Bobby Jindal Spills the Beans, Part 2

We recently wrote Jindal Betrays the Discovery Institute, about an interview in which the Louisiana Governor admitted that the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA) allows the teaching of creationism. After that admission he aksed: “What are we scared of?”

So far, the Discoveroids haven’t said a word about it. Perhaps they never will. But we found a fine column in the New Orleans Times-Picayune: Science Education Act provides plenty of reasons to be scared. It’s by James Gill.

We usually don’t post about opinions with which we agree, because that’s boring. But Gill’s column is excellent. He really shreds Jindal. We’ll give you just a few excerpts, but then you’ll want to click over there to read it all. He begins like this, with bold font added by us:

“What are we scared of?” Gov. Bobby Jindal asked when he appeared on TV last week to endorse teaching creationism in public school science classes. So let’s tell him our fears. We’re scared that a lawsuit will be filed to invalidate the Louisiana Science Education Act, because it is plainly unconstitutional and defending it would be futile. We lost on the issue in the U.S. Supreme Court 30 years ago, and it beggars belief that our thinking hasn’t evolved since then.

That’s a reference to Edwards v. Aguillard. It was decided in 1987 — not quite 30 years ago, but close enough. He continues:

The Louisiana law purports to encourage “critical thinking,” but that is just a fig leaf. Creationists wheeled it out when “intelligent design” was laughed out of court.

That’s a reference to Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. We’d like to copy a lot more — Gill’s column is pure gold. Check this out:

We’re scared all right, and not just about money. We’re scared the rest of the country will think we’re all as dumb as Jindal down here. When you go out of state you can never be sure the locals won’t start giggling among themselves because they figure you’re on the way to an exorcism and believe a humorous God fabricated the fossil record in an instant.

This will be our last excerpt. It’s one of the best things we’ve ever seen on the subject:

It is for science to encourage critical thought, and for religion to suspend it. Logic serves us in one sphere, and damns us in the other. If the story of creation comported with the laws of physics, there would be no need for faith.

Okay, that’s enough. You’re on your own. In closing, we can’t help wondering: Why haven’t we heard from the Discovery Institute on this?

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4 responses to “Bobby Jindal Spills the Beans, Part 2

  1. Maybe they gave up? No … I suppose not.

  2. “Why haven’t we heard from the Discovery Institute on this?”

    They probably have their creationist heads buried in the sand,
    hoping it will blow over.

  3. Telling it like is.