Louisiana Victory for Creationism and Voodoo

You already know the news from yesterday’s post — Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Update 01 May ’13. What else is there to say?

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) has a good article on the situation: Repeal effort fails again in Louisiana. They give this link to a complete video of the hearing.

NCSE also says:

Louisiana’s Senate Bill 26 was tabled on a 3-2 vote in the Senate Committee on Education on May 1, 2013, which effectively kills the bill in committee, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune (May 1, 2013).

We had earlier mentioned that article in the Times-Picayune : Senators again reject repeal of Louisiana Science Education Act, but both the NCSE and your Curmudgeon neglected to mention what may be the best part of it, and it’s this:

Sen. Elbert Guillory, D-Opelousas, said he had reservations with repealing the act after a spiritual healer correctly diagnosed a specific medical ailment he had. He said he thought repealing the act could “lock the door on being able to view ideas from many places, concepts from many cultures.”

“Yet if I closed my mind when I saw this man — in the dust, throwing some bones on the ground, semi-clothed — if I had closed him off and just said, ‘That’s not science. I’m not going to see this doctor,’ I would have shut off a very good experience for myself,” Guillory said.

Here’s his page at the legislature’s website: Senator Elbert L. Guillory – District 24. Handsome picture! He’s a Democrat. There’s no biographical information about him, so we went to Ballotpedia where we learned only that he’s an attorney.

We’re guessing here, but we assume that the semi-clothed bone-throwing “spiritual healer” was some kind of Voodoo practitioner, deep in the Louisiana swamps. And Elbert Guillory, an esteemed member of the Louisiana Senate and of the Senate’s august Committee on Education, actually consulted that bayou bozo.

Bear in mind that the repeal bill died in a 3-2 vote. If only one of those three creationist Senators had gone the other way, everything would be different. It may help to understand the situation to think of it this way: Elbert Guillory was the legislative genius who cast the vital vote to preserve the oh-so-scientific Louisiana Science Education Act so that the state’s schools will have the opportunity not only to teach creationism, but also Voodoo.

The Discoveroids won a major victory. Oogity Boogity is alive and well in Louisiana.

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5 responses to “Louisiana Victory for Creationism and Voodoo

  1. Killed in commitee by a voodoo practitioner? Horrific, yet oddly appropriate.

  2. Like the plague, mysticism doesn’t pay attention to class or conviction. Zack and supporters do deserve a hats off though! Here’s to the chance that sanity may take hold by the next time they submit their bill.

  3. Stupidity and ignorance run deeply in Louisiana and much of the South as well. Give me that “old time religion” they chant, and d’em bones!

  4. David,

    let’s not push stereotypes of people from Louisiana. A lot of Louisianans showed up at that committee meeting who were pro-science. They just don’t hold office.

  5. Hopefully, they’ll get more people like Claitor on the board. Claitor and LaFleuer were the ones who voted to allow it to pass. Claitor was the one who last year kept pointing out that Louisiana didn’t have any Nobel prize winners it could point to. Unfortunately, I think he was being far too subtle.