing

  1. Curmudg,
    Have you seen this:
    “Intellegent Design as Deliberate Ignorance”?

  2. stephenpruis: Very nice, but it’s nothing new.

  3. Parasites and moral vampires, how anyone can take them seriously is astounding.

  4. I haven’t heard anything from the Disco’Tute yet, but there have been a lot of tweets blaming the bombings on Godlessness.

  5. Artor says: “there have been a lot of tweets blaming the bombings on Godlessness.”

    Ah, there’s the Darwin connection!

  6. Good to know this hasn’t happened…yet

  7. SC said:

    We’re all horrified, with two exceptions — and those exceptions are thrilled. They are: (a) the perpetrators; and (b) the Discoveroids.

    There’s a third. The WBC has already announced their glee about the bombings.

  8. I’m waiting for Answers in Genesis and the Creation Ministries International people to weight in on this.

  9. WBC: ““Everyone can give a big thanks to the likes of ‪@TheEllenShow in supporting same-sex marriage – THAT is the reason GOD SENT BOSTON BOMBS!”

    It’s not Darwin– it’s Ellen Degenerate who’s to blame!

  10. Christine Janis

    Russell Brand versus the WBC — worth a laugh

  11. We were just tipped off to this from Mother Jones, a source we usually don’t visit: What These Tweets Tell Us About Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

    They say he made this tweet on 19 May (today): i dont believe in evolution but some people make me think otherwise.

    That should make things difficult for Klinghoffer.

  12. IntelligentAnimation

    So every time someone gets killed does the Curmudgeon lower itself to exploit the deaths? It really is not funny, especially not the third rehash.

    There is some reason to connect Darwin’s theory to the Nazi genocide, but to blame Darwin himself is a stretch. Still, it is even more ridiculous to stretch a stretch, repeatedly, as you do here yet again. Ho Hum.

    The real question is how well Hitler’s grand experiment worked. Hitler put Darwinism to the test to create a master race through killing the unfit.

    It failed miserably largely because Darwin’s theory doesn’t work. No amount of death can have any positive effect on causing beneficial evolution. It simply doesn’t work. Darwinism is childish stupidity.

    Darwin was a buffoon, but not a murderer.

  13. Goodbye, IntelligentAnimation.