The David Coppedge Case: It’s Over

Unless events should prove us to be spectacularly wrong, this will be our final post about the suit brought by David Coppedge, the creationist who claims he was wrongfully demoted and later fired by his employer because he was promoting Intelligent Design (ID) on the job. Coppedge used to work as a computer technician for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is part of Caltech. He also maintains a creationist website — Creation-Evolution Headlines.

The last time we wrote about him was David Coppedge Case — Appeal or No Appeal?, when it seemed to us that the time for filing an appeal had already come and gone. But we weren’t certain of that, so we were appropriately cautious about declaring that the case was over.

Now another month has passed, and there’s been nothing in the news about the Coppedge case. His lawyer hasn’t said anything — if he has it’s escaped our news sweeps — and the Discoveroids seem to have tossed Coppedge down the memory hole. So it’s time we let go of this one. No more news sweeps, no more checking the court clerk’s website, no more anything.

What if we’re wrong? That’s happened before. We’ll admit it and accept reality. But until then, David Coppedge now joins that long and wandering cyber caravan of once-newsworthy creationists whose names made up our headlines, but who seem to have faded into the cosmic background radiation. Where are they now? Will we ever hear again about Ronda Storms, Don McLeroy, Kathy Martin, Kent Hovind, Anna Falling (remember her?), Rick Santorum, and so many others?

From our Curmudgeonly perspective, they now belong to that vast and ever-growing Legion of the Lost — people who live their lives in a fog of reality-denial, determined to compel others to join them in the darkness and accept their thinking as the norm.

Although we don’t want any harm to come to them, we nevertheless hope never to hear about them again. They’ve had their day; now they should gracefully retire from the arena — perhaps to live in a cave or on some distant mountaintop — and let others take their places in the never-ending reality wars. We’ll be here, to chronicle the controversy.

Meanwhile, this being a non-news sort of post, feel free to use the comments as an Intellectual Free-Fire Zone.

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13 responses to “The David Coppedge Case: It’s Over

  1. Personally, I thought this case was over before it began.

    I expect that the Coppedge name will still show up on lists of those who have suffered for their IDiocy.

  2. If they were to appeal the case might end up lasting longer than Cassini itself (set for deorbit in 2017) Hopefully they’ll get a good closeup of the rings maybe showing the individual ring particles. (The spacecraft threaded the rings during braking in 2004 but couldn’t take pictures.)
    Fodder for freefire is this great youtube video with Neil Degrasse Tyson about the evolution of god in the gaps and an analysis of intelligent design. Don’t be intimidated by the length, I think you only need to watch the first half hour or so.

  3. Curmudgeon: “Where are they now? Will we ever hear again about Ronda Storms, Don McLeroy, Kathy Martin, Kent Hovind, Anna Falling (remember her?), Rick Santorum, and so many others?”

    How can you relegate the inimitable Ben Stein to “many others?” Is it because he’s not one of those Jesus people who makes it so easy to caricature the “debate” (which in turn helps anti-evolution scam artists)?

    Probably no anti-evolution activist of the last 50+ years (yes “creationism” is much older, but that’s when it became full-blown pseudoscience) shows more clearly how they run away when shown their errors. “Set Ben Straight” (google it) gave Stein in 2008 the perfect opportunity to clarify his position, yet he has never to my knowledge taken advantage of it. That to me screams that he knows that he was scammed.

    And if you still wonder why Stein is such a central figure, it’s because “Expelled” is the the last refuge of the anti-evolution scoundrels. A paranoid, baseless conspiracy charge, wralled in Godwin’s law.

    The game is over. It’s time to stop preaching to the choir and feeding the trolls. Especially when the great majority of people are not hopeless, but have been fooled to varying degrees.

  4. Kent Hovind will be out of prison in 2015(?). What hilarity we have to look forward to! Ammunition for our side.

  5. Old Coppy is also associated with some flim-flam outfit calling itself “Logos Research Associates.” Such a collection of nuts I’m surprised they aren’t funded by Planter’s!

    The website hasn’t been updated in a year, but Coppy’s “bio” begs for money to offset the “enormous cost” of the suit he LOST.

    Yes, Coppy’s bio has been updated and has no mention of an appeal but, of course, he was done wrong by bad old Ms. Justice.

  6. Hey, Coppy’s got a new whiney blog! Check out the sad, sad, poor, pitiful me story here.

    Uncharitable, you say? You should see me BEFORE I have my coffee!

  7. docbill1351 says: “Hey, Coppy’s got a new whiney blog!”

    A valuable resource indeed. How could JPL have let such a man go?

  8. At the end of Coppedge’s blog (actually, the beginning – bottom of the page) he discloses (1) he gave up the right to appeal, and (2) he has cancer. His long-term prognosis does not sound good.

    That said, he appears to have chosen to use his remaining time retrying the case in his blog, which is very unfortunate.

  9. Ceteris Paribus

    Ed says: “That said, he [Coppedge] appears to have chosen to use his remaining time retrying the case in his blog, which is very unfortunate.”

    Coppedge’s new blog can not change the outcome of his own trial. It will not affect the supply of plaintiffs and attorneys willing to take cases of very little merit or very great merit to the justice system.

    How Coppedge allocates his remaining time in this world is his personal business. If his blog now provides him with comfort or diversion from his affliction, he is welcome to receive that relief.

  10. I am sad that he has cancer, and sincerely hope that he wins that one and lives a long time. With the trial out of the way he can concentrate on supporting his own “theory” on its own merits instead of pretending to be “expelled.” He raves about the DI, but do we even know his position on “4 billion years of common descent”? The DI has no official position on that of course (gotta serve the big tent), but whenever their members do let some of their guard down they concede that mainstream science is at least correct about that.

  11. Frank J says: “I am sad that he has cancer, and sincerely hope that he wins that one and lives a long time.”

    Losing the case was all he deserved. Cancer is unfair. I’m surprised his Discoveroid buddies haven’t mentioned his plight. I guess he’s of no use to them now.

  12. Ceteris Paribus

    SC says: “I’m surprised his Discoveroid buddies haven’t mentioned his plight.”

    Not so much a surprise, when taken in the context of a dogma which doesn’t allow for new demi-gods to be recognized as time goes by. Their trinity is already filled, and there will never be any openings.

    So Coppedge is quite expectedly relegated to the obscurity of a fallen warrior. The Orwellian DI Ministry of truth is probably already at work sending Coppedge down the memoryhole, and preparing press releases for their next volunteer to wield the spiritual sword for ID.

    There is a nice contrast. We today still know and value the contributions of individuals such as Aristotle and Francis Bacon, because science is a cultural pursuit that values incremental results.

    The cumulative and collaborative pursit of truth thru reason is a much different process to one which instead values only the truth provided by a once and forever revelation.

  13. Have you seen his website? He’s playing up the fallen and wronged warrior as much as he can. Almost re living the trial word for word. (Well cherry picked word for word)

    And he still doesn’t understand what the word laid off means.