Rev. David Rives — When Darwin Was Banned

These things all start with the blaring sirens and flashing lights of our Retard-o-tron™, the blinking letters of the wall display that say WorldNetDaily (described in the Cast of Characters section of our Intro page), and our computer linked to something at WorldNetDaily.

This time it was WND’s presentation of the latest video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries.

WND’s headline was When Darwin was banned from schools. Ah yes, the good old days! We had to see this one.

The title of the video is Building Blocks of Education. The rev tells us that Tennessee wasn’t the only state that banned evolution in the early 1900s, but then along came that ghastly Scopes trial, and now it’s difficult to find a science book that doesn’t teach “the religion of evolution.” Not only that, almost no textbooks present alternative theories of creation. It’s a sad situation, when Genesis so clearly spells out the truth of our creation.

This thing runs for less than two minutes before the commercial at the end. Go ahead, click over to WND and watch it. What are you waiting for?

As we’ve done before with the rev’s videos, please feel free to use the comments section as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Okay, now go to it.

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9 responses to “Rev. David Rives — When Darwin Was Banned

  1. jimroberts

    “When Darwin was banned from schools.”
    Stalinist USSR and Nazi Germany spring to mind as examples.

  2. Magnificent!

    Full credit where credit is due: Rev. Rives is to be commended for his honesty in laying out his reactionary urges to drag us all back to the good ole Dark Ages.

    If only the Discoveroids had this kind of integrity!

  3. In what countries today is Darwin banned? I can guess, but does anyone have reliable information?

  4. Bizarrely, South Korea is one (sort of)….

  5. Megalonyx – I thought that ruling got overturned and the guy sacked?

  6. I think Flakey is correct here.

    I should probably get out a bit more…

  7. TomS: “In what countries today is Darwin banned? I can guess, but does anyone have reliable information?”

    Saudi Arabia, still, SFAIK.

    Turkey has effectively banned Darwinism, thanks to the influence of Harun Yahya who was trained up by Henry Morris’ ICR, and the Islamic government. In Turkey Harun Yahya’s many lawsuits have shut down entire blogsites, including all of WordPress, because Dawkins wrote a blog post pointing out Yahya’s idiotic science errors. Scientists there are routinely threatened, and officials have been fired over acknowledgements of evolution.

    In South African public schools under Apartheid, evolution was banned, but the ban was lifted with the end of Apartheid.

    The USSR was officially Lamarckian, as most of us here know, and we all know Darwinism was banned in Nazi Germany.

  8. You might enjoy my recent review of David Rives’ new book, “Wonders Without Number”. I specifically commented on David’s recounting of the good old days.

  9. Ah, good times when also racial segregation was the law of the land. I’m surprised that Rev. Rives isn’t pining away for the days of the Spanish Inquisition.